Mole or lesion Testimonials

“I have been using your product Apán as directed for approximately 5 months and have experienced some amazing results in other areas ie. Moles disappeared, my hair is returning to its natural color (grey fading).”

Daniel A.
From: Grass Valley, CA

“Thanks for bringing us Apán and Defense, my niece has fast acting MS and the lesions on the brain are disappearing.  I would also like to inform you of my sisters (4) have used the Apán to kick the Flu (which has plagued many for months) in just 1-3 days they have licked it, you can hear it in their voices right away.  When their friends and co-workers hear of it they have to have it. What a shame more are not aware of it. It seems that people do not want to believe things like this exist.  When they use it, they all seem to be from MO. The show me state, they are believers.”

Arlen B.
From: Salina, UT

“I have a rare form of cancer called ocular melanoma which has metastasized to my liver.  I am receiving a relative new treatment called immunoembolization where one of the two arteries feeding the liver is blocked off temporarily which kills some of the cancer cells triggering an immune response.  I take Apán every day in conjunction with this treatment and have seen a dramatic reduction in the size of the lesions on my liver (over 50%).  The doctor is thrilled with my progress.  I believe that taking alternative therapies, such as Apán, is working synergistically with my conventional treatment.”

Paul W.
From: Galva, IL

“I had a mole on my right forearm that started itching. I put one drop of Apán on it about 9am, by 3pm the mole appeared to be melting. I treated it once more the next day and after 4 days the mole was completely gone. My 96 year old mother had a dime size lesion on her nose that the dermatologist said was a melanoma. Surgery was recommended, but my mother declined. Instead, she took Apán for two weeks and she also applied one drop of Apán to her nose daily until the spot cleared up.”

Mike F.
From: Bowdon, GA
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