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“I want to commend you for your awesome customer service and acknowledge your work ethics.  I am impressed.”

I am From Boston and I own a wellness center and I have been using this product, the Wild Apen and the Defense for my self family and selling it to my customers now since November of 2019 for almost 4 years. has amazing results for my family and my customers that continue to buy this product. How i came across the Wild Apan , Back in November of 2019 one of my older son’s had a problem. He got these small red irritated bumps on the back of his throat that was painful and hard to eat. When he went to the doctors they ran a test and it was not a sore throat or strep throat and they were not able to figure out what it was and they told him to make an appointment with the throat specialist and the appointment was over 2 months waiting. When I found out about his health issue it was a month later and in a lot of pain he told me he thinks he might have cancer. I told him I don’t think so.
Trying to find out a solution while he was waiting for his appointment for another month, I came across the Wild Apen on facebook as the Doctor was explaining the product, I decided to order a bottle and I gave him a try. To my surprise his throat cleared of those red painful bumps within 4 days using the product. He was happy and even though he was never into holistic therapies as he was a chemist he became a believer and he has been using the product ever since when he feels he is coming down cold or anything else.

The whole time of Covid we used it all the time and we stayed healthy when a lot of people were getting sick, all my 7 kids and me use the product. We use it from the young to the older kids. Its the only product we use to get us better if we feel a sore throat or flu like symptoms. My 2 youngest kids, because they are in school, If they get a little cold they take Wild Apen and the cold lasts only a couple of days and they are fine.
Also I have added to my business and I sell to my customers the last few years and they are very happy and keep on buying it. I have never seen a product that is natural and can do so much. I am so happy for my family and Customers that I came across with this company Siahus that has created this amazing product God Blessed them and very grateful for what they have create to help thousand of people. Thank you again forever Customer.
Joe R.Testimony, Minnesota
June of 2020
After surgery in March
Met up with my friend Kraig Boese and he noticed I was very tired and run down. I let him know that I had just had surgery and was taking some Chemo. He recommended I take Super Apan, I started taking the droppers of the Super Apan and now it has changed my life completely. Couple of dropperfuls in the morning and a couple of dropperfuls at night and away I go. The spots are completely gone off the liver. My cancer numbers are low and stable. They are steady and below 9. I haven’t had a chemo treatment since December of 2022 I highly recommend giving this a try (life saving experience)

I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, one tumor is in front of the other in the vagina, the doctors recommended chemo so they could take out the uterus and they cannot get to the uterus because of the tumors. I have recently started Super Apan using it both orally and douching with it and also putting two capsules in the vagina half with the apan and half with olive oil. The cancer numbers in two and half weeks have gone from a 56 to a 47! I am continuing to use it in hopes that the tumors will shrink and will soon have the uterus removed and be cancer free. I would recommend taking it orally for two weeks then continue with the douching twice a day and the capsules once at night.

Personally I have used the Super Apan for my own skin issues and lately I have had several testimonies of the Apan curing skin cancer. Putting it straight on the skin. It does burn. But it is worth it. Anyways, that’s my two cents. Just thought I’d let you know. Have a good night, C

My Friend had ovarian cancer and it metastasized and the medical community told her to either go a Hospice or home. They had no other options. She was told about Super Apan from a chiropracter and then ordered the Super Apan and started taking it everyday. So far she has gained  twelve pounds and the doctors are currently amazed and wondering what she did to have such a dramatic change in health. They are looking at removing her feeding tube!
Paul R.
Sioux Falls, SD

“Did I tell you guys that the supplements you sent me the info on are phenomenal? I was out of country but the tests came back pristine! I’ve added it to all of my clients regimens as wellas my brothers dog. Thank you for finding that mushroom.They are such an important part of our medicine cabinet.”

Allison K. From Isanti MN

Nathan C. from Springfield, MO


— “I have low blood pressure along with some other health issues. I was a little nervous about starting the new supplements my friend gave me, but I am so grateful I did. I started out slowly (about 1/3 the recommended dosage) with the Defense and Wild Apan Super Daily. Over the coming weeks, I built up to the normal dose. By the time I was done with the bottles, I found that I was feeling a lot better. I have more energy and my blood pressure has normalized. I know it’s the supplements since that is the only thing I changed.”

I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I started using Helichrysum with a carrier oil. I went back to the doctor to get the cancer removed and he said I no longer needed to have the procedure done. The cancer was gone!

Ryan D. from Rogers, AR when speaking about his Stage 4 cancer and taking the Defense and Apan Super Daily each day wrote, “I’m pulling through… Tumor shrunk to almost nothing and put 16lbs on.”
Alix Tate from Springfield, MO writes
 “I’ve never bought such high quality (essential oils) and you can really tell the difference. Really amazing stuff.”

“I believe the Apán is the reason my cancer is going away. Before I started on it, the tumor was still growing and now it is shrinking. Already it has reduced by 25% in just a couple months. All I did was add the Apán to wha10/14/2022t I was already doing. Thank you for this miracle.”

Kelly K.
From: Ava, MO

“It cleared up a skin cancer in about two weeks. I just placed a drop on the area a few times a day and now its all gone/better. I have also been taking it internally and found it has cleared up a few other health conditions. I am sticking on it.”

​Mary B.
From: Collegeville, PA

This is a text message I just received from the woman….. with cancer that I’ve been providing the Apán.  Evelyn, I just wanted you to know that my recent scans came back showing very little sign of the cancer in the brain and the rest of my tumors in my liver (and wherever) are still shrinking.  I was very happy with the results!”

Evelyn J.
From: South Jordan, UT

“Love the super concentrate, whenever I feel something coming on, the Apán takes care of it right away. By far the best all around product for health issues there is!!! Thanks for making it available to the public. Blessings!”

Paul M.
From: Parlin, NJ

“My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer in March and his cancer tumor markers have dropped so much!!!  15,000 to 3.500 in the last month!!!!! He’s been doing very well dealing with chemo and taking the Apan and Defense since the day he was diagnosed as that was also the day a family member introduced us to you!  We are so thrilled!  Thanks again!”

Erin K.
From: Spicer, MN

“I’ve been taking a low dose of Levothyroxine, for Hyper Thyroid for years, went to the doctor yesterday for checkup and blood work.  Just received call from doctors office, no longer need to take the medication.  Thyroid is normal.  Grateful!!  The only thing I’ve done differently is take the Wild Apan and the Defense Plus.”

Melissa P.
From: Fredricksburg, VA

“I want you to know how very much I appreciate you and all the research and work you do and then share to benefit mankind.”

Sharen B.
From: Cookville, TX

“Hey I wanted to give you fine folks an update on the use of the apan tincture. My wife was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer November of 21. She has been taking the daily apan for months now along with an oncologist proscribed estrogen blocker. As of her last Dr. appointment her tumor markers were way down and results from her latest P.E.T scan showed remarkable reduction in the cancer. The oncologist was greatly surprised at her improvements. I can’t help but give a big part of the credit to your product. Thankyou”

Brad Brittsan
From: Whitefish, MT

“Although the masses refuse to accept and understand the reality of “post-
injection inoculation via shedding transmission” from vaxxed recipients,
I can tell you that it is real and a universal concern with clinical’
maladies mounting in number.

I am an avid believer and advocate of lifestyle inclusions that promote
wellness and wholeness continuously. I do not have or have I had, a
clinical diagnosis of any known disease syndrome and I do not take any
synthetic, pharmaceutical drugs. I have amassed 55 years in a combined
life-journey of allopathic and naturopathic medicine. I have been an
advocate of Siahus’ nutraceutical for years. Paul Dean and his team are
elite professionals in their spiritual and physiological approach to
healing and wellness’ preservation with product availability for
prophylactic’ support and therapeusis with immune system’ deficiency

In April 2021, I was exposed to a recently “vaxxed” individual for 20
minutes and within 3 days my daily lifestyle was affected. I have never
had any significant GI disturbances and my bowel frequencies were
normal. Then after 3 days post-exposure, I began having daily “IBS-oid”
signs/symptoms with cramping, bowel movement frequencies that could
be as often as every 30-45 minutes. This has continued to this day (20
June 2022) but has been reduced in their severity and frequency after
taking Siahus’ Defense and Wild Apan Super Daily. The “IBS-oid
syndrome has not been eradicated, but its reduction in frequency and
severity has been recognized. I have been ardent
“nutraceutical/oleoceutical/herbiceutical” user for years, but I decided to

stop these products while I used the two Siahus’ (Defense and Wild
Apan Super Daily) products for this time period (1 month). I realize that
1 month is not a legitimate test of any products’ efficacy, but I wanted to
evaluate my clinical responses during this time period.
I will truthfully say that although the “post-transmission IBS-oid
syndrome” has not disappeared, its frequency has definitely diminished,
and the severity of cramping has been realized. The main clinical
appreciation that I have realized has been a nootropic benefit
(Awareness, alertness and immediate recall benefit. I will be 80 in 3
months) and a systemic “physiological/emotional awareness” that I have
had during this month.

Summary: I do suggest considering the inclusion of Siahus’ products,
Defense, Wild Apan Super Daily AND their newly introduced product,
C60+Black Seed Oil as saturant (I suggest sublingual applications usage
of the Wild Apan and C60+BSO), in a daily protocol that could easily
replace all “supplements” and create an internal “Salutogenic”
environment of progressive wellness and a State of Being (Wholeness)
that most have probably not enjoyed in their daily journey.”

From: Jun City, California

Thank You Lord Jesus For This Life Rejuvenating Company 🙏🏻😇👍

Brian Martin
From: Springfield, MO

“I bought your product… and my family and I feel there is nothing better for COVID.  My wife to be caught COVID and no one else in the house caught it.  We all truly believe it was from your products.  It works!  My fiancé is allergic to mushrooms.  That’s the only reason why she didn’t take it… God bless you and thank you for saving people.”

Eleazar M.
From: Southfield, MI
“On the first day of taking Defense, I noticed a remarkable calming upgrade in my digestive system, and a longer, deeper, uninterrupted sleep that night.
My energy level is much higher, and it’s only been 2 days since I started on Defense. I’m also taking the Wild Apan Super Daily. I’ve already reordered more as gifts.

I’m a Master of Medical Qi Gong and a Hawaiian Kahuna Healer, so I’m very aware of how well or poorly my body and energy meridian’s function.

I highly recommend both Defense and Wild Apan Super Daily.”

Master Sio
From: San Gabriel, CA

“I am sure loving the Apan!  And watching those around me enjoying it too.  Thank you much!”

Daphne B.
From: British Columbia

“4 months ago, my 6-year-old Maine Coon cat, Minky, had hardly any use of his hind legs.  He could hardly walk without falling over.  Several trips to my vet and several x-rays plus bloodwork and over $1,000 spent, my vet had no answers. . . I doubled his Kitty Bloom vitamins and ordered the Pet Immunity. . .  I mixed a little in his beef.  In just one week he showed much improvement in his walking.  Now after three weeks, he is back to himself, walking, jumping on the couch, running, going up and down the stairs and jumping on my bed.  I am so grateful.”

Francine M
From: Vineland, NJ
“Yesterday, I came in close proximity to a person that . . . looked sick and had trouble standing.  As soon as I left, I felt I had caught something from her.  Last night I started feeling symptoms if illness coming on, so I took four Defense capsules and went to bed. This morning my sinuses were clear, and the fever was gone.  In these pandemic times I am grateful for your products: Defense, Wild Apan and C60+.”
Donald C
From: Spanish Fort

“Thank you for this product! It’s saving lives!!”

Kristy M.
From: Nunica, MI

“Just an update on products C 60 and Daily Apan. Both amazing for overall health but realize for skincare this stuff is awesome! Add to any lotion, foot scrub, face cleanser etc… Do not leave on too long. Rinse thoroughly and apply an oil. ( organic castor oil with a splash of ageless or any essential oil) I do this on weekends but should probably try more often. My feet feel amazing after using!!! Diminishes wrinkles!!!”

Susan G.
From: Salt Lake City, UT

“This really has assisted my husbands allergies.  Well worth it and looking forward to seeing the reverse aging manifest.

I have a mushroom allergies so I could not take the Apan without breaking out.  I now have found that if I take the Apan and then within a few hours take a tablespoon of Turmeric powder in water, that I don’t have any negative reaction to the Apan mushroom.  I notice I am having much better bowl movements, a stronger immune system,  and just generally feeling better.

Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service!”

Jean D.
From: Ava, MO

“This product is a great organic product that works. I’ve been taking it for about a month and inflammation has decreased and allergies are not bothering me anymore!”

Debra Y.
From: Tucson, AZ

“Just used my first bottle of the super concentrate. My allergies haven’t had the impact on my sinuses like they did. I’ve been able to stop taking all meds for my allergies. Just my Apán now!”

Benjamin C.
From: South Fork, CO

“The lump in my breast tumor reduced in size by half within taking my first two bottles. All of this without the doctors chemo!!!!”

Alison F.
From: Eureka Springs, AR

“No mastectomy for me!!!!!! I had an advanced stage of breast cancer and my doctor was pushing a mastectomy and well as their other treatment. I am so grateful my friend referred me to the Apán. I am now cancer free!!!!”

Amy D.
From: North Huntingdon, PA

“I recently had prostate cancer surgery, so this product was taken to help my body heal internally, as there are stitches that I truly need to heal properly for resumption of previous activities. Prior to taking, internal itching was at an all-time high, but within two weeks on taking this product my clotting was passed and itching has gone away! I am still on the road to recovery, but believe my own body is doing well without any other medications. Thank You!”

Anthony L.
From: New Braunfels, TX

“I have been on your product for a couple months and am very much improved from what I was. I just got back from my oncologist. He is pleased that there is improvement in my health, even though I did not undergo his recommended treatment. I am excited to see the continued healing.”

Alfred M.
From: Hobe Sound, FL

“It’s been working great!!! I feel a lot better, I’m fighting prostate cancer. Thank you so so much for this product!! GOD Bless!”

Brian P.
From: Rancho Cordova, CA

“Three months now and my cancer is in complete remission. My doctor calls it a “spontaneous remission” but I know its the Apán. That is the only thing I have been doing different. You restored my health and my life!!!!”

Carl C.
From: Dallas, TX

“My friends cancer is now all gone thanks to Apán!!!!!!”

Celeste D.
From: Salt Lake City, UT

“I have had many successful breakthroughs since using Apán.  I have been cured of cancer and Covid-19.”

Gail H.
From: Baltimore, MD

“Very helpful for cancer, thank you!”

James C.
From: Sharon, CT

“I am very, very pleased with your products.  It has completely reversed my throat cancers and my cancers on my face.”

James H.
From: Temple, TX

“I’m on my 4th bottle and about to order more…basically, I can’t live without this. I just lost 2 brothers in 2 1/2 months to really nasty, aggressive cancers (different cancers too) and this will be the reason I won’t get it. It does so much more. It’s amazing stuff!”

Janice S.
From: Bountiful, AL

“My husband was diagnosed in May with bladder cancer and began Apán right away.  On his last check up – doctor said no tumors were there and only scar tissue left.  We are very pleased with this product!”

Johannes D.
From: Tavares, FL

“My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in May of 2019. I read about your products with much interest in Feb. of 2020. His cancer (very small lesion on his lung) had spread to a nearby lymph node and to his liver. He had been through two chemo therapies at that time. I ordered the Apán Super Daily and got him started on two full dropper fulls of the Apán in Feb. His last PET scan showed no cancer on the liver or the lymph node. The Dr. dropped him from a 5 day a week chemo and he starts a 3 day treatment on May 26th. I am praying that his next PET scan in a couple of weeks shows even more improvement. God bless you is my prayer for this product……. God is in Control.”

Joy U
From: Tallahassee, FL

“Let me just start by saying that, LOVE THIS PRODUCT. And the very thorough response that I received from the medicine man, makes it even better.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2019 and out of fear and before I found this product, I completed three rounds of chemo. I took this along with turkey tail mushrooms and let me tell you, I did not once have to take the hormone shot to boost my immune system. I only took that shot after my last chemo (the 3rd one). This stuff works! When I went in to have my surgery, my tumors were 3mm and 6 mm down from 1.7 cm and 1.4 cm after only 3 rounds of chemo, so I know it works.

I will keep taking it, for maintenance.

Thanks, Medicine Man!”

Kristy M.
From: Winston Salem, NC

“I am thrilled with the results. I am feeling well and my brain is alive and I am active.  The delivery is always very prompt.  I believe this is the cure for cancer and recommend it is tried!”

Signe J.
From: Holladay, UT

“My doctor said I needed a double mastectomy and then the chemo treatments. Still there was a low probability of my returning to health. I chose to change doctors, do the Apán, and change my diet to vegan raw food. I just got the clean bill of health.”

Sue M.
From: The Villages, FL

“I ordered from my mother who has stage 4 cancer. We are getting great successes just in this short time. It has been an amazing turn around!”

Teresa M.
From: Venice, FL

“Prostate cancer gone in four months. Keeping myself healthy doing the regular Apán each day.”

Deean G.
From: Ava, MO

“And, we want you to know we love the Apán so much we will never be without it.  My husband has been taking it for nearly a year.  He learned he had prostate cancer and started on the mushrooms.  Today, his prostate is very very low and wouldn’t be without this product.”

Delilah T
From: Bismarck, ND

“It cured my throat cancer in 3 weeks and it has not returned.”

James H.
From: Temple, TX

“I started having throat cancer.  I had just about lost my voice…. Started taking Apán mushroom formula, my cancer is in remission and almost totally gone now.  And I am so pleased.  And I’m telling my friends about this because I can’t believe how amazing it worked!  Thank God that I found you all!”

James H.
From: Temple, TX

“First off, I am astounded at how quickly it has worked!!! My problem, (one of them) is that the cancer had attacked the esophagus and “switched off” the nerve endings which left me unable to eat or drink.  I was told by the doctor that I would NEVER be able to do so, and would have to be fed via a tube in my stomach.  Great future to look forward to huh.  I felt that I would be better off dead!!!  Luckily for me, my son found your website and we decided to give it a try, as I had literally nothing to lose.  Thank God I did!!! I have been taking twice the recommended dosage to try and get it started.  Now after about 14 days, I can eat and drink almost completely normally.  Thank you SOMUCH.  I will be continuing with them, possibly on a lower dose (eventually) for the time being.  I am so grateful.”

The next week, Ken wrote:

“This is my latest medical update.  Prepare to be impressed/ astounded!  Yesterday I went to see my consultant for a follow-up visit following the work on my vocal chords.  When I went into his consulting room I saw the amazement on his face.  I think that he was not expecting any improvement in me.  He was totally bewildered to find that I have made such a recovery!  He ran a few tests which confirmed that I can now eat and drink normally.  He said that the nerve endings were completely better, but could not explain how this had occurred.  He said that it was like a miracle.  His final phrase was that the recovery was NOT due to anything the hospital had done…. I left feeling secure in the knowledge that it was the Apán that had done the trick.  I am your staunchest supporter, and tell anyone I can about it!”

Ken C.
From: Liverpool, England

“We absolutely love this product and have taken for years. I have taken for my cancer diagnosis 13 years and my husband 3 years ago.  Since I can’t say it cured per FDA(but we are both cancer free), I will say it helps us keep it away in my personal opinion.  My husband took it for his eyesight Vein Occlusion where he was losing his site in one eye.  You have to get shots in your eye monthly for years in most cases- his doctor was amazed when his eyesight was back to normal in 6 months and no more shots needed- he said this has never happened in his practice.  We will keep taking it.  I would recommend people research this great product by clicking on their references section on their website.  Thank you so much for having the best brand I have been able to find.”

Debbie M.
From: Sarasota, FL

“. . .My mother lives in Switzerland and takes Apán to help ease Chemotherapy side-effects and it has made a very clear difference.”

Adrian R.
From: Meridian, ID

“We are using this along with the Thyroid Support and notice a great difference. Already cutting back on the meds and still feeling much better. Thank you.”

James C.
From: Sharon, CT

“Great product! I also had a tooth ache for months and I put a drop on location. It stopped the pain and quickly healed up the area”.

Mary P.
From: Roswell, GA

“The tumor is shrinking!!!!!”

​Mary K.
From: Princeton, NJ

“I take this daily during cold and flu season…… it really helps!”

Deborah T.
From: Scottsdale, AZ

“I’ve been taking this since May and I haven’t been sick all year.  I ran out a month ago and didn’t place an order.  NOW I HAVE THE FLU!  I need this ASAP!  THIS IS A KEEPER THAT I WILL NEVER GO WITHOUT AGAIN!”

Timothy R.
From: Sunrise, FL

“At school or work, when someone coughs, germs get spread to everyone in the room.  My wife was normally the first to catch a cold and bring it home.  But now that she is using Apán, we have had no colds or coughing in our family.  Even after going into the emergency room of our hospital where there were many people coughing, I did not catch even a sniffle.”

Larron C.
From: Alameda, California

“Apán super concentrate is amazing. I took it to ward off a cold and it worked immediately. Thank you so much. I take it every day and think everyone should.”

​Decker C.
From: New Smyrna Beach, FL

“I used this to get over an illness that was lingering. I now use it daily to keep the sickness away. I am finding it is doing a very good job.”

Tim T.
From: Ava, MO

“My wife and I have been using the Apán as maintenance for about three years now. We are elderly and used to catch the viruses that were running around. Since taking the Apán we have not been sick at all.”

Steve F.
From: Lawrenceburg, IN

“I have been using their Apán original formula for about two years. I truly believe in their product as I feel during times when my immune system is low, it helps me fight off all the bugs that is going around. When my throats feels discomfort, I usually take a couple of drops and feel much better. The high quality of ingredients they use truly makes them stand out from the rest. When economically it’s tough to spend on extras, I still think it worth buying their products. As this is one product, I will always try to have in my pantry for my family. Please continue to make the same product. Thank You.”

Ryan Jason Y.
From: Markham, ON, Canada

“I refuse to get a flu shot…having peace of mind about flu season is worth staying on it. My husband and I both take it daily. Year round!!! Whatever else it takes care of is just a bonus!!!”

Karla M.
From: Pendleton, IN

“Have not been without Apán since I discovered it last year. Shared the info with friends and ended up ordering over 30 bottles for them. Also have a daughter working in the medical field and she takes it on a regular basis to protect her catching something from her patients. Best defense available!!”

Karla M.
From: Pendleton, IN

“Keeps me free from the “flu bug” that pops up at my workplace. I don’t get sick like I did before. Thank you so much for this wonderful product!”

Karen L.
From: Middletown, IN

“Okay so, its freezing here in Canada and I am supposed to be sneezing and coughing by now… but I’m not. I’m in complete shock, this stuff really does work! I even gave a tiny droplet to my oldest pet rabbit Cameron. He was getting so lethargic and slow. I am happy to report he has completely perked right up and back to his frisky self! Thank you Man Found Standing, I’m so happy for this blessing called Apán!”

Karen D.
From: Oshawa, ON Canada

“This stuff is AMAZING! I feel the difference and when my household got sick…I DIDN’T! YAY!”

Diane R.
From: Madera, CA

“Using the maintenance dose since 10/8/2020.  It is almost 1 month.  Love that I am 5 lbs down without truly trying.  Really love that I don’t need over the counter allergy meds!  At all! This Apán is working.  I did have to use enzymes the 1st 2 weeks to help me through the detox.  Now, just use them occasionally.  Try to use probiotics daily.  Breathing is great!”

Susan G.
From: North Royalton, OH

“I have used the Apán through another company for many years. I love it. I feel better while I am on the supplement and I literally have people tell me how young I look. I went off it for about six months because the other company changed the formula and it was no longer working like before. I noticed that I stopped getting my complements on my appearance and I did not feel as good. I started back on the Apán and in a few weeks I noticed people starting to complement me on my skin and appearance again. I felt better too.”

Sharen M.
From: Ava, MO

“I have been using your product Apán as directed for approximately 5 months and have experienced some amazing results in other areas ie. Moles disappeared, my hair is returning to its natural color (grey fading).”

Daniel A.
From: Grass Valley, CA

“I have been diagnosed in the past couple of years with diabetes and thyroid problems and I have been having issues with headaches, and concentration and dizziness and all kinds of things…and I have been trying to avoid taking medicines and taking insulin, I have type 2 diabetes, what they call diabetes, but I’ve been taking pills and still not seeing results that I wanted.

About 2 months ago a friend . . . heard about what I was going through and recommended it to me, so I immediately ordered the Apán. . . The 1st thing, I was able to decrease my insulin pills in the first month.

By the end of the second month I had noticed that I had lost about 7 pounds. . . I did take it in the morning and in the evening and seven pound had just dropped off of me drastically…..another thing, I had been having problems with my blood pressure and hypertension with the diabetes and the blood pressure has been very high for a long time.  Frightening, as a matter of fact. . . and yesterday on the 5th, they had been taking my blood pressure and my blood pressure was 108 over 80!  I haven’t had a reading like that in YEARS!

I know it’s the Apán. . . The lump on my thyroid is  going down and I was so stunned it’s going down, it’s going down so much , if you could see it was protruding and now I can barely touch it and  you could feel it there and I’m so happy,  thank you all for just being there.

Thank you all for doing what you are doing, it is really healing my body. . . It’s amazing, it’s amazing!  I’m a witness; I’m definitely a witness of what Apán does.”

Carolyne S.
From: Oakland, California

“Awesome product!  I have gastrointestinal issues and have noticed significant improvements since I started taking it about 2months ago.  And they surprised me with a2 for 1 deal when they surely didn’t have to.”

David G.
From:Glenwood Springs, CO

“Thank you. I have been using this for stomach issues and my health has greatly improved.”

Frank G.
From: Charlotte, NC

“My stomach issues have now been resolved. Still taking it for some other health concern. Feeling a lot better!”

Dave D.
From: Amboy, WA

“I am in good health but use the Apán to keep me that way. Here are two reports. 1. I had my brother use a few drops a day of the Apán in an open festering wound he had for over a month. In three days it was majorly better and in just over a week it was completely healed. 2. This year a bad flu bug went around our town. People were getting sick everywhere. I went to the bank, post office, and grocery store and came in direct contact with several miserable coughing people in each place I visited. Still I did not get sick at all. I feel I am in better health because of the Apán.”

From: Ava, MO

“After returning from China where I was teaching English, I suffered from insomnia and I was waking up several times during the night. I ordered some Defense and after it arrived, I was able to sleep peacefully throughout the night after taking it just two times. I highly recommend this product.”

Francisca E.
From: Toronto, Canada

“It has helped me health wise immensely, both internally and when used direct on my skin. Advice and support was excellent and much appreciated. Thank you.”

Jacqueline J.
From: Horsebridge Common, England

“We love this product. Have been taking it for 3 weeks. I sleep soundly through the night. I have some skin issues and they are not itching & going away. I have tinnitus and it seems to be less annoying. Hopefully it will eventually be gone. My husband has prostate cancer and he only gets up once a night. We are going to get his PSA checked in another month to see what that reading is.

We will continue to take Apán . Everyone should be taking it even if you have no issues. I think it’s a good Immune builder and preventative product.”

Delilah T
From: Bismarck, ND

“I had sinus issues for 10 years. I went on your Super Daily (now on the original) and my sinus problems went away. Super amazing.”

Mark C.
From: Cross Lanes, WV

“My daughter took some of this and made a tea out of it. My daughter has chronic sinus issues and using the Apan in her Nettie pot has made a tremendous difference.”

Donna W.
From: McDonough, GA

“I just wanted to let you know how much your Apán is healing me! I didn’t take it for maybe a week and a half and got sick so I’m back on it every day now. I’ve struggled with shingles for 3 years and it is the only thing that is able to stop it. Thank You.”

Zoe C.
From: Ava, MO

“I have been suffering from a lung condition for quite some time. The Apán cleared it all up where the doctors could not!!!! Thank you.”

Jan W.
From: Anderson, IN

“Almost 3 years ago, my health took a nose dive regarding several issues . . . My skins was so bad it was now shooting blood onto the floor from the slightest touch.  About 1/3 of my skin was now psoriasis ridden, not just itching but causing pain and bleeding, many of my clothes and bedding ruined.


I could not lay down to sleep.  It felt like I was laying down on sharp objects . . . I sat in front of my computer crying that I knew I needed to do something and knowing that what the medical profession deemed an appropriate solution in medications was not an option for me.  I was lead to the site . . . I started using Apán and within 24 hours my skin improved tremendously.  My skin had integrity again.  The shooting blood stopped. . . I am so grateful . . . Thank you.”

Francesca V.
From: Euclid, OH

“I didn’t believe this product was going to be any good. I am glad I try it. I had pneumonia and would always get sick every other month. I was never really healed and with this product I was able to go back to work in less than 3 days and keep me from getting sick. It was heaven sent. It most likely saved my life.  If you will give this product a chance. I buy it and let other people try it. It’s sad that people are suffering and this can treat 90% of any illness.”

Eddy A.
From: Pompano Beach, FL

“I bought two of your Apán tinctures about a month ago.  I have to say I’m impressed.  I have an underfunctioning (and quite swollen) thyroid.  I’ve received your tincture about two weeks ago and I have been using it (when I remember to take it) pretty much three times a day.  The swelling at my throat has reduced by a third.  That’s impressive.

As well, I’ve had some scars that are substantially reduced in size, color, and such.

My husband caught pneumonia over the holidays and has been taking it religiously.  He says he’s now functioning at “…ninety percent…” which is astonishing because the last time he had pneumonia (about ten years ago) it took a good six to eight weeks to get him anywhere near that level of energy.  He’s 69 years old, for heaven’s sake!

I’ll be purchasing more.  No question.”

Judith C.
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Brilliant stuff!  We all take it every day and the dogs have the pet Apán.  Would recommend!”

Rachel M.
From: Northants, England

“My 15 yr grand daughter pit bull and angel pup had been starting to really slow down and lose her pep. I know she is getting on in years as a dog, but it was sad to see her also listless. She has been on a half teaspoon of the Apán for about 3 weeks now and everyone can see how much more vigorous and playful she is again!!  It’s just beautiful!”

Babbette K.
From: Oswego, NY

“This is one of the few pet supplements that all of my dogs can take without having GI distress.”

Tina S.
From: Kokomo, IN

“I love Apán! I take it everyday and so do my two dogs ( the Apán for canines). I caught a cold over Xmas and it cleared up in just record time. Very grateful to know about Apán. Always sharing with others to promote their own health. Blessed!”

Suzie T.
From: Storrington, West Sussex, ENG, United Kingdom

“I add a pinch of this to my dog’s feed twice a day to help her with immunity issues. She has a cleft palate so missed out on her mother’s colostrum. All good so far. Good value for money too.”

Shelagh S.
From: New Abbot, ENG, United Kingdom

“Luna’s cancer update.

No words needed   going, going, gone.

It was a vascular cancer growth diagnosed by our vet.  She sent us home to sit and wait to see what happened.  They didn’t want to remove as it would leave an open wound.   Which on her paw would have been impossible to keep clean.  So Gill recommended your product.  So happy we tried and the results speak for themselves in around 6-7 weeks from starting the treatment.”

Jan B.
From: United Kingdom

“Thank you. My dogs were having a little hard time taking it at first but then I just did a little and built up. Now they take it no problem. I have seen an improvement in their skin/hair and they are not scratching like they did before. Thank you.”

Jamie C.
From: Springfield, MO

“I was introduced to Apán just very recently and wanted to share my experience. I have been a healer and complementary therapist for many years and always believed that the body has an immense ability to heal itself given the right conditions. When I read about Apán I was so impressed and intuitively knew this was genuine and uniquely powerful so I bought some immediately. My experience I want to share is about my beautiful cat called B.B. who recently developed a massive boil on his back which no matter what I tried didn’t stop the growth or obvious pain he was in, as he constantly licked and pulled out his fur. So I put just one drop directly on the sore once a day and within a few days it showed signs of reducing. He hated me touching it for first 5 days but then lay still whilst I rubbed it in so clearly he was no longer in any discomfort. Within 2 1/2 weeks it vanished and now the fur has grown back. I am so thrilled and grateful to have found Apán and will continue to share this amazing Native American herb with others. Thank you so much for bringing it into the market so we all can benefit from it’s natural immune boosting properties. Nature definitely knows best. Thank you again 🙏🙏🙏 the first photo is after using Apán for about three days, the silver looking area is the reducing of information as before I started the whole area was raised and red, and was about 2” in diameter.”

Boil 1
Boil 2
Boil 3
Suzie T.
From: Storrington, West Sussex, ENG, United Kingdom

“One day after a week of regular exercising, I woke up with a sore back. I would experience much pain whenever I turned or leaned forward. I went to my grandfather to see if he had any advice or remedies to help soothe the pain. He then introduced me to Apán, (which has many healing properties) and He told me that if I put a few drops on the areas that were hurting and waited 30 seconds, the pain would be soothed. I applied a few drops of Apán by rubbing it on the areas that were sore, and in less than 30 seconds the pain was barely noticeable. Thank you Grandpa!”


From: Cameron, MO

“Absolutely love this product, got rid of all my pain in leg, to which I don’t need a cane or wheelchair! Have shared with many and they too have had great results! Highly recommend! Great customer service as well! Congrats!”

Mariana Y.
From: Las Vegas, NV

“So far so good, still on my first bottle, but I already feel some of my pain in some injuries I have going away.  The people are very friendly and very helpful. Any questions they always answer. I also pick two more bottles so I can give it a good 3 month try. Thank you!”

Diana C.
From: Buford, GA

“Thank you for the new Super Daily!!! I have been using a couple bottles of the original formula each month and now have upgraded to the concentrate. I first started using the Apán for bladder cancer. My pain was severe and there was a bit of blood in my urine. Within the first month, my pain and bleeding stopped. My cancer is now in remission and my doctor is wondering what is going on. Thank you for this wonderful product.”

Carl S.
From: Severn, MD

“Really helped my joint pain, and quite quickly too.”

Brenda W.
From: Taunton, United Kingdom, ENG

“Its been two months now and my health and oxygen levels have improved greatly. I am now taking less medications and feeling better than I have in many years. Thank you for this amazing product.”

Janie C.
From: Yukon, OK

“We all use this amazing product at home. My husband is recovering from lymphoma and this has helped him so much during this treatment and he is of course still using it daily. My daughter and I take some as well when we feel a bit under the weather and we manage to avoid colds etc .,,we have never seen such quick and great results ! It is a must for every household.”

​Brigitte S.
From: Hemel Hempstead, ENG, United Kingdom

“Its been just over three months and my non-hodgkins lymphoma is now in remission. I attribute this to the Apán.”

John B.
From: Ada, OK

“Thanks for bringing us Apán and Defense, my niece has fast acting MS and the lesions on the brain are disappearing.  I would also like to inform you of my sisters (4) have used the Apán to kick the Flu (which has plagued many for months) in just 1-3 days they have licked it, you can hear it in their voices right away.  When their friends and co-workers hear of it they have to have it. What a shame more are not aware of it. It seems that people do not want to believe things like this exist.  When they use it, they all seem to be from MO. The show me state, they are believers.”

Arlen B.
From: Salina, UT

“My MS (Multiple Sclerosis) symptoms have decreased over this last month. I think I will go try the Super Daily now. Thank you.”

Ray F.
From: Gilbert, AZ

“I was told about the product from a friend of mine who has MS. I also suffer from this condition and have notice the Apán has been a great support.”

Lisa M.
From: Wolcott, CT

“Been seeing some good improvement with my wife’s MS.”

Jole C.
From: Los Angeles, CA

Re:  Dr. Rothfeld, MD. ‘s treatise on natural immune system stimulation in cases of Multiple Sclerosis:

“Dr. Rothfeld, MD. delivers sound and natural, scientific, evidenced-based information.  Our cultural times are recognizing an unheralded escalation of data accumulation, designating the marquee entitlement of “expert” all but a synonym of “disciple to learning.”

My comment is not to delve deeply into epigenomic modulatory activities concerning balancing autogenic, life-style decisions, but to acknowledge a product that has significantly created immune system enhancing activities, both safely and repetitively.  It is called Apán.

Its anti-neoplastic and immune-stimulating efficacies are superior.”

Dr. Tim C.
From: Menifee, CA

“. . . products have been wonderful addition to my stash of preventative medicines.  They have even cured an acute attack of mono my daughter was having.  Apán is the best.  She tested positive and then tested negative.  The doctor said it must have been a false positive.  The University of Utah calls her to donate blood for the neonate unit because she has no viruses in her blood.  I am sure it was the three months of Apán she took.”

Alison R.
From: Holden, Utah

“I took the whole four month money back guarantee serious and gave it a try. I am in good health but wanted to keep it that way. Being already in good health, I really I did not clue in that things were getting better for the first two months. It was only after I was into my third bottle that I notice two major things were definitely different and great things were going on. The first was the flu that went through work that everyone got. I did not get it at all and not feeling sick for a few days is well worth the money spent. 🙂 The next thing was my time of the month — it surprised me since I did not get the soreness a couple days before and it was the gentlest period I have ever had. (Very strange to me to get from a stem cell product.)”

Teresa M.
From: Venice, FL

“I am in good health but wanted to use the Apán to keep me that way. I was using it a few months and then I stopped. It was only upon stopping that I realized what one of the things it was actually doing for me. While I was taking the Super Daily my normal painful mensuration stopped being painful. I did not attribute this to the Apán until I stopped it and the painful mensuration came back. I went on the Apán again and my next period was without pain. I now know its the Apán that was doing this for me. Thank you! It is well worth me not having to go through that each month. . . plus the added bonus of the stem cells reversing or slowing down the aging process. I am now a fully loyal customer.”

Jean C.
From: Conyers, GA

“Wonderful product. It has really helped knocking out a very persistent UTI. I also notice my menopause symptoms have significantly dropped. Also my daughter has extremely painful periods and she was shocked to have her first “pain free” period.”

Barbara S.
From: Rio Rancho, NM

“I have been seeing such good results got another bottle before I was even finished with my first. My enlarged lymph node is now normal. I am feeling great with more energy. Thank you.”

Barbara B.
From: Fort Collins, CO

“I have been taking it for about two weeks now and I am quite excited. I had a enlarged lymph in my armpit and other herbs and supplements I did not have any effect on reducing it. Since I have been on the Apán it has gotten significantly smaller and I still have 1/2 the bottle left. Thank you. I will give you an update on my progress.”

Barbara B.
From: Fort Collins, CO

“Working well with my lymes disease.”

Antonio T.
From: Weslaco, TX

“My curiosity and drive to find new “natural” products for my pets and myself made it easy to try your product Defense.  My15-year old male Dalmatian, Jorge . . . has a lump on his right side for about two years, and over time, it became larger.  He also has a large lump on the side of his neck which has fluid in it.  Being too old and weak for any type of surgery, our hands were tied.  One day after being on Defense for perhaps six weeks, I noticed the hair around his tumor on his side was sticking out. There was a scab on part of the lump.  The scabbed section was flatter.  A week or two later it reddened, and then another scab appeared on another section.  I was astonished at what I saw.  I am happy to report that the lump has gone down by two-thirds its original size. Also, the large lump on Jorge’s neck went down to about half its size. During this allergy season, I have not seen Jorge bite his feet or other parts of his body, and he is not taking any steroids or medications for allergies.  This product is amazing! I, too, take Defense as I had part of my lung removed and suffer from upper respiratory infections. To date, I am happy to report that I became sick once so far while on Defense, but was able to recover without antibiotics! Defense is a wonderful product that really works.”

J. Cech
From: Orland Park, IL

“Great quality product and fast shipping. I had some strange growths on my upper arm and within a week they were gone. I still take it daily. It’s been about 5 months and they have not come back.”

Joan P.
From: Converse, TX

“Great shipping. Products seams to be working well. Lump under my arm after 1 month half the size. With this lock down unable to see doctors for evaluation so if cancer helping if not still seams to be working the more I know I will post, thanks.”

Raymond N.
From: Ava, MO


Jan A.
From: Anderson, IN

“Since finding this product I haven’t been sick in a year where as last year I was sick for a month well for a month sick for a month etc. I don’t have a spleen so I have a lower white blood count and this has been beyond a game changer. I am beyond relieved and impressed I tell everyone about it! Another interesting fact here that I kind of just put two and two together is I believe this product increases libido at least for me so for women. I am 42 very healthy I take care of myself and I didn’t have a decrease libido but this has been very interesting. Thank you so much you guys for keeping this product available and for keeping it so potent and pure and for always doing your best to keep the price reasonable. I can’t thank you enough! Buy this product! You won’t regret it.💕”

Rebekah L.
From: Peoria, AZ

“I bought 6 bottles to promote at a wellness event. I sold all 6 and have heard great feedback from the clients who are using it. One client in particular feels his libido has returned at 71 and his blood tests came back normal. He mentioned he has better circulation in his feet now than he has had in a while. Apán affects many systems of the body and so it’s wonderful to hear all the benefits that come from its use.”

Joanne T.
From: West Palm Beach, FL

“My kidney function continues to climb. Doctors are astounded.”

Evelyn B.
From: Citrus Heights, CA

“Have very happy clients whom have been using the Apán. Lady has been troubled with sinusitis for many years and a consistent cough, has had several antibiotics.  I suggested her trying the Apán and after just a few days sinuses had clearer and cough had eased greatly.  She says she wouldn’t be without it.  Lady took it for recurring kidney infections and she hasn’t had one since she started the Apán.  She also gave it to her husband who has copd  he can’t believe how his breathing has improved.  Man (my husband) has prostate cancer.  His psa bloods went down from 10.8 to 6.2 within a month.  A first in 2 years of having bloods taken every 3 months and each time they were creeping up.  His treatment was planned before he knew about Apán but he feels the Apán has lessened the side effects of treatment.  Man with bowel cancer started taking the Apán half way through his treatment.  He had to get bloods taken before each treatment.  Drs couldn’t understand how the readings had come down from 400 to 52. He is having his last treatment tomorrow and is doing well.”

Yvonne J.
From: Northern Ireland

“I wanted to tell you how much the Defense has helped me. About four years ago I had a medical problem and the treatment caused my kidneys, Per the kidney Dr. “went to sleep “I have been taking shots to keep them stable, and was told they would never get better. I started taking Defense and within three months the blood work showed improvement. Three months after that the blood work showed another improvement. I quit those awful shots and three months later, my bloodwork shows another improvement. I credit it all to the Defense. Thanks for such a Great Product, I take it every day and truly believe it’s what keeps me going.”

Pauline C.
From: Norman Park, GA

​”The Super Daily is amazing.  My friend purchased some . . . and her daily back pain stopped — no need for Ibuprofen.  She also has head tremors from a car accident and broken neck.  Her tremors ceased by 70% just in 2 days.  It is truly a healer!”

Tammy M.
From: Fulton, NY

“I damaged my shoulder 2 years ago in a bad fall and broke a rib also.  I could not lift my arm over my head for over a year and a half.  I don’t go to doctors and I tried some other products, but none of them helped.  I ordered Apán and in only three days I was surprised to see that I could lift my arm with no pain at ALL.  The pain was all gone.  ​Now, 2 months later, the pain is still gone and the ringing in my ears is almost gone too.  This is a Miracle from above.”

Frank D.
From: Mississippi Gulf Coast

“I just want to say I use Apán for my son David during the chemo and he is cured from Classic Hodgkin Lymphoma within two months. This product also helped him with his nausea.  The doctor was so surprised that he was doing so well.  They wanted him to do six months and we are not.  His PET scan is showing no sign of cancer.  So, we decided to stop before it did any damage to his body.  Thank you.”

Rachel V.
From: York, PA

“We have been using Apán for our Son Danny.  He is now free of his Hodgins lymphoma.  Thank you for donating the bottles of Apán.”

Colleen M.
From: New Ulm, Minnesota

“I use it for my regular health protocol. It is keeping me healthy.”

Alfred M.
From: Hobe Sound, FL

“My Mom is now walking around again and feeling better than she has in years. Very powerful healing medicine.”

Alice A.
From: Hudson, FL

“Amazing, I feel like a new person after only using for 30 days. This is a staple now in my health maintenance.”

Ann P.
From: Indianapolis, IN

“Phenomenal product. As a practitioner, I have several clients taking this product with excellent results. Highly recommend.”

Audrey L.
From: United Kingdom, GB

“I absolutely recommend this products to anyone with a compromised immune system, or even if your like me and living healthy. This product has help me through the smallest illnesses. I very rarely get sick, maybe once every 3 yrs”

Brando H.
From: Mesa, CA

“Thank you for this product. It really has assisted my family’s health.”

Cheryl M.
From: Gonzales, LA

“Amazing products.  From nature with love.  Thank you so much.”

Christopher F.
From: Saugerties, NY

“Hands down the best supplement that I’ve ever taken. I was going through some pretty serious health issues and I started taking Apán and within days my symptoms were gone. I have been taking Apán ever since and if possible I will take it the rest of my life.”

Corey S.
From: London, KY

“It was in month two that I really started seeing the improvements to my health. Great product!”

Dan P.
From: Appleton, WI

“So far so good. I’ll know more after my next blood test.”

Daniel S.
From: Cincinnati, OH

“Apán is easy to take and has kept the entire family cold and flu free for the entire season!”

Dawn H.
From: Bourbon, IN

“I have seen huge benefits and differences when taking this.  Its amazing.”

Denise H.
From: Bristow, VA

“Great job. I can really tell the strength increase with the Super Daily. The Apán has been so beneficial to overcoming my numerous health conditions. Thank you for this.”

Dianna C.
From: Cabot, AR

“I used the original Apán formula with wonderful results on myself and my patients. It has been a month with me experiencing the Super Daily and I can clearly notice an improved difference. Wonderful product.”

Dr. Katalina D.
From: Midvale, UT

“I gave this bottle to my sister for her to test out. Her health has improved like mine did. She will now be ordering for herself.”

Frank G.
From: Edgewater, FL

“Your products have literally changed my life!!!!”

Jamie C.
From: Springfield, MO

“I like the taste of it, the cinnamon & peppermint come thru on the taste for me. I have passed things from my body since I started taking this roughly 6 wks. ago and I know it is working. I will continue to take this for several months to continue to de-toxify and cleanse my body and for healing. Thank you so much for formulating this product and having it available for people to get and stay healthy.”

Janet M.
From: Fostoria, OH

“I love this product. With all the virus issues going on it’s co comforting to know that my body is building a strong immune system. Thank you again for this miracle concentrate!”

Janice S.
From: Boutiful, AL

On 05-28-2020 after ten days on the 2oz Apán Original Formula she emailed, “Thanks for all your work and your patience with my questions.  I am slowly seeing some improvements, although I have nothing seriously wrong with me.  I assume people with real problems see improvements faster than those of us who are just dealing with middle age!  😉  Oh, by the way, my 15 year old quickly saw her persistent tonsil stone go away and the other tonsil looks healthy, too!  Thank you!”

Jeannette W.
From: Perkasie, PA

“I have seen much improvement in my families health. Thank you.”

Joann G.
From: Gaylord, MI

“This is my number one supplement for keeping myself and my family healthy. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

Julie M.
From: Baker City, OR

“I love your Super Daily. The new 20x formula is noticeably stronger. Thank you so much for keeping my family healthy.”

Karen G.
From: Weiser, ID

“Great immune support!”

Karen L.
From: Sulchur, IN

“I purchase the Super Daily because is it a great deal on my budget for my family. (Instead of me purchasing 4 regular bottle I get this.) We go through a bottle in one month with each of us taking a little each day. The three day flu (really about a five day virus) has already went around my community. It was at my office and in the schools. None of my family, myself included, came down with it and we all were in direct contact with sick people.”

Karen L.
From: Sulchur, IN

“Love the Apán. Keeping me healthy and happy in this whole silly pandemic. Immune modulation is assuredly the key to health.”

Karen L.
From: Sulchur, IN

“I am very emotional writing this, but will attempt to be as brief and to the points as possible.  My mind realized consciously only a few days ago & I feel more than a bit ‘guilty’ for never taking the time to do so before.  Myself, my family, and many of my dearest close friends have used Apán ever since it first became available to people beyond only the Native American Tribes.

If it were not for having the privilege of personally knowing Man Found Standing, for about 20 years, through our mutual work in the realms of advanced natural alternative medicines, this knowledge would not ever have been available to us.

I remember the years of ‘waiting’, with eager but admittedly terrible impatience, as the study and experimentation continued to formulate a product perfectly balanced, quickly effective, and yet ‘simple & affordable’ for all to be easy to receive the powerful benefits – about 3 years ‘on the edge of my seat’ actually.

Since that day not one has passed that I would ever want to be without this product in my own medicine cabinet for extreme emergencies, as well as on my counter as a regular consistent supplement to keep my immune system operating as it was designed to in the first place.  (My own close ones who are experienced with it themselves feel the same way.)

For all of my whole life’s work, it is beyond question the #1 single product I can point to, for anyone, with any health challenge – whether minor or severely advanced to ‘being on the brink & suffering profoundly’ – that is the closest thing to a true ‘magic bullet’ that I have encountered in over 35 years of research & experience.

The stories I could tell are countless – it would require pages & pages, a whole book maybe.  (Now there’s a thought!)

People who had been ‘written off as no hope whatsoever’ to live.  Others who were diagnosed as being ‘crippled physically’ for the rest of their lives.  Some who were told ‘no recourse but dangerous surgeries with very high risk of complications beyond rates of anticipated success’.  Many others with chronic cases of common debilitating degenerative diseases.  The list goes on beyond count……………

However, even though I have many years of experiencing the benefits of Apán in it’s former ‘dry capsule form’ over many years, I was in no way prepared for the power of Man Found Standing’s new liquid extract form of this product.  My family & close ones are equally astounded – the potency is ‘off the charts’ beyond anything we could have imagined possible.

In only 5 days my 74 year old father is feeling better than he has in many, many years – so much so that he finally told me (last night) just how bad he actually has been feeling, honestly, for a very a long time.  (He always tries to be so brave so we won’t worry – but we all knew anyway.)

He is so excited that, even though he doesn’t have a computer, he has had me read every word on this site to him, over the phone, during the past 3 days.  (Both Dad & I have started giving it to our ‘oldest and/or health challenged pets in need’ too – my own little Tantani has stopped starving herself & been keeping a full belly for the past week – nothing else I’ve done has worked previously, she is 16 and had a degenerative genetic issue which vets were unable to help, though they tried.  To me it has not ever been a matter of ‘prolonging life’, especially when suffering, – what I devoutly feel matters, fundamentally to us all, is that of QUALITY of Life right now, this moment, today – and if life allows recovery, that I leave to God’s own eternal wisdom for each soul.)

In only 1 week’s time, since these first bottles of liquid Apán have arrived and I parceled them out at Christmas as ‘gifts’ this year (today is Dec. 31st 2016 as I write this) – my phone has been ringing with loved ones expressing their gratitude and utterly shocked enthusiasm.

Some are friends from around the country who only received their bottles in the mail a few days ago.  Some of them it was a staggering surprise because they did not even have experience with the original capsule version prior.

But I was well aware, acutely, of their own ‘serious need’ – and understood enough from prior experience that there was ‘nothing I knew of or had to give that might be more valuable to them, in truth, than asking Man Found Standing to send them a bottle of this ‘brand new liquid extract version’ of his Apán formula.

All I can say, in these early stages here so soon, is that in all my 50+ years of life so far in this body, I have never personally ‘felt SO good SO fast’ (I demand a LOT from my body constantly – am so ‘American’ in every way the truth is staggering I am even alive, much less actually ‘well & healthy’ according to medical doctors – if they only knew all I have done, do, and also don’t do that I know I should! I am not being flippant, it is simply the truth…..)    But much more importantly – I have NEVER received such overwhelming ‘gratitude’ from others for any ‘gift’ of any sort I have ever given in my whole life as has happened over these past few days.

I don’t even know ‘how to take that’ – but I sure am having a wonderful time ‘taking it myself’ and, after hearing so much from my own loved ones, I felt it high time I begin ‘giving the knowledge of it’ in whatever way I may be able to for others.  Time for me to put something in writing and put my own name on it for anyone who cares to know.

So thank you, with all my eternal heart & soul, my beloved friend, Man Found Standing, for all you have given to me with your own time, infinite patient care, and brilliant insight & expertise over the past 2 decades.

In my book, you are not only a ‘Medicine Man’ – but you are a Miracle Medicine Man with the most powerful heart of wings, empowering & strengthening others, to have and be the same.

​I love you for all your unending selfless help to me – as well as those near & dear who you’ve come to know as well over the years – in making the lives of us & all our other beloveds so much better, in ways words can not ever come close to expressing fully.”


Kelly Ann C.
From: Southern Indiana

“Thank you for the Apán it has changed my life. I had numerous health conditions that are now gone or way better than before. I have not felt this good in twenty years.”


Kim M.
From: Bolivar, MO

“Awesome product.  I am grateful to have available for my clients whom have an array of different issues plus for added protection during our current events!”


Kristi A.
From: Strasburg, PA

“I am very Happy with the product.  I have seen a difference in my 3 cats too!”

Kristi A.
From: Strasburg, PA

“The new formula is great.”

Kristi A.
From: Strasburg, PA

“Great product! Please see my review for the super daily, as I purchased both. Please don’t stop producing these products, they are life savers.”

Kristy M.
From: Winston Salem, NC

“Apán has ingredients with a purpose!  The products begin to Cleanse and Feed the body and mind almost immediately, with a true emphasis on health, wellness, longevity and a deep respect for performance!  You have set the bar high from the ground up!”

Lee F.
From: West Seneca, NY

“Wonderful product, fast shipping, highly recommend!”

Laura T.
From: Catonsville, MD

“I have been using this for my high blood pressure and diabetes. I can notice a difference and will be keep using it.”

Linda D.
From: Bradenton, FL

“I am now into my third bottle and have really started to notice the healing process. (It was slow at first but started to pick up.) I have been so long without any hope and have not felt this good in over ten years. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.”

Max R.
From: Atlanta, GA

“I was having an embarrassing health issue and the doctors could not help me very much. I was on your product for three days when everything got better. Amazing — I am still taking it to see what other benefits I can receive over the next few months.”

Mike M.
From: Ava, MO

“Out of Corona virus fears I found this magical product. I give it to my husband and my 3 kids, too. Although I can’t actually see it I feel that this wonderful mushroom is doing amazing things to my body by bringing it into a modulated state. I made my friend buy this in the beginning of the lockdown in NYC who works for the NYPD being outside every day, she is as healthy as she can can be. I also made another friend take it who started a job in a hospital. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and making this incredible product.”

Murielle M.
From: Brooklyn, NY

“Awesome stuff very liver purifying and upgrading. Improves liver efficiency which translates to more energy and better workouts. Fortifies immune system, no viruses or any infections this year. Physically, mentally, emotionally upgrading.”

Nathaniel C.
From: Springfield, MO

“I am still waiting on that BLAST of energy. But, feel better as of now.”

Noble Tyronne M.
From: Orlando, FL

“I could not live without it!”

PRC -Gina H
From: Baltimore, MD

“The supplement is absolutely awesome it’s hard for me to make it through the day without it!”

PRC -Gina H
From: Baltimore, MD

“I am a health professional and am quite familiar with other mushroom products. I have made comparisons and found the Apán superior. I feel great on the Apán. Thank you.”

Randy M.
From: San Antonio, AL

“Thank you for your wonderful customer service.”

Ray F.
From: Gilbert, AZ

“The response to my concern regarding a specific ingredient was very gracious, helpful and responsive. I highly recommend this company, this product and this owner.”

Raymond J.
From: Endicott, NY

“My first bottle of Apán shipped in 3 days, excellent! The smell and the taste are fantastic!  Organic & Wildcrafted means a lot to me as well as enhancing my Immune System 4000x!! Apán is a keeper in my Wellness Program for me and my clients!”

Roderick B.
From: Boulder, CO

“I can’t complain. Taste great.”

Rosa P.
From: Haiku, HI

“Thank you so much for your kind assistance with all my questions. I have seen the Apán working and my health has greatly improved. A little “spicy” on the flavor but I enjoy it.”

Rose B.
From: Nunica, MI

“I am so grateful for that formula and for my health and strength and how Apán continues to build my immunity. Thank you for such an empowering formula.”

RuLea T.
From: Fairview, UT

“I am 89 years old. I am doing well and looking good, feeling good and my brain is clear and active.”

S. Jacobsen
From: Holliday, UT

“It is clearing up my health issues I have been dealing with for a decade.”

Sadie S.
From: Ava, MO

“A great product by all standards! My product arrived in a beautiful package, and my vitality and confidence is at its peak.”

Seidu A.
From: Raleigh, NC

“Thank you for assisting my on my path to healing. Wonderful product to keep me healthy.”

Sharen B.
From: Cookville, TX

“I see this has been helping me. Thank you.”

Shirley C.
From: Ava, MO

“I have felt a complete change in my health since taking Apán. It is very strong and I have to dilute it in water in order to get it down. Seems to be working like it should. I am very grateful for my renewed health.”

Signe J.
From: Holladay, UT

“I noticed a great difference in my health.”

Stacy M.
From: Jacksonville, FL

“Wonderful product!”

Stephen D.
From: Ava, MO

“This stuff really works. It supercharges your own immune system!”

Steven B.
From: Haddon Township, NJ

“My husband take this every morning, and he feels great.”

Tammy C.
From: Newark, NY

“Love the taste.”

Tammy M.
From: Fulton, NY

“I have been enjoying the Apán.  Thanks for the recommendation.  It’s really been a nice catalyst for the remission of my personal health concerns that I have been working on the past few years.”

Tanner F.
From: Springfield, MO

“I wanted to let you know that the Apán formula has been a game changer for me personally.”

Thomas R.
From: Monroe, UT

“Apán is the epitome of immune system bolstering and it is absolute necessity for an individual’s systemic wholeness and metabolic homeostasis.”

Tim C.
From: Ava, MO

“Thank you so much for all the time you have spent talking with me.  I don’t know if it is the grounding, the Apán, or a combination but my daughter is smiling again for the first time in ages . . . Again thanks so much for your caring.”

V. Elledge
From: Boise, Idaho

“Its working great! Slowly returning back to my old self.”

Windy M.
From: Ava, MO

“I am feeling better!”

Dave B.
From: Amboy, WA

“Been a year on the product and still loving it.”

Linda S.
From: Plymouth, IN

“Great customer service and a excellent product. Every day I’m feelings better than the last.”

​Lorenza M.
From: Southfield, MI

“It was hard to notice improvement the first couple months, but now I have stuck with it six months. I now know my chronic health conditions have significantly improved. (You know, the sorry you have to live with this for the rest of your life conditions.) I have not felt this good for 15 years and am planning on seeing where I am with the Apán in a year. Thank you for giving me hope back.”

Murrey L.
From: Ava, MO

“I have seen many people return to health using the Apán.”

Ray F.
From: Gilbert, AZ

“Haven’t had any blood work done to determine what it’s doing, but I feel good taking it.  The science behind the product ingredients is very impressive.  I will continue to take it.  Thank you for making this available to us.”

MaryVivian M.
From: Hernandez, NM

“Have been using this product for nearly a year now and love every drop of it. Best product ever.”

Delilah T
From: Bismarck, ND

Talking about the Defense writes, “This is the best product I ever used.  God Bless.”

Paul M
From: Atlanta, GA

“I received the product (Apán Super Daily) yesterday and started this morning. I have never had such a profound internal healing experience after 35+ years of healing work.    I take a lot of other supplements (or used to) and one hour after the product was in my system, I muscle tested for less than one half of what I used to take in a day.  All of the other supplements for immunity and vitality are no longer desired by the body. I am blown away.”

Joan C.
From: Sante Fe, NM

“My personal story with this supplement speaks volumes. My daughter has a rare chromosomal disorder, which progresses similar to Down’s Syndrome but more exaggerated. She was diagnosed at 10 months of age and the geneticist basically told us there’s not much known as there are only 50 cases in medical literature but the cases that are known are severe and we could expect that she will likely need 1:1 care for the rest of her life.  Keep in mind this was at Saint Louis Children’s Hospital, rated#6 in the nation for pediatric care, so if you were going to take a doctor’s word for it this would be one you could likely trust.

I didn’t buy it. I don’t believe that children with chromosomal disorders are doomed to a life with no hopes, dreams and aspirations, so I continued my search for answers. We have had Braelyn in 6-9 therapies per week for over a year now, have insured she’s toxin free through home making all of her formula and baby foods, giving her filtered alkaline ionized water, natural medical care when needed, toxin free baby soap, lotion, sunscreen, etc. We continued the search and will continue until she reaches what we, in our hearts, know is her max potential. She’s not there yet. This spring (a couple months ago)  a friend of mine introduced me to a friend of hers who is a medicine man who has formulated an incredible line of essential oils, blends and supplements. It was suggested that we start the Apán supplement on her because of its amazing healing properties. Although I knew there was no “healing” missing chromosomes and DNA, nor removing the duplicated upside down DNA that is present on every cell of her body, I did recognize that her body may still struggle with free radicals and such that it may not heal from as easily as others due to the challenges of her blueprint of existence being altered from conception. So, we began the supplement with the hopes to slowly detox anything we’ve missed and to optimize her abilities through healing anything that needed healing through stem cell stimulation. At this point she was 18 months old and not yet crawling, still on a bottle and barely doing any baby foods because she would get choked. We were still consistently working with therapists but it seemed we were at a bit of a plateau.

Five days after starting the supplement, her speech therapist (works a lot with her feeding and oral motor control) and I were tearing off tiny pieces of bread from a grilled cheese sandwich (organic wheat bread, raw milk cheddar and homemade butter) and seeing how she handled it with her mouth movements. At the end of the session, I placed the grilled cheese on top of a plastic bag on the floor and was showing the therapist something before she went on her way. We turned around and Braelyn was army crawling to the sandwich, picked it up, sat up and began trying to feed herself. This was HUGE! She was tearing off little pieces and trying to self feed. Up to this point she hadn’t even had a pincher grasp mastered and wasn’t able to pick up things with her thumb and pointer finger. A week later, she began to crawl on all fours!! She has continued to make astounding progress and is now crawling wonderfully, pulling up to her knees, babbling all kinds of stuff, self feeding small soft pieces of stuff, drinking from a straw and primarily on thick-to-ground puree and off of bottles. I have no doubt in my mind that this Wild Apán Super Daily supplement played a huge role in her continued developmental progression and she will continue to receive it daily from here on out.”

Rachel B.
From: Branson, MO

“When I heard about the Apan and Defense capsules, I wasn’t sure if it was something I would try or not.  I have had quite a few health issues in my lifetime, and as you know, they just keep adding up the older you get.  I’ve had migraines since I was about 9 years old, and that was something I wasn’t sure that your products could even dealt with.

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about 5 or 6 years ago.  This was changed to a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease, when further testing showed the extent of my thyroid problems.

Two or three years ago, my primary care doctor sent me to a Rheumatologist, due to my having trouble sleeping and being in constant pain.  The Rheumatologist did a few “hands on” tests, and immediately said, “Fibromyalgia”.  My first thought was, “Oh, great! Now what!”  I had heard of this disease before, and was now aware as to why I seemed to get sick all the time.  I was working in the medical field, as an MA and would catch every little thing that came along.  Fibromyalgia is an AutoImmune disease and now I knew “why” my immune system didn’t seem to protect me from much.

I was later sent for sleep studies, and it was discovered that I never really fell into a deep sleep, and therefore was “always” tired.  These sleep studies were run, due to seizures that I was experiencing in my sleep.  As you guessed by now, I was placed on several different medications during this time and the cost alone, were outlandish!  The side effects were a “whole ‘nother story”, so to speak.

Daily functions of living were becoming more and more of a hassle and I was living in a “fog” of sorts.  My Rheumo doctor called it “Fibro-fog”.  All I knew, was that I didn’t want any more to do with it, or the “hot pins” pain in my neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, back, etc… anymore.

Then I found the Apan & Defense!  The first thing I noticed, was that the “fog” became less and less, and I was actually “awake” all day long!  Next, I discovered that my sleep patterns seemed to level out and I actually awoke in the mornings feeling refreshed!  The pain has lightened.  No more headaches every day, and the skin cancer on my nose even seems to be fading away!  Wow!  I haven’t been “sick” with anything more than the sniffles for the past 6 months!

A kitten had been playing with my arm, and scratched it.  I ended up with a hole being eaten away in my arm, from a fungal/bacterial infection that set in to the puncture wound.  The fact that it hadn’t spread all over my body amazed my primary care provider, and the only thing different in my system was your products!  We opened up a Defense capsule and put the contents directly onto the wound along with three drops of the Wild Apan Super Daily.  Within 3 days, the hole was completely closed and “new” skin was even growing back.”

Theresa W.
From: Grovetown, GA

“A wonderful product that I am adding to my daily supplements. I was having some smaller health issues and a major eye (macular degeneration) issue. My health and eye sight is getting better. I thank God for this wonderful product!!!!!”

Elin M.
From: Sarasota, FL

“I recommended the Apán to a customer of mine in the USA as her horse had a very bad infection in its eye and the vet wanted to remove his eye. So, I contacted her and said to get the horse on the mushroom as it would kill the infection.

She put it on topically near to the eye. I received a message from her to say that the horse (Monty) has not lost his eye, is off eye medication, and the eye is improving everyday.

Another story is my mum’s dog has just got a growth on her back so she put her on the pet immunity and also topically with the oil. In 3 days its shrinking and the color has changed from angry red to white and she has stopped chewing it .. so very happy Pip dog.”

Liza P.
From: Seaton, United Kingdom

“I’ve noticed more energy! I also noticed my working heart rate has gone down, you see I’m a runner! I run a mile and half in the morning then at night before I go to sleep! My working heart rate should be 158 ! I have finished my runs and my working heart rate has been at 140 maximum! When in the past I would finish my run my maximum working heart would 164 or 168, that’s very dangerous!”

Antonio V.
From: Weslaco, TX

“I love this product. It is keeping me free from this serious illness that everyone has and is going around Atlanta, GA. I feel more energy and seem to be sleeping a lot better. I was not expecting the great taste. Normally supplements like this are so awful tasting.”

Barbara M.
From: Fort Collins, CO

“I used it topically, a couple drops three to five times a day, on a skin cancer. I also took it internally. My skin cancer went away in two weeks . . . now nice new healthy skin. I am also feeling better and have more energy. I am going to keep using this product.”

David B.
From: Midland, TX

“Thank you so much. After the first initial detox, I recovered my energy and started to feel much better. Now after a couple of bottles I can truly say it has been years since I have felt this good.”

Emilie B.
From: Bristol, PA

“I’ve had an excellent experience with this product . It gives me an incredible amount of energy and mental clarity yet with a tremendous sense of calmness and well being . Truly an excellent addition to my health supplement routine.”

From: Foxboro, MA

“This has greatly reduced my chemo sickness. No more throwing up all day long. I am feeling stronger with more energy. I am getting another couple bottles to keep going.”

Harold C.
From: Bluefield, WV

“I am a personal trainer and I love the Apán. The main things I notice is extra energy, more regularity in the bathroom, I avoid the local flu viruses, and my down time from my workout routine has been cut in half.”

Janett S.
From: Houston, TX

“I have only been using Apán for 3 weeks so it’s a little early to tell if any significant changes are noticeable. I have a labral tear in my right hip and was told there is no blood supply to that area and that is my main focus at this point. I’m hoping this will eventually help my body heal that tear. I will report later, but I have noticed more energy and I’m hoping that internally it’s doing lots or great things!”

Janice S.
From: Bountiful, AL

“Well I’ve taken this now for over a month. I believe I feel more energy, less pain.”

Judy V.
From: Redding, CA

“Ever since I’ve been using Apán it seems like I have more energy. I also notice that it has helped my fibromyalgia I will keep taking it as long as I can afford it.”

Judy V.
From: Redding, CA

“I’m on my second bottle of Apán, and I am amazed at the positive results so far. I take dozens of high-quality supplements daily, but I’ve never taken a product that had me racing to the fridge each morning to take the next dose! I’ve battled the ravages of chronic Lyme & coinfections for 6+ years to the point of muscle wasting, paralysis, severe cognitive decline, and near death. Although, I had slowly recovered myself holistically to 85% using a laborious strict protocol and diet, I could not achieve complete wellness no matter what I did. After using Apán Super Daily for a short time, I am quickly seeing long sought-after improvements including more energy (walking 3 – 5 miles daily), gut healing, tissue repair, less Mast Cell reactions, and a general feeling of wellness!! I’d put myself at 90% recovered now, and I’m looking forward 100% recovery in the next few months–AND finally getting my life back!! Lyme & coinfections rapidly ages you, damages organs and tissues, causes chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain, a host of debilitating neurological issues. I can literally feel my organs & tissues healing and repairing daily. I only wish I had known about Apán Super Daily sooner–it could have saved me years of my life suffering while researching like a mad scientist and endless trial and errors to find something to heal my body. Once I am completely healed, I will continue on the maintenance dose for life of this AMAZING, mind-blowing product!! PS: It tastes GREAT!! My body craves it. I love Apán!!”

Julie B.
From: Myrtle Creek, OR

“I am off my allergy medication. I have more energy and feel much better.”

Julie C.
From: Fleetwood, PA

“I got this for my mother who has been in very poor health over the last year. Already she says she is feeling better, has more energy, and is moving around much better.”

Julie G.
From: Fleetwood, PA

“This is an amazing product!  It’s been about 2 months taking Apán and I feel like my energy has improved along with my overall health, not to mention my sleep has improved 100%…… I recommend this product along with the essential oils to all family and friends.  Thank you again for such healthy products.”

Lindsey W.

“I love it.  It gives me a lot of energy.”

Magda A.
From: Jamaica, NY

“This has assisted/cured my prostate cancer and I have found it also increased my libido, energy, and overall health.”

Michael V.
From: Fort Thomas, KY

“I know I was told to give it a couple months, but I can already tell its already working. I have more energy, sleeping better, and staying healthy where normally I would pick up the bug that went around.”

Pamela A.
From: Waycross, GA

“I’ve been using Apán for about 4 months now.  It has given me more energy and relieved back pain and joint pain.  I had bladder cancer into the muscle and was recommended Apán and lemon oil.  I went in for testing and February and was given the all-clear sign for cancer.  I give a bottle of Apán to my dad who has Parkinson’s. He had Tremors very bad and had to shuffle his feet to walk.  He has been taking it for approximately 1 month and told me and it has helped slow with the trimmers down and he can walk much easier he plans on continue taking it.  Thank you very much.”

Rusty C.
From: Maramec, OK

“Just been using it for a few weeks and I really like it. I have more energy and some of my little concerns have went away.”

Sandy C.
From: Ava, MO

“My allergies, that I suffer through constantly, went away and I have more energy. Excited to see the long term effects that the stem cell activation has on my body.”

Sharen B.
From: Cookville, TX

“I came down with a cold at the end of December, and my body was really aching.  I received my Apán, took my first dose, and four hours later, my aching was completely gone!  How awesome is that?!!  Overall, I am feeling so much better; I have more energy, strength, more flexibility, etc.  My son is noticing an improvement in his health as well.”

Tammy C.
From: Newark, NY

“I love the Apán. I have been using it for quite some time. Originally it was for some minor health conditions which the Apán took care of rather quickly. I am now using the Apán as a preventative and for my long term heath routine. I find that I avoid the illnesses that I would normally have picked up from my work. I also have more energy and feel a lot better. Thank you for this great product.”

Cheryl B.
From: Ava, MO

“I have 3 weeks taking it, so I can say I feel good with Lots of energy. I have to give it time to see how it work, for what I got it for.”

Magda A.
From: Jamaica, NY

“I purchased your product form you for myself and my dog and was amazed at the difference it has made in my elderly lame dog.  He was unable to stand as he couldn’t put his back leg down and had become incontinent and the vet wanted to put him down.  He is now walking again, and going out to the garden and much more himself.”

Michelle M.
From: Ormskirk, England

“I love your products and have been using for a year now and I have noticed I don’t get sick as often or as bad. I also have more resiliency and energy.”

Mary S
From: Wyoming, MI

“I want to thank you so very much for sending the Apán so quickly–this was important to me to start feeling better for my daughters wedding. She was married last Saturday after a month of brutal weather changes that would normally have left me incapacitated. But it was a joyous day that I was able to participate in with good spirits, good health and a moderate amount of energy–even for dancing and staying up until the very end of the party.  The green smoothies (and occasionally greens in powder form, but fresh works better) and Apán has done wonders for me. The little effects were noticeable within a few days. I started to have more energy and less pain, but it didn’t progress very quickly. Then I figured out that I was not getting worse during wildly swinging weather conditions that would have normally been vicious. So on those days when I felt the same or a tad bit worse than the previous day, it was a significant health improvement. I even took a four day trip to Florida and back with hardly any change for the worse. And all of this with the lowest dose of pain medication I’ve been on in the last 5 years during the school year (meaning I was working). The biggest shock of all was last week when I realized that I forgot to take medicine during lunch. I didn’t even realize it until 2 hours later. Even then, I was able to wait until class was over to take the medicine. I had done that several years earlier and had such a horrible experience that I never forgot again–until now. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I’ve felt good enough to be considered “hyper” like I used to be for short periods of time. I’m more likely to be patient and in good humor now that pain isn’t my boss. My socks don’t hurt my legs at the end of the day. I could go on and on, but you get the picture…it’s awesome!  I enjoyed the oils that you sent also. I hope this business works out. It would be nice to have an essential oil business I can trust.  I can’t even begin to express my thanks to you. My life is so much better now and I look forward to even better health. I really want to continue taking it until I get as well as I can get… THANK YOU SO MUCH!”



“Good health news: I was able to successfully get through parent teacher conferences week including a full work week with two days from 8:00 a. m. to 8:30 p.m. Normally I would need a sick day and still take 3 days to recover afterward. But I didn’t miss any work, felt fine during the day rather than exhausted, and didn’t need any recovery days.  IT WAS AMAZING and unprecedented!!!”

Ann E.
From: Delton, MI

“Hi.  This product is a miracle.  It helps me and my mother for all of our health problems.  The panic attacks have been gone and the diabetic level has decreased.  The only way to see if this product works is to the product and see the difference.  It is amazing.  Thanks.”

Dorin C.
From: Oroville, CA

“Too early to tell but my sugar and creatine numbers were down.”

Daniel S.
From: Bloomingdale, IL

“I am a type 2 Diabetic and a year ago I was also diagnosed with bladder cancer. I had surgery to remove part of the tumor. The Uroligist said he could not remove it all without damaging the bladder and my only choice would be to completely remove my bladder and uterus. Then I would have to have a stoma and bag the rest of my life, which would be shortened. And before the radical surgery I would have to have chemo. My A1C was over 9.  I decided not to have the chemo or surgery but to try the Apán with prayer instead. I just had a follow up ultrasound and my Dr and I are thrilled that there has been no further growth of the tumor. Also my A1C is 7.6. I also have a friend who is also diabetic and his A1C was over 13. I gave him a bottle of Apán to try. His A1C went down to 7.6 also. We are both very happy and feel much better as well. Thank you”

Judy H.
From: Felton, CA

“Very pleased with its affect on my blood sugar.”

Paul W.
From: Galva, IL

“I am seeing my blood sugars come back into balance and feeling better with more energy.”

Ray F.
From: Gilbert, AZ

“Bought this specifically for my grandmother because her caregiver contracted COVID and might have been exposed to it. So far, my Grandmother has tested negative for the virus and it’s been helping her chronic joint pain! Will continue to be a lifetime customer❤️ Thanks Man Found Standing for the INCREDIBLE product!”

Karen D.
From: Oshawa, ON Canada

“I had been sick with Covid for several days and even following a doctors home plan for recovery I wasn’t getting any better. The other day, I took Apán and started feeling better within the hour.  I took two squirts initially and because I’m a big guy decided to take another two squirts four hours later.  That evening I felt about 80%better, in fact I felt so much better I worked all through the night completing a 24 page report, an assignment I had been postponing due to not feeling well. The following day, I took two more squirts and yesterday I skipped a day using the product, but today I’m planning on taking two more squirts as maintenance.  Currently I’m feeling 90%better and believe that at this rate, I’ll completely be better within the next couple of days.  I want to thank you very much for this wonderful product Apán. I’ve tried several remedies for my Covid but nothing was working until I took Apán.  Apán is a miracle in my life to help save my life!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Randy G.
From: Springville, UT

“Don’t think we could make it through covid without our Apán.  It’s a staple to staying healthy!  Thank you all so much!”

Taylor B.
From: Woodstock, GA

“I love the Apán.   have tried all kinds of cholesterol medication, can’t get my high cholesterol to come down.  I had a heart attack in 06 and my bad cholesterol was clear up to 400.   I now have it down to 252, and I‘ve have had like 96 points come down for the bad cholesterol and triglycerides 129 points.  Every part of the cholesterol problem is coming into balance and I just love the Apán and I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you.”

Ruth S.
From: Hagerstown, MD

“My husband and I have been using Apán for the last 8 to 10 weeks.  We have each had our blood lipids checked very recently at different locations.  Since Gordon’s last lab report of . . . his total cholesterol has gone from 183 to 145: good cholesterol (HDL) has increased while bad cholesterol (LDL) has decreased: triglycerides are now fantastic and his HDL/LDL risk ratio has dropped from being too high to being in the desirable range.  For a 78 year old who once had prostate cancer, he has great health and high energy.  I have a genetic tendency to high cholesterol and triglycerides.  My recent blood test showed the best improvement I have ever seen in the 40 years I have been tracking this. . . my . . .cholesterol has dropped 43 points; HDL – for the first time I can remember – is in the normal range; LDL although still too high has dropped 25 points; triglycerides have gone from 316 to 182.  Coronary risk factor is down from high to a near normal range.  While taking Apán my energy levels have allowed me to have more productive days and at age 71 that is a blessing.  I am counting on Apán as our first line of defense against the serious flu feared for this coming winter.”

Wanda M.
From: Indio, CA

“I have been using the Apán Super Daily for several months now.  I have not gone for my annual check-up yet, but I’m hoping that my high cholesterol will be reduced with the assistance of this concentrate.  What I can say is that my energy level and clarity of thought (and creativity) have improved since I’ve been using the supplement.  I plan to continue using this supplement and look forward to uncovering future benefits.  Thank you so much!”

Maureen B
From: Centerport, NY

“Chemo symptoms almost completely gone. My hair stopped falling out as well. Well worth it just for that. I am excited to see how things go in the next couple months.”

Julie M.
From: Baker City, OR

“I and my clients love the new Apán Super Daily. A very powerful natural medicine that people get results with. I am finding that it is having wonderful results on chemo therapy as well. Something I would not expect. I have gotten a few people that are still opting into the chemotherapy to take it as well. Those clients are not experiencing the major side effects that chemo causes. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!”

Linda S.
From: Plymouth, IN

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer once again. My previous cancer episode was a few years ago and I underwent the doctors treatment of chemo and it went into remission. A friend gave me a bottle of the Apán as a gift to “just try out”.  I started on the Apán right before undergoing the chemo treatment again. I am completely shocked. Before with the chemo I lost my hair and was sick, sick, sick. Now other than a little sickness within the first 1/2 hour after chemo I would not even know I was doing it.  The doctor stated, “Wow, your really responding well to the chemotherapy.”  I know it has nothing to do with their chemo treatment and everything to do with the Apán I have been taking for the past couple months. THANK YOU!”

Mike A.
From: Fairfield, OH

“My chemo side effects immediately significantly diminished. The doctor is excited about my test numbers. I am feeling much better. I think I will go try the Super Daily next. Thank you so much!”

Rose K.
From: Ava, MO

“I heard about your product from a friend of a friend. I am currently on chemotherapy for liver cancer. I tried your Apán and immediately I started feeling better. I have been taking it religiously and I would not know I was on the chemo except being sick for about 1/2 hour after treatment. Before Apán I was sick all the time. Well worth every penny!!!!!”

Stephen M.
From: Ava, MO

“A friend of mine discovered his prostate cancer returned.  He decided to undergo the doctor’s recommended treatment of chemotherapy.  I told him about the Apán product and give him two bottles.  Several weeks into his treatment he reported back to me that besides him being a little sick for a half-hour after treatment he would not even know he was doing the chemo.  During his first experience, he was sick all the time and his hair fell out.  He said if his experience before was a ten this would be a one. He even told me his doctor said, “Wow, you’re really responding well to the treatment.’  He knows it has everything to do with the Apán.”

David C.
From: Pleasant Grove, UT

“I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a month ago. I happened to find a video about Apán online and ordered it. I have been taking it for just 3 weeks and I changed my diet to a plant-based diet.  Oct 1st was my fist chemo treatment, and I had no sickness or loss of energy…. I do know that Apán is helping me.‍”

UPDATE AS OF 10/23/2020

“I had my second chemo treatment yesterday, October 22nd and didn’t get sick.  I have a lot of energy, also.  I owe it to my Apán.   I am taking 6 droppers a day.  Still eating plant based and organic food.  They haven’t done another CT scan on me yet, but I will let you know after my 3rd chemo which is November 12th.  I am on two very strong chemotherapy drugs.”

UPDATE AS OF 12/8/2020

“Another update with my stage 4 uterus cancer.  I went for my 4th chemo on December 3trd.  My WBC is still good.  The cancer antigen (CA) 125 test in October was 3676.0.  Test done December 3rd was 284.0.  A big drop which means cancer cells are being killed and stopped from spreading and tumor is shrinking.  I go for a CT scan this month.  Between Apán, chemo, and a plat based diet and prayers, it’s working.  I will keep you updated.‍”

UPDATE AS OF 12/23/2020

“CT scan yesterday. My Oncologist called my to tell me everything is looking great. Tumor down just about 50%, fluid in abdomen gone, very little fluid left around my lungs a spot in the abdominal wall is down 60%. Two more chemos to go and then another CT scan.”

“I won’t go without my Apán. It is really helping me. Still on a plant based diet, also. Thank you Man Found Standing, for always being there for me.‍”

UPDATE AS OF 01/19/2021

“They did bloodwork before my 6th chemo Tuesday and the cancer Antigen is down to 85.  (A 70% drop from December test and almost 98% drop from the October test.)  I have a CT scan in a few weeks and another blood test.  My Oncologist will let me know where we will go from here after the CT scan and blood work.  I will keep you informed.  I stopped taking the Defense Plus because my white blood count was 3.3.  That was the only thing I added.  I don’t know if the Defense plus had anything to do with it, but we will see the WBC with the next blood work.‍”

UPDATE AS OF 02/10/2021

“My cancer antigen is now 52.3.  I still have cancer, but it is almost gone.  My oncologist said the chemo caused the low WBC.  So, I am going to start taking the Defense Plus again tomorrow.  I will find out in a few weeks what my doctor recommends.  I will let you know.”


UPDATE 07/03/2021

“My latest CA-125 results were 46.9.  Remember in the beginning it was around  3,600.  My Oncologist stopped the chemotherapy and the surgeon from MD Andersen said the tumors are gone and she would see me in 3 months.  Both doctors will keep an eye on me.  Me Oncologist will continue with bloodwork and XT scans.”


UPDATE 10/07/2021

“My last bloodwork shows my cancer numbers are down to 39.8 and the recent CT scan shows no tumors and there is a small amount of fluid remaining around my left lung.  I will never stop taking Wild Apan and Defense.  I am so grateful I found you ❤ ”


UPDATE 12/17/2021

“Bloodwork done Wednesday with a CA-125 test shows my numbers are down to 33.9.  I couldn’t be happier.  I will never stop taking Apan and Defense.  I have a CT scan in February.  I will send another update then.”

Francine M
From: Vineland, NJ

“I have a rare form of cancer called ocular melanoma which has metastasized to my liver.  I am receiving a relative new treatment called immunoembolization where one of the two arteries feeding the liver is blocked off temporarily which kills some of the cancer cells triggering an immune response.  I take Apán every day in conjunction with this treatment and have seen a dramatic reduction in the size of the lesions on my liver (over 50%).  The doctor is thrilled with my progress.  I believe that taking alternative therapies, such as Apán, is working synergistically with my conventional treatment.”

Paul W.
From: Galva, IL

“My father has been taking 2-3 bottles a month since August. His cancer markers have decreased from 1,300+ to 241.  His chemo side effects have been mild, except for fatigue and sharp stomach pain that goes away after he takes Tylenol (instructed by MD).  We are very encouraged about the progress from his first diagnosis of stage 3 pancreatic cancer to seeing his cancer numbers improve with his health.  Thank you.”

Marc I.
From: Honolulu, HI

“I’m seeing good results with cancer patients, almost every bottle I have purchased, I have donated to terminal people.  In 2020, everyone has recovered so far.  Very exciting.”

Dr. Mike D.
From: Webster, NY

“Some more good news my client who had terminal cancer….. and had several cancerous spots on his liver which they were going to operate on.  He has had a scan on his liver and it is clear.  Amazing thanks to Apán.”

Yvonne J.
From: United Kingdom

“In 2005, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Carcinoid cancer. After 3 major surgeries, I was in remission/cancer free. In 2019, I was again diagnosed with colon neuroendocrine cancer which is the new name for Carcinoid cancer. I read about this product (Wild Apán Super Daily). . . and decided to try it since I had read good reports. I am on my 3rd bottle of the concentrated Apán. I completed new scans 2 weeks ago and the cancer has reduced in size. I believe this product is 1 of the reasons for the reduction. I will return for scan in 6 months and I am praying that they will show more reduction or no cancer. I have also noticed reduction in my varicose veins with minor pain. I thank God for allowing you to produce Apán and for this positive news.”

La Wanda M.
From: El Campo, TX

Speaking about the Apán Super Daily she writes, “I love this product. I have been taking this for one year. I have had breast cancer with a bilateral mastectomy as well as radiation due to a reoccurrence. I have healed very well from several reconstruction surgeries and am feeling great. Scars are almost disappeared and nerve damage that caused numbness under my arm area has been rejuvenated!! I have not had a cold or flu the entire time. I believe in this product’s ability to boost your immune system to heal yourself in a natural way. This product along with clean food and exercise has changed my life. Thank you to the Medicine Man and all who collaborated to come up with this product.”

Roseanne R.
From: Mesa, AZ

“I had a mole on my right forearm that started itching. I put one drop of Apán on it about 9am, by 3pm the mole appeared to be melting. I treated it once more the next day and after 4 days the mole was completely gone. My 96 year old mother had a dime size lesion on her nose that the dermatologist said was a melanoma. Surgery was recommended, but my mother declined. Instead, she took Apán for two weeks and she also applied one drop of Apán to her nose daily until the spot cleared up.”

Mike F.
From: Bowdon, GA

“I was taking herbs after being diagnosed with cancer…I would not take chemo or radiation because, “That could kill me?”  I really felt that God had heard my prayers. Paul suggested Apan and Defense. I left with enough to get me to my next CT Scan. The next scan showed mild growth in the c cells. I got more to get me to the next CT Scan which was just 3 weeks ago. When I went back to Hulston C Clinic for the test results, the results showed the “c” was going down, the first time in nearly a year and a half…The cancer had been growing before taking Apan and Defense. The cancer is now receding. I say that… “THAT IS A BIG PRAISE THE LORD!”

Katie W.
From: Ava, MO

“I just used it on the son of a friend of mine who had serious bronchitis and was not responding to the doctors medicine. I had him take three squirts that night and three in the morning. By afternoon he was better. Great product.”

Steve F.
From: Lawrenceburg, IN

“Got over a lung condition that I have had for years. Thank you!”

Andy M.
From: Anchorage, AK

“Seems to be helping with excessive phlegm in the throat. It feels very soothing and beneficial.”

Barbara C.
From: Bowie, MD

“I don’t get my sicknesses like I did before — colds, flu, and bronchitis. I am feeling very much healthier and am staying on this supplement.”

Bronte G.
From: Ft Lauderdale, FL

“I came down with the flu. My good friend seeing how sick I was with a severe cough, sinuses blocked, running a 100* temp fever.  I was gifted a bottle from his own stock. I never seen or felt a product work so fast in healing. I stared using Apán Super Liquid that afternoon, By the next day my fever was gone. My cough was still present, but it was 75% better.  My sinuses were unclogged and I could breath thru my nose once again. WOW!  And I only used 1/4 of the bottle. I am still healing!  I asked my friend where I could buy more and he told me of this website. I bought one for my medicine cabinet and one for a co-worker that was sick with the same thing I was going thru. Thanks to the maker of this product. God bless!”

Kirk H.
From: Ava, MO

“After a few days my constipation is gone after decades of suffering. Constipation seems to block the manufacture of neurotransmitters in my gut, causing depression. Apán has healed my gut of constipation & I had to quit using Metamucil because it was now causing diarrhea. I took Apán for 30 days & after a week the constipation has not returned. I think Apán was healing my gut caused by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome acquired in 1982 so I am ordering some more to continue the healing. Thanks Apán!”

Ken R.
From: Menifee, CA

“I purchased these to work on some bowel and body issues. This is a wonderful product to keep me regular. It gets five stars for how effective it is.”

Terry D.
From: Ava, MO

“The Apán is working great on my friend that has irritable bowl colitis.  She felt a difference we actually the same day she started it.  Thank you very much.  God bless.”

Kathleen M.
From: Houston, TX

“We received Apán five weeks ago and my blood count – both white and red came back completely normal — they were out of range due to a cancer diagnosis. We could not believe that it also brought down my blood pressure to the lowest it has been in years. By accident I dropped the bottle on a brick floor and in wiping it up, it cleaned my floor and made my house smell wonderful! I called and reordered after the Apán was all over the floor and they shipped it out the same day. They have very good customer service! I recommend this product for anyone with immune issues or fighting cancer.”

Dawn D.
From: Tavares, FL

“I just have to tell you that I am so excited & pleased since the first . . . Apán that I took.  My blood pressure dropped from 148/64 to 125/54 & my brain fog cleared in a very short time!  My breathing is even improved – breathing deeper, with a feeling of wellness that I thought long gone!  I thank God for who formulated this wonderful product & for the person who made sure that I tried it.”

E. Thompson
From: Anderson, IN

“This was our first purchase so we are still waiting and watching to see how it works on the dogs. Both are German Shepherds. One has breast cancer and the other is going blind from high altitude. The one with cancer will not eat the ground Apán inside meatballs or anything so we give her the liquid, 3cc once a day. The other one will eat the ground Apán in the meatballs so she gets quarter teaspoon in each of 3 meatballs two times a day. She still does not like it much, picks at it so when the ground is gone will put her on the liquid provided we can still afford it.  I started taking 3 droppers in water when we first got it and it was not long that I could cut my blood pressure medicine in half. I am looking forward to stopping it all the way.  We believe this product will be super beneficial in the long run. We would take more if we could afford to buy more.  Keep the great product coming. Thank you.”

From Ravendale, CA

“Thank you. I feel so much better. My high blood pressure is now in the normal range and without my pills. I am going to start my husband on it now too.”

Grace H.
From: Anahola, HI

“I have been on the Apán for a few years now. I find it improves my overall health dramatically. Literally, I stay healthy while my coworkers are sick. My mother also takes it and she is no longer on her high blood pressure and other medications. She said she has not felt this good in decades.”

Kristeen D
From: Paducah, KY

“I have been using this for my high blood pressure and diabetes. I can notice a difference and will be keep using it.”

Linda D.
From: Bradenton, FL

“High blood pressure back to the normal range. Thank you for this wonderful product.”

Linda S.
From: Plymouth, IN

“My husband had been taking Apán drops.  He is on his second bottle.  We found his blood pressure is perfect.  Very happy with the results!!  His overall health has improved.  Thank you.”

Marie D.
From: Medford, NY

“I just have to tell you that I am so excited & pleased since the first . . . Defense that I took. My blood pressure dropped from 148/64 to 125/54 & my brain fog cleared in a very short time!  My breathing is even improved – breathing deeper, with a feeling of wellness that I thought long gone!  I thank God for who formulated this wonderful product & for the person who made sure that I tried it.”

Elda T.
From: Anderson, IN

“I have been using the Apán super concentrate for 3 weeks.  I had labs this yesterday and they are better than ever.  I also dropped 9 lbs and my platelets are in normal range!!”

Amy A.
From: Littleton, NH

“Apán has helped in my CLL counts. I have been taking it 2 months and my white blood cell count has gone down and my platelet count has gone up higher than it has been in years.”

​George J.
From: Goodwater, AL

“Okay, so far I’m loving this stuff… I have for a while had huge pressure in my brain, tongue swelling, choking in throat, bad immunity…. and… once blood come out of my eyes, nose, mouth, and ears… I’ve felt damaged but this medicine went to them spots in my head and have begun working on them in a big way. I know this is just the beginning but wow this stuff works… I’m grateful and can’t wait to see what all is accomplished when I’m healed from everything. Wow, thanks again.”

Joshua S.
From: Hillsboro, OH

“We ordered this product at the very strong recommendation of a good friend.  My husband is the one who has been taking it, and I think I really do see some good improvement in his overall health.  He is 91 years old, suffers from a severe heart condition, vascular dementia and suffered a serious fall in early April that seems to have worsened his sciatica.  Instead of having days of intense pain to the point where he is pretty much bedfast 24/7 except to use the bathroom and come to the table to eat meals, there are days when he can sit up for long periods of time without too much problem.  This is the only new thing we’ve introduced into his “pill regimen” so I think we can truthfully say we see improvement.  Praying that it continues.”

Joann G.
From:Gaylord, MI

“I took only a daily dose and it relieved an earache that I had for three months.  I had a virus and it left me with an earache that was very miserable and painful.  It felt like an inner ear infection or block. . . I could hear again.  I was so thrilled I could not believe it.  I have also had a ringing in the ear for years and the ringing in the ear has just quit it went away.  I know this has all been sinus related and I am so grateful to you for such a wonderful product.  I also have experienced more energy.  I now have my energy back and I am not a couch potato at night.  I have a ruptured disk in my back and I am starting to do things that I have not been able to do for years.  I have only used ½ a bottle so far and it has been just great.  Thank you so much for this great product.  I can’t Thank You enough for this great productThanks again”

Thelma W.
From: Kaysville, UT

“Three years ago this coming July, I fell and broke my right ankle so bad that my foot hung off to the side. It took surgery, a plate and several screws to put my ankle back together.  I was also told by the surgeon that I had soft bones.  3 months in a wheel chair and two more months in a special boot using a knee scooter later, I was finally able to stand for short periods of time.  Since this time almost 3 years later, I still walked with a limp, and had pain in my left hip and leg even at night when trying to sleep. Also, I have arthritis in my forefinger and middle finger on my right hand, and over the past 6 months this has also become a problem and source of great pain in first my right thumb and then my left thumb, which meant I could no long crochet, something I enjoy doing.  For the past 3 years with the advice of the surgeon and friends I started taking Glucosamine, Calcium, D3, and K2, nutritional supplements that are supposed to help strengthen bones. These may have helped, but the fact remained, I still walked with a limp, and still had pain in my left leg, and pain from arthritis continued to increase. The sad thing is at age 61 pain and discomfort seemed to becoming a normal thing.  A month ago I ordered Apán and in just one month I am now walking for 30 minutes daily with my husband and not limping. No more pain in my left leg or hip, or my thumbs and fingers.”

Bonnie W.
From: Savannah, GA

“During the first two months I noticed some small improvements with better energy and not catching the flu that went around. It really was into my third month that I started noticing the larger changes with my health. My arthritic bumps went down, I could now easily get out of my chair, and my mobility has improved. My blood pressure is now in the normal range as well. Thank you.”

William C.
From: Maramec, OK

“I’ve been taking the Apán concentrate regularly for about 3 and a half months now and I never want to be without it. Never in my life have I experienced healing on so many profound levels. The 1st immediate benefit was my enhanced ability to focus followed by a tremendous increase in energy, vitality, strength, and stamina. So much so that many of my friends were asking ME what I was doing as I had been sickly and weak for months. I’ve also noticed, over time, that my consistent arthritis pain in my toe is gone! I was gravely ill in Dec. for over 3 solid weeks. I had a lingering cough that lasted 2 more months and I just couldn’t muster any kind of energy to do much of anything. By late June, I still wasn’t able to walk the length of my living room without feeling drained. Within a couple of days on the Apán I feltlike a completely renewed person. Like I had lost 20 years off my age. The beautiful medicine has literally changed my life. I can’t wait to see what improves next. Its like things just keep getting better the longer I take it! My 37 year old son has had a similar experience and won’t let his bottle run out either! After years of battling all kinds of health issues and trying hundreds of products and protocols and supplements of every kind, I finally fell like I won the biggest best lottery in the world! Thank you with all my heart for this!”

Babbette K.
From: Oswego, NY

“My Family loves Apan Daily!  Notable improvements in areas of seasonal allergies, arthritis and general wellness. Started this product 10/2020. Thank you!”

Susan G.
From: North Royalton, OH

“I first started taking the Defense to try to help my arthritis. I had been under a lot of stress and not eating healthy and my body had taken the toll. My arthritis had reached the point that it was painful to get up out of a chair or even the car. I could not walk upright. I could just see my health going downhill.  My husband and I had been taking these product for about 2 months when I suddenly discovered that I could actually walk upright again without being hunched over and my mobility has improved greatly, I started noticing the arthritic bumps on my hands have started to go down and my fingers seem like they are becoming straighter. The Defense is the only change I have made to my lifestyle. I’m so excited this has made me want to continue on the journey to good health. Thank you so much for introducing me to your product, it’s a lifesaver.”

Leanna B
From: Ava, MO

“Our friend’s sister who suffers from Lupus knew I was having a migraine and offered a bottle for me. Because of this medicine she can walk most places without pain. She knew I battled allergies and Polycystic Ovarian disease. . . While taking the bottles he gave me I never felt better. At first I didn’t realize it was due to the Defense pills. . . when I ran out . . . My husband and I both agreed that I needed to get back on it. So I called the number on the bottle and was directed to this sight. I can hardly wait for my order to arrive!!!”

Becky R.
From: Rorgan, OK

“I love your Defense product. Having spent many years with alternative health care, the Defense product is the best “healer” I have ever encountered. I just wanted to express my gratitude for your product and share some of my experiences with you.  I am already in excellent health and I only started to take your product because I always want to maintain my healthy life. I started taking the Defense during the winter to build up my immune system. Immediately, I notice that I was having more energy. That was very good because I’m always on the go and sometimes my energy level runs low.  Next, I noticed that I was not getting the flu. Since I come into contact with a lot of sick people, I usually will pick up a sickness every few months or so. Let me share with you an example: A friend and I went over to visit another sick friend. This sick friend had been out of work for a week due to a very bad virus. Well a few hours after we left, I started feeling flu like symptoms. I decided to take two extra capsules of the Defense, and went to bed. The next morning I woke up feeling 100%better. This was great considering the friend that went with me also started to feel the flu like symptoms that night. Since he is not into alternative healing, he went and visited his doctor for assistance, and ended up missing two weeks of work, due to his feeling so bad. I absolutely believe that we both contacted the same virus. I processed the virus, while I slept, using the Defense, while my friend took two weeks to get over the same bug. Wow, what a difference.  After going through the winter season, and being on the Defense product for four months, I experienced another wonderful benefit. My seasonal allergies were gone! Every year, for as long as I can remember, when Spring rolled around, so did my feeling bad. My nose would constantly run, my eyes would be itchy and red, and generally I would feel quite miserable. Since taking the Defense, I have experienced a healing miracle.  I also have to share with you another experience. I was testing a new alternative health care product for a company. Before I went on their product I had my bloodwork done and everything was looking great. After I was on their product for thirty days, I had my blood tested again. To my horror, my blood was saturated with microscopic pieces of aluminum. Immediately, I had my wife test her blood, to see if she was contaminated too. Since her blood was clear of aluminum, I concluded it was the new product I was testing.  I had the product analyzed and found it contained a large quantity of aluminum. I contacted the company to tell them of my findings, and to find out what was going on. After they reviewed their manufacturing process, they concluded that the problem was within their mixing process. They had been mixing the product in an aluminum container, and during that process microscopic pieces of aluminum were being ground off and contaminating the product.  To fix my heavy metal problem, I started to double dose the Defense. When I had my blood work done about forty days later, I was completely clear of all contamination, and was back to my healthy self. Once again, thank you for your integrity, and for this miracle in a bottle.”

Paul D.
From: Stockton, MO

“I told you about our daughter and her seizure disorder. You mixed for Charis (my daughter) Frankincense and Ylang Ylang, one to one and . . . I cut the two parts Frankincense and Ylang Ylang with two parts Fractionated Coconut Oil. This blend works!  When it is time for Charis to have a grand mal seizure, Charis has what we call a pre seizure, a pre curser to the big one only seconds away. There is always a shaker bottle of Charis’s Ylang Ylang mix at arms each from Charis. The aromatherapy of this mix while in the pre seizure state stops stone cold dead Charis’s seizure activity, every time. This pre seizure window is short, like 10 seconds, more or less. I would think less.  ….. after thirty five years of pharmaceuticals Charis is beginning to wake up. Charis’s speech skills are not just improving, they are increasing. Her dexterity / motor skills are improving. She participates now in her feeding, and more. These are the outward easy signs to identify. There is a far deeper healing taking place in Charis. Charis’s personality, her social participation is coming alive, Charis is developmentally maturing. . .”

Jed W.
From: Troy, MT

“I gotta say, I am loving the Defense……. my sleep is so so deep now! …….. Also, I don’t fart anymore!!!”

Sandy G
From: London, England

“When I was told that I had only weeks to live and that there was nothing that could be done, you might imagine that I was devastated. My complete confidence had always been in the miracle of modern medicine. But the miracle was not to be available to me. Despairing, I sought advice from a man I had met many years earlier while undertaking a vision quest among my people, the Nez Perce Indians of northeastern Idaho. He told me to take . . . Apán mushroom . .. Up to receiving this suggestion, I had been losing copious amounts of blood from the bowel as the disease literally ate me up from the inside. I was dying . . . So . . . what did I have to lose? I did what I was told and a miracle happened. Within just a few short weeks the bleeding stopped. Within a year my disease was in complete remission. Now, the disease that was killing me and had engulfed my entire G.I. tract is almost completely gone. The gift of the Earth Mother has given me back my life.”

Phil L.
From: Humansville, MO

“I have been taking the Super Daily Wild Apan now for about a year and feeling really good on it.   It was not until I saw you in a video talking about how you can put it on your skin that I thought I would try it on my face that has a lot of sun damage at my hairline and nose. Previously had basal cell carcinomas burnt off my face so was praying that I could find another way.  Been putting the liquid on morning and night neat for about a month now and hay presto my skin damage has nearly gone already

😀FANTASTIC.  It stung a bit when I first put it on but after a few days the skin started to crust over and new skin formed underneath. I only have a few small scabs now at my hairline so very happy!  Just started to take your Defense that is helping my digestion and giving me better sleep.  Thank you so much for your wonderful products”

Colette B.
From: United Kingdom

“I am 66 years old. I’m now three months into using the Defense, Wild Apan and C60+ (bundle). I met with my nephrologist two weeks ago. My blood tests showed positive improvements with my GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) at 24%, up from 20%. I was first diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure four years ago with a GFR of 25%. Should I see a GFR higher than that, then I will know for certain that this treatment is providing positive results. Also, my A1C is trending downward. Yes! I would personally recommend these products to anyone suffering from chronic illnesses.”

Don C
From: Spanish Fork, UT

“My strength is much better on the Apan product. It even helps with the tremor from Parkinson’s in between Sinemet doses.”

Nansy G.
From: Winchester, VA

“When we got back from Mali I noticed a small cavity. I did not do anything about it with so much going on. Homer and I brush with coconut oil and baking soda and what ever oil is handy when we mix it up. For the last 2 weeks I have been holding liquid Apán in my mouth for as long as I am able, sometimes 10 min or more. Last night I checked on the cavity, it was not there! Interesting.”

Sharen B
From: Ava, MO

“On the Apán and so far I have more energy, digestive process have actually been better praise God! and I have been recovering faster from my workouts been on it about five days.”

Danny K.
From: Dallas, TX

“My name is Natalie and I am thirteen years old. I have had acne for quite sometime now. I also have eczema. Trying almost any and every acne medications from proactive to tropical medications prescribed by the dermatologist, nothing seemed to work. It seemed to help one thing and make the other worse until I started using avocado tree oil mixture. The facial regime:

Wash face morning and night

Rinse with cold water

Pat dry

Use tea tree oil mixed in the avocado oil

Pat off excess oil

The very first thing I noticed was the smoothness of my face. The oils had given an overall glow to my skin. This was a surprise to me especially since all the medication attempts before had led to extreme dryness. It hasn’t completely healed my acne, but it has improved so much. Another miracle that I started to notice was this acne remedy was slowly healing my eczema! This stuff is truly amazing!!!””

Natalie M.
From: Redmond, UT

“I have been using the Super Daily and the Defense now for a month. I started the products to overcome a chronic condition (MRSA) or something similar to it, as the doctor’s were never able to tell me what it really was. But I have been very sick for the past 2-1/2 to 3 years. After starting Super Daily and Defense I didn’t notice a difference for the first two weeks, but each week after that I have felt better, stronger, and more able to take care of my severely disabled daughter. This week is my best week in regaining my health! I cannot tell you how grateful I am! There are no words to express my gratitude . . .Thank You!”

Carollynn L.
From: Prescott, AZ

“Hello everyone! My name is Carollynn and I was introduced to the SIAHUS website by a friend in February of 2021. My friend suggested I use the Apan Super Daily to begin with as that was all I could afford. It didn’t long for me to notice a difference! I could tell in the first few weeks of using the Apan Super Daily the product was making a difference! I was starting to feel a difference (inside and out)!  On my next order I added the Defense product. I have been taking these two products everyday, twice a day, as the illness/disease I am fighting has been a long time fight (a 2 1/2 year fight). At first the doctor’s thought it was MRSA, then they thought it was a bacterial infection of some kind. So I given various antibiotics. Which didn’t work. I was then sent to specialists, and all they could do was give me “creams / ointments” to combat the sores I had all over my body (from the top of my head to my feet)! The sores varied in size from the size of a pea to the size of quarter! They were so painful! Month after month of fighting this left me very weak, and hardly able to get up and do the necessary things, one needs to do in daily life. It left me so weak and exhausted there were many, many days I thought I would not make it as I knew my body was shutting down.  In March of this year (March 2021) I started using the Apan Super Daily and The Defense! It is now the end of April, 2021 and I feel 1000 times better. When I do get a sore it heals quickly. I can breath better! I am physically, mentally and emotionally stronger! And, I now know with each passing week of using these two products, I am going to continue regaining my health!   What numerous doctor’s were not able to do, the Apan Super Daily, and The Defense, DID! And also, as a side benefit to taking these products I had a tooth that had abscessed. It was an abscess that needed attention but because I was so ill and because of the COVID restrictions I did not see a dentist. The abscess is gone, my gum is healthy, the tooth is fine! And, I am so excited to go see my dentist (who I have been with for 30 years) because he said “you will never get rid of an abscess!” He is going to be soooooo surprized!!!  By using the Siahus Supplements, and products, I am truly creating Optimal Health for myself! And, their Therapeutic Essential Oils are the best out there! In the past I have tried other top of the line essential oils (which are good, too) but Siahus Therapeutic Essential Oils are of the highest, and finest quality! They are affordable, and they deserve a Five Star rating!  I am so grateful to my friend, Alice, for telling me about this website! These products changed my life!”

Carollynn L.
From: Prescott, AZ

“I’m totally blown away by the defense tablets. Feel like I’ve been given a totally new digestive system!  Yeah. I’m still taking my prescribed medication but without going into detail my bowels feel better than they ever have, I can’t quite believe it.  Absolutely! I was mildly skeptical at first but thought it was worth a shot! My only regret is not getting it sooner.  I’m amazed at the difference in such a short space of time.  Not at all Ulcerative colitis. Was diagnosed 13 years ago. Yep, gone.  You rock!”

From: Scotland

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