Scars Testimonials

“I bought two of your Apán tinctures about a month ago.  I have to say I’m impressed.  I have an underfunctioning (and quite swollen) thyroid.  I’ve received your tincture about two weeks ago and I have been using it (when I remember to take it) pretty much three times a day.  The swelling at my throat has reduced by a third.  That’s impressive.

As well, I’ve had some scars that are substantially reduced in size, color, and such.

My husband caught pneumonia over the holidays and has been taking it religiously.  He says he’s now functioning at “…ninety percent…” which is astonishing because the last time he had pneumonia (about ten years ago) it took a good six to eight weeks to get him anywhere near that level of energy.  He’s 69 years old, for heaven’s sake!

I’ll be purchasing more.  No question.”

Judith C.
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Speaking about the Apán Super Daily she writes, “I love this product. I have been taking this for one year. I have had breast cancer with a bilateral mastectomy as well as radiation due to a reoccurrence. I have healed very well from several reconstruction surgeries and am feeling great. Scars are almost disappeared and nerve damage that caused numbness under my arm area has been rejuvenated!! I have not had a cold or flu the entire time. I believe in this product’s ability to boost your immune system to heal yourself in a natural way. This product along with clean food and exercise has changed my life. Thank you to the Medicine Man and all who collaborated to come up with this product.”

Roseanne R.
From: Mesa, AZ
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