Menstruation Testimonials

“I took the whole four month money back guarantee serious and gave it a try. I am in good health but wanted to keep it that way. Being already in good health, I really I did not clue in that things were getting better for the first two months. It was only after I was into my third bottle that I notice two major things were definitely different and great things were going on. The first was the flu that went through work that everyone got. I did not get it at all and not feeling sick for a few days is well worth the money spent. 🙂 The next thing was my time of the month — it surprised me since I did not get the soreness a couple days before and it was the gentlest period I have ever had. (Very strange to me to get from a stem cell product.)”

Teresa M.
From: Venice, FL

“I am in good health but wanted to use the Apán to keep me that way. I was using it a few months and then I stopped. It was only upon stopping that I realized what one of the things it was actually doing for me. While I was taking the Super Daily my normal painful mensuration stopped being painful. I did not attribute this to the Apán until I stopped it and the painful mensuration came back. I went on the Apán again and my next period was without pain. I now know its the Apán that was doing this for me. Thank you! It is well worth me not having to go through that each month. . . plus the added bonus of the stem cells reversing or slowing down the aging process. I am now a fully loyal customer.”

Jean C.
From: Conyers, GA

“Wonderful product. It has really helped knocking out a very persistent UTI. I also notice my menopause symptoms have significantly dropped. Also my daughter has extremely painful periods and she was shocked to have her first “pain free” period.”

Barbara S.
From: Rio Rancho, NM
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