Kidney Testimonials

“My kidney function continues to climb. Doctors are astounded.”

Evelyn B.
From: Citrus Heights, CA

“Have very happy clients whom have been using the Apán. Lady has been troubled with sinusitis for many years and a consistent cough, has had several antibiotics.  I suggested her trying the Apán and after just a few days sinuses had clearer and cough had eased greatly.  She says she wouldn’t be without it.  Lady took it for recurring kidney infections and she hasn’t had one since she started the Apán.  She also gave it to her husband who has copd  he can’t believe how his breathing has improved.  Man (my husband) has prostate cancer.  His psa bloods went down from 10.8 to 6.2 within a month.  A first in 2 years of having bloods taken every 3 months and each time they were creeping up.  His treatment was planned before he knew about Apán but he feels the Apán has lessened the side effects of treatment.  Man with bowel cancer started taking the Apán half way through his treatment.  He had to get bloods taken before each treatment.  Drs couldn’t understand how the readings had come down from 400 to 52. He is having his last treatment tomorrow and is doing well.”

Yvonne J.
From: Northern Ireland

“I wanted to tell you how much the Defense has helped me. About four years ago I had a medical problem and the treatment caused my kidneys, Per the kidney Dr. “went to sleep “I have been taking shots to keep them stable, and was told they would never get better. I started taking Defense and within three months the blood work showed improvement. Three months after that the blood work showed another improvement. I quit those awful shots and three months later, my bloodwork shows another improvement. I credit it all to the Defense. Thanks for such a Great Product, I take it every day and truly believe it’s what keeps me going.”

Pauline C.
From: Norman Park, GA

“I am 66 years old. I’m now three months into using the Defense, Wild Apan and C60+ (bundle). I met with my nephrologist two weeks ago. My blood tests showed positive improvements with my GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) at 24%, up from 20%. I was first diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure four years ago with a GFR of 25%. Should I see a GFR higher than that, then I will know for certain that this treatment is providing positive results. Also, my A1C is trending downward. Yes! I would personally recommend these products to anyone suffering from chronic illnesses.”

Don C
From: Spanish Fork, UT
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