Diabetes Testimonials

“I have been diagnosed in the past couple of years with diabetes and thyroid problems and I have been having issues with headaches, and concentration and dizziness and all kinds of things…and I have been trying to avoid taking medicines and taking insulin, I have type 2 diabetes, what they call diabetes, but I’ve been taking pills and still not seeing results that I wanted.

About 2 months ago a friend . . . heard about what I was going through and recommended it to me, so I immediately ordered the Apán. . . The 1st thing, I was able to decrease my insulin pills in the first month.

By the end of the second month I had noticed that I had lost about 7 pounds. . . I did take it in the morning and in the evening and seven pound had just dropped off of me drastically…..another thing, I had been having problems with my blood pressure and hypertension with the diabetes and the blood pressure has been very high for a long time.  Frightening, as a matter of fact. . . and yesterday on the 5th, they had been taking my blood pressure and my blood pressure was 108 over 80!  I haven’t had a reading like that in YEARS!

I know it’s the Apán. . . The lump on my thyroid is  going down and I was so stunned it’s going down, it’s going down so much , if you could see it was protruding and now I can barely touch it and  you could feel it there and I’m so happy,  thank you all for just being there.

Thank you all for doing what you are doing, it is really healing my body. . . It’s amazing, it’s amazing!  I’m a witness; I’m definitely a witness of what Apán does.”

Carolyne S.
From: Oakland, California

“I have been using this for my high blood pressure and diabetes. I can notice a difference and will be keep using it.”

Linda D.
From: Bradenton, FL

“Hi.  This product is a miracle.  It helps me and my mother for all of our health problems.  The panic attacks have been gone and the diabetic level has decreased.  The only way to see if this product works is to the product and see the difference.  It is amazing.  Thanks.”

Dorin C.
From: Oroville, CA

“Too early to tell but my sugar and creatine numbers were down.”

Daniel S.
From: Bloomingdale, IL

“I am a type 2 Diabetic and a year ago I was also diagnosed with bladder cancer. I had surgery to remove part of the tumor. The Uroligist said he could not remove it all without damaging the bladder and my only choice would be to completely remove my bladder and uterus. Then I would have to have a stoma and bag the rest of my life, which would be shortened. And before the radical surgery I would have to have chemo. My A1C was over 9.  I decided not to have the chemo or surgery but to try the Apán with prayer instead. I just had a follow up ultrasound and my Dr and I are thrilled that there has been no further growth of the tumor. Also my A1C is 7.6. I also have a friend who is also diabetic and his A1C was over 13. I gave him a bottle of Apán to try. His A1C went down to 7.6 also. We are both very happy and feel much better as well. Thank you”

Judy H.
From: Felton, CA

“Very pleased with its affect on my blood sugar.”

Paul W.
From: Galva, IL

“I am seeing my blood sugars come back into balance and feeling better with more energy.”

Ray F.
From: Gilbert, AZ

“I have been using this for my high blood pressure and diabetes. I can notice a difference and will be keep using it.”

Linda D.
From: Bradenton, FL

“I am 66 years old. I’m now three months into using the Defense, Wild Apan and C60+ (bundle). I met with my nephrologist two weeks ago. My blood tests showed positive improvements with my GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) at 24%, up from 20%. I was first diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure four years ago with a GFR of 25%. Should I see a GFR higher than that, then I will know for certain that this treatment is providing positive results. Also, my A1C is trending downward. Yes! I would personally recommend these products to anyone suffering from chronic illnesses.”

Don C
From: Spanish Fork, UT
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