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“In 2005, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Carcinoid cancer. After 3 major surgeries, I was in remission/cancer free. In 2019, I was again diagnosed with colon neuroendocrine cancer which is the new name for Carcinoid cancer. I read about this product (Wild Apán Super Daily). . . and decided to try it since I had read good reports. I am on my 3rd bottle of the concentrated Apán. I completed new scans 2 weeks ago and the cancer has reduced in size. I believe this product is 1 of the reasons for the reduction. I will return for scan in 6 months and I am praying that they will show more reduction or no cancer. I have also noticed reduction in my varicose veins with minor pain. I thank God for allowing you to produce Apán and for this positive news.”

La Wanda M.
From: El Campo, TX
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