Tumors Testimonials

“I believe the Apán is the reason my cancer is going away. Before I started on it, the tumor was still growing and now it is shrinking. Already it has reduced by 25% in just a couple months. All I did was add the Apán to wha10/14/2022t I was already doing. Thank you for this miracle.”

Kelly K.
From: Ava, MO

This is a text message I just received from the woman….. with cancer that I’ve been providing the Apán.  Evelyn, I just wanted you to know that my recent scans came back showing very little sign of the cancer in the brain and the rest of my tumors in my liver (and wherever) are still shrinking.  I was very happy with the results!”

Evelyn J.
From: South Jordan, UT

“My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer in March and his cancer tumor markers have dropped so much!!!  15,000 to 3.500 in the last month!!!!! He’s been doing very well dealing with chemo and taking the Apan and Defense since the day he was diagnosed as that was also the day a family member introduced us to you!  We are so thrilled!  Thanks again!”

Erin K.
From: Spicer, MN

“Hey I wanted to give you fine folks an update on the use of the apan tincture. My wife was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer November of 21. She has been taking the daily apan for months now along with an oncologist proscribed estrogen blocker. As of her last Dr. appointment her tumor markers were way down and results from her latest P.E.T scan showed remarkable reduction in the cancer. The oncologist was greatly surprised at her improvements. I can’t help but give a big part of the credit to your product. Thankyou”

Brad Brittsan
From: Whitefish, MT

“The lump in my breast tumor reduced in size by half within taking my first two bottles. All of this without the doctors chemo!!!!”

Alison F.
From: Eureka Springs, AR

“My husband was diagnosed in May with bladder cancer and began Apán right away.  On his last check up – doctor said no tumors were there and only scar tissue left.  We are very pleased with this product!”

Johannes D.
From: Tavares, FL

“The tumor is shrinking!!!!!”

​Mary K.
From: Princeton, NJ

“I am a type 2 Diabetic and a year ago I was also diagnosed with bladder cancer. I had surgery to remove part of the tumor. The Uroligist said he could not remove it all without damaging the bladder and my only choice would be to completely remove my bladder and uterus. Then I would have to have a stoma and bag the rest of my life, which would be shortened. And before the radical surgery I would have to have chemo. My A1C was over 9.  I decided not to have the chemo or surgery but to try the Apán with prayer instead. I just had a follow up ultrasound and my Dr and I are thrilled that there has been no further growth of the tumor. Also my A1C is 7.6. I also have a friend who is also diabetic and his A1C was over 13. I gave him a bottle of Apán to try. His A1C went down to 7.6 also. We are both very happy and feel much better as well. Thank you”

Judy H.
From: Felton, CA
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