Blood Testimonials

“I have been using the Apán super concentrate for 3 weeks.  I had labs this yesterday and they are better than ever.  I also dropped 9 lbs and my platelets are in normal range!!”

Amy A.
From: Littleton, NH

“Apán has helped in my CLL counts. I have been taking it 2 months and my white blood cell count has gone down and my platelet count has gone up higher than it has been in years.”

​George J.
From: Goodwater, AL

“Okay, so far I’m loving this stuff… I have for a while had huge pressure in my brain, tongue swelling, choking in throat, bad immunity…. and… once blood come out of my eyes, nose, mouth, and ears… I’ve felt damaged but this medicine went to them spots in my head and have begun working on them in a big way. I know this is just the beginning but wow this stuff works… I’m grateful and can’t wait to see what all is accomplished when I’m healed from everything. Wow, thanks again.”

Joshua S.
From: Hillsboro, OH

“I love your Defense product. Having spent many years with alternative health care, the Defense product is the best “healer” I have ever encountered. I just wanted to express my gratitude for your product and share some of my experiences with you.  I am already in excellent health and I only started to take your product because I always want to maintain my healthy life. I started taking the Defense during the winter to build up my immune system. Immediately, I notice that I was having more energy. That was very good because I’m always on the go and sometimes my energy level runs low.  Next, I noticed that I was not getting the flu. Since I come into contact with a lot of sick people, I usually will pick up a sickness every few months or so. Let me share with you an example: A friend and I went over to visit another sick friend. This sick friend had been out of work for a week due to a very bad virus. Well a few hours after we left, I started feeling flu like symptoms. I decided to take two extra capsules of the Defense, and went to bed. The next morning I woke up feeling 100%better. This was great considering the friend that went with me also started to feel the flu like symptoms that night. Since he is not into alternative healing, he went and visited his doctor for assistance, and ended up missing two weeks of work, due to his feeling so bad. I absolutely believe that we both contacted the same virus. I processed the virus, while I slept, using the Defense, while my friend took two weeks to get over the same bug. Wow, what a difference.  After going through the winter season, and being on the Defense product for four months, I experienced another wonderful benefit. My seasonal allergies were gone! Every year, for as long as I can remember, when Spring rolled around, so did my feeling bad. My nose would constantly run, my eyes would be itchy and red, and generally I would feel quite miserable. Since taking the Defense, I have experienced a healing miracle.  I also have to share with you another experience. I was testing a new alternative health care product for a company. Before I went on their product I had my bloodwork done and everything was looking great. After I was on their product for thirty days, I had my blood tested again. To my horror, my blood was saturated with microscopic pieces of aluminum. Immediately, I had my wife test her blood, to see if she was contaminated too. Since her blood was clear of aluminum, I concluded it was the new product I was testing.  I had the product analyzed and found it contained a large quantity of aluminum. I contacted the company to tell them of my findings, and to find out what was going on. After they reviewed their manufacturing process, they concluded that the problem was within their mixing process. They had been mixing the product in an aluminum container, and during that process microscopic pieces of aluminum were being ground off and contaminating the product.  To fix my heavy metal problem, I started to double dose the Defense. When I had my blood work done about forty days later, I was completely clear of all contamination, and was back to my healthy self. Once again, thank you for your integrity, and for this miracle in a bottle.”

Paul D.
From: Stockton, MO
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