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I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, one tumor is in front of the other in the vagina, the doctors recommended chemo so they could take out the uterus and they cannot get to the uterus because of the tumors. I have recently started Super Apan using it both orally and douching with it and also putting two capsules in the vagina half with the apan and half with olive oil. The cancer numbers in two and half weeks have gone from a 56 to a 47! I am continuing to use it in hopes that the tumors will shrink and will soon have the uterus removed and be cancer free. I would recommend taking it orally for two weeks then continue with the douching twice a day and the capsules once at night.

Personally I have used the Super Apan for my own skin issues and lately I have had several testimonies of the Apan curing skin cancer. Putting it straight on the skin. It does burn. But it is worth it. Anyways, that’s my two cents. Just thought I’d let you know. Have a good night, C

My Friend had ovarian cancer and it metastasized and the medical community told her to either go a Hospice or home. They had no other options. She was told about Super Apan from a chiropracter and then ordered the Super Apan and started taking it everyday. So far she has gained  twelve pounds and the doctors are currently amazed and wondering what she did to have such a dramatic change in health. They are looking at removing her feeding tube!
Paul R.
Sioux Falls, SD

“I believe the Apán is the reason my cancer is going away. Before I started on it, the tumor was still growing and now it is shrinking. Already it has reduced by 25% in just a couple months. All I did was add the Apán to wha10/14/2022t I was already doing. Thank you for this miracle.”

Kelly K.
From: Ava, MO

“It cleared up a skin cancer in about two weeks. I just placed a drop on the area a few times a day and now its all gone/better. I have also been taking it internally and found it has cleared up a few other health conditions. I am sticking on it.”

​Mary B.
From: Collegeville, PA

This is a text message I just received from the woman….. with cancer that I’ve been providing the Apán.  Evelyn, I just wanted you to know that my recent scans came back showing very little sign of the cancer in the brain and the rest of my tumors in my liver (and wherever) are still shrinking.  I was very happy with the results!”

Evelyn J.
From: South Jordan, UT

“My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer in March and his cancer tumor markers have dropped so much!!!  15,000 to 3.500 in the last month!!!!! He’s been doing very well dealing with chemo and taking the Apan and Defense since the day he was diagnosed as that was also the day a family member introduced us to you!  We are so thrilled!  Thanks again!”

Erin K.
From: Spicer, MN

“Hey I wanted to give you fine folks an update on the use of the apan tincture. My wife was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer November of 21. She has been taking the daily apan for months now along with an oncologist proscribed estrogen blocker. As of her last Dr. appointment her tumor markers were way down and results from her latest P.E.T scan showed remarkable reduction in the cancer. The oncologist was greatly surprised at her improvements. I can’t help but give a big part of the credit to your product. Thankyou”

Brad Brittsan
From: Whitefish, MT

“The lump in my breast tumor reduced in size by half within taking my first two bottles. All of this without the doctors chemo!!!!”

Alison F.
From: Eureka Springs, AR

“No mastectomy for me!!!!!! I had an advanced stage of breast cancer and my doctor was pushing a mastectomy and well as their other treatment. I am so grateful my friend referred me to the Apán. I am now cancer free!!!!”

Amy D.
From: North Huntingdon, PA

“I recently had prostate cancer surgery, so this product was taken to help my body heal internally, as there are stitches that I truly need to heal properly for resumption of previous activities. Prior to taking, internal itching was at an all-time high, but within two weeks on taking this product my clotting was passed and itching has gone away! I am still on the road to recovery, but believe my own body is doing well without any other medications. Thank You!”

Anthony L.
From: New Braunfels, TX

“I have been on your product for a couple months and am very much improved from what I was. I just got back from my oncologist. He is pleased that there is improvement in my health, even though I did not undergo his recommended treatment. I am excited to see the continued healing.”

Alfred M.
From: Hobe Sound, FL

“It’s been working great!!! I feel a lot better, I’m fighting prostate cancer. Thank you so so much for this product!! GOD Bless!”

Brian P.
From: Rancho Cordova, CA

“Three months now and my cancer is in complete remission. My doctor calls it a “spontaneous remission” but I know its the Apán. That is the only thing I have been doing different. You restored my health and my life!!!!”

Carl C.
From: Dallas, TX

“My friends cancer is now all gone thanks to Apán!!!!!!”

Celeste D.
From: Salt Lake City, UT

“I have had many successful breakthroughs since using Apán.  I have been cured of cancer and Covid-19.”

Gail H.
From: Baltimore, MD

“Very helpful for cancer, thank you!”

James C.
From: Sharon, CT

“I am very, very pleased with your products.  It has completely reversed my throat cancers and my cancers on my face.”

James H.
From: Temple, TX

“I’m on my 4th bottle and about to order more…basically, I can’t live without this. I just lost 2 brothers in 2 1/2 months to really nasty, aggressive cancers (different cancers too) and this will be the reason I won’t get it. It does so much more. It’s amazing stuff!”

Janice S.
From: Bountiful, AL

“My husband was diagnosed in May with bladder cancer and began Apán right away.  On his last check up – doctor said no tumors were there and only scar tissue left.  We are very pleased with this product!”

Johannes D.
From: Tavares, FL

“My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in May of 2019. I read about your products with much interest in Feb. of 2020. His cancer (very small lesion on his lung) had spread to a nearby lymph node and to his liver. He had been through two chemo therapies at that time. I ordered the Apán Super Daily and got him started on two full dropper fulls of the Apán in Feb. His last PET scan showed no cancer on the liver or the lymph node. The Dr. dropped him from a 5 day a week chemo and he starts a 3 day treatment on May 26th. I am praying that his next PET scan in a couple of weeks shows even more improvement. God bless you is my prayer for this product……. God is in Control.”

Joy U
From: Tallahassee, FL

“Let me just start by saying that, LOVE THIS PRODUCT. And the very thorough response that I received from the medicine man, makes it even better.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2019 and out of fear and before I found this product, I completed three rounds of chemo. I took this along with turkey tail mushrooms and let me tell you, I did not once have to take the hormone shot to boost my immune system. I only took that shot after my last chemo (the 3rd one). This stuff works! When I went in to have my surgery, my tumors were 3mm and 6 mm down from 1.7 cm and 1.4 cm after only 3 rounds of chemo, so I know it works.

I will keep taking it, for maintenance.

Thanks, Medicine Man!”

Kristy M.
From: Winston Salem, NC

“I am thrilled with the results. I am feeling well and my brain is alive and I am active.  The delivery is always very prompt.  I believe this is the cure for cancer and recommend it is tried!”

Signe J.
From: Holladay, UT

“My doctor said I needed a double mastectomy and then the chemo treatments. Still there was a low probability of my returning to health. I chose to change doctors, do the Apán, and change my diet to vegan raw food. I just got the clean bill of health.”

Sue M.
From: The Villages, FL

“I ordered from my mother who has stage 4 cancer. We are getting great successes just in this short time. It has been an amazing turn around!”

Teresa M.
From: Venice, FL

“Prostate cancer gone in four months. Keeping myself healthy doing the regular Apán each day.”

Deean G.
From: Ava, MO

“And, we want you to know we love the Apán so much we will never be without it.  My husband has been taking it for nearly a year.  He learned he had prostate cancer and started on the mushrooms.  Today, his prostate is very very low and wouldn’t be without this product.”

Delilah T
From: Bismarck, ND

“It cured my throat cancer in 3 weeks and it has not returned.”

James H.
From: Temple, TX

“I started having throat cancer.  I had just about lost my voice…. Started taking Apán mushroom formula, my cancer is in remission and almost totally gone now.  And I am so pleased.  And I’m telling my friends about this because I can’t believe how amazing it worked!  Thank God that I found you all!”

James H.
From: Temple, TX

“First off, I am astounded at how quickly it has worked!!! My problem, (one of them) is that the cancer had attacked the esophagus and “switched off” the nerve endings which left me unable to eat or drink.  I was told by the doctor that I would NEVER be able to do so, and would have to be fed via a tube in my stomach.  Great future to look forward to huh.  I felt that I would be better off dead!!!  Luckily for me, my son found your website and we decided to give it a try, as I had literally nothing to lose.  Thank God I did!!! I have been taking twice the recommended dosage to try and get it started.  Now after about 14 days, I can eat and drink almost completely normally.  Thank you SOMUCH.  I will be continuing with them, possibly on a lower dose (eventually) for the time being.  I am so grateful.”

The next week, Ken wrote:

“This is my latest medical update.  Prepare to be impressed/ astounded!  Yesterday I went to see my consultant for a follow-up visit following the work on my vocal chords.  When I went into his consulting room I saw the amazement on his face.  I think that he was not expecting any improvement in me.  He was totally bewildered to find that I have made such a recovery!  He ran a few tests which confirmed that I can now eat and drink normally.  He said that the nerve endings were completely better, but could not explain how this had occurred.  He said that it was like a miracle.  His final phrase was that the recovery was NOT due to anything the hospital had done…. I left feeling secure in the knowledge that it was the Apán that had done the trick.  I am your staunchest supporter, and tell anyone I can about it!”

Ken C.
From: Liverpool, England

“We absolutely love this product and have taken for years. I have taken for my cancer diagnosis 13 years and my husband 3 years ago.  Since I can’t say it cured per FDA(but we are both cancer free), I will say it helps us keep it away in my personal opinion.  My husband took it for his eyesight Vein Occlusion where he was losing his site in one eye.  You have to get shots in your eye monthly for years in most cases- his doctor was amazed when his eyesight was back to normal in 6 months and no more shots needed- he said this has never happened in his practice.  We will keep taking it.  I would recommend people research this great product by clicking on their references section on their website.  Thank you so much for having the best brand I have been able to find.”

Debbie M.
From: Sarasota, FL

“We love this product. Have been taking it for 3 weeks. I sleep soundly through the night. I have some skin issues and they are not itching & going away. I have tinnitus and it seems to be less annoying. Hopefully it will eventually be gone. My husband has prostate cancer and he only gets up once a night. We are going to get his PSA checked in another month to see what that reading is.

We will continue to take Apán . Everyone should be taking it even if you have no issues. I think it’s a good Immune builder and preventative product.”

Delilah T
From: Bismarck, ND

“Thank you for the new Super Daily!!! I have been using a couple bottles of the original formula each month and now have upgraded to the concentrate. I first started using the Apán for bladder cancer. My pain was severe and there was a bit of blood in my urine. Within the first month, my pain and bleeding stopped. My cancer is now in remission and my doctor is wondering what is going on. Thank you for this wonderful product.”

Carl S.
From: Severn, MD

“Have very happy clients whom have been using the Apán. Lady has been troubled with sinusitis for many years and a consistent cough, has had several antibiotics.  I suggested her trying the Apán and after just a few days sinuses had clearer and cough had eased greatly.  She says she wouldn’t be without it.  Lady took it for recurring kidney infections and she hasn’t had one since she started the Apán.  She also gave it to her husband who has copd  he can’t believe how his breathing has improved.  Man (my husband) has prostate cancer.  His psa bloods went down from 10.8 to 6.2 within a month.  A first in 2 years of having bloods taken every 3 months and each time they were creeping up.  His treatment was planned before he knew about Apán but he feels the Apán has lessened the side effects of treatment.  Man with bowel cancer started taking the Apán half way through his treatment.  He had to get bloods taken before each treatment.  Drs couldn’t understand how the readings had come down from 400 to 52. He is having his last treatment tomorrow and is doing well.”

Yvonne J.
From: Northern Ireland

“I just want to say I use Apán for my son David during the chemo and he is cured from Classic Hodgkin Lymphoma within two months. This product also helped him with his nausea.  The doctor was so surprised that he was doing so well.  They wanted him to do six months and we are not.  His PET scan is showing no sign of cancer.  So, we decided to stop before it did any damage to his body.  Thank you.”

Rachel V.
From: York, PA

“I used it topically, a couple drops three to five times a day, on a skin cancer. I also took it internally. My skin cancer went away in two weeks . . . now nice new healthy skin. I am also feeling better and have more energy. I am going to keep using this product.”

David B.
From: Midland, TX

“I’ve been using Apán for about 4 months now.  It has given me more energy and relieved back pain and joint pain.  I had bladder cancer into the muscle and was recommended Apán and lemon oil.  I went in for testing and February and was given the all-clear sign for cancer.  I give a bottle of Apán to my dad who has Parkinson’s. He had Tremors very bad and had to shuffle his feet to walk.  He has been taking it for approximately 1 month and told me and it has helped slow with the trimmers down and he can walk much easier he plans on continue taking it.  Thank you very much.”

Rusty C.
From: Maramec, OK

“I am a type 2 Diabetic and a year ago I was also diagnosed with bladder cancer. I had surgery to remove part of the tumor. The Uroligist said he could not remove it all without damaging the bladder and my only choice would be to completely remove my bladder and uterus. Then I would have to have a stoma and bag the rest of my life, which would be shortened. And before the radical surgery I would have to have chemo. My A1C was over 9.  I decided not to have the chemo or surgery but to try the Apán with prayer instead. I just had a follow up ultrasound and my Dr and I are thrilled that there has been no further growth of the tumor. Also my A1C is 7.6. I also have a friend who is also diabetic and his A1C was over 13. I gave him a bottle of Apán to try. His A1C went down to 7.6 also. We are both very happy and feel much better as well. Thank you”

Judy H.
From: Felton, CA

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer once again. My previous cancer episode was a few years ago and I underwent the doctors treatment of chemo and it went into remission. A friend gave me a bottle of the Apán as a gift to “just try out”.  I started on the Apán right before undergoing the chemo treatment again. I am completely shocked. Before with the chemo I lost my hair and was sick, sick, sick. Now other than a little sickness within the first 1/2 hour after chemo I would not even know I was doing it.  The doctor stated, “Wow, your really responding well to the chemotherapy.”  I know it has nothing to do with their chemo treatment and everything to do with the Apán I have been taking for the past couple months. THANK YOU!”

Mike A.
From: Fairfield, OH

“I heard about your product from a friend of a friend. I am currently on chemotherapy for liver cancer. I tried your Apán and immediately I started feeling better. I have been taking it religiously and I would not know I was on the chemo except being sick for about 1/2 hour after treatment. Before Apán I was sick all the time. Well worth every penny!!!!!”

Stephen M.
From: Ava, MO

“A friend of mine discovered his prostate cancer returned.  He decided to undergo the doctor’s recommended treatment of chemotherapy.  I told him about the Apán product and give him two bottles.  Several weeks into his treatment he reported back to me that besides him being a little sick for a half-hour after treatment he would not even know he was doing the chemo.  During his first experience, he was sick all the time and his hair fell out.  He said if his experience before was a ten this would be a one. He even told me his doctor said, “Wow, you’re really responding well to the treatment.’  He knows it has everything to do with the Apán.”

David C.
From: Pleasant Grove, UT

“I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a month ago. I happened to find a video about Apán online and ordered it. I have been taking it for just 3 weeks and I changed my diet to a plant-based diet.  Oct 1st was my fist chemo treatment, and I had no sickness or loss of energy…. I do know that Apán is helping me.‍”

UPDATE AS OF 10/23/2020

“I had my second chemo treatment yesterday, October 22nd and didn’t get sick.  I have a lot of energy, also.  I owe it to my Apán.   I am taking 6 droppers a day.  Still eating plant based and organic food.  They haven’t done another CT scan on me yet, but I will let you know after my 3rd chemo which is November 12th.  I am on two very strong chemotherapy drugs.”

UPDATE AS OF 12/8/2020

“Another update with my stage 4 uterus cancer.  I went for my 4th chemo on December 3trd.  My WBC is still good.  The cancer antigen (CA) 125 test in October was 3676.0.  Test done December 3rd was 284.0.  A big drop which means cancer cells are being killed and stopped from spreading and tumor is shrinking.  I go for a CT scan this month.  Between Apán, chemo, and a plat based diet and prayers, it’s working.  I will keep you updated.‍”

UPDATE AS OF 12/23/2020

“CT scan yesterday. My Oncologist called my to tell me everything is looking great. Tumor down just about 50%, fluid in abdomen gone, very little fluid left around my lungs a spot in the abdominal wall is down 60%. Two more chemos to go and then another CT scan.”

“I won’t go without my Apán. It is really helping me. Still on a plant based diet, also. Thank you Man Found Standing, for always being there for me.‍”

UPDATE AS OF 01/19/2021

“They did bloodwork before my 6th chemo Tuesday and the cancer Antigen is down to 85.  (A 70% drop from December test and almost 98% drop from the October test.)  I have a CT scan in a few weeks and another blood test.  My Oncologist will let me know where we will go from here after the CT scan and blood work.  I will keep you informed.  I stopped taking the Defense Plus because my white blood count was 3.3.  That was the only thing I added.  I don’t know if the Defense plus had anything to do with it, but we will see the WBC with the next blood work.‍”

UPDATE AS OF 02/10/2021

“My cancer antigen is now 52.3.  I still have cancer, but it is almost gone.  My oncologist said the chemo caused the low WBC.  So, I am going to start taking the Defense Plus again tomorrow.  I will find out in a few weeks what my doctor recommends.  I will let you know.”


UPDATE 07/03/2021

“My latest CA-125 results were 46.9.  Remember in the beginning it was around  3,600.  My Oncologist stopped the chemotherapy and the surgeon from MD Andersen said the tumors are gone and she would see me in 3 months.  Both doctors will keep an eye on me.  Me Oncologist will continue with bloodwork and XT scans.”


UPDATE 10/07/2021

“My last bloodwork shows my cancer numbers are down to 39.8 and the recent CT scan shows no tumors and there is a small amount of fluid remaining around my left lung.  I will never stop taking Wild Apan and Defense.  I am so grateful I found you ❤ ”


UPDATE 12/17/2021

“Bloodwork done Wednesday with a CA-125 test shows my numbers are down to 33.9.  I couldn’t be happier.  I will never stop taking Apan and Defense.  I have a CT scan in February.  I will send another update then.”

Francine M
From: Vineland, NJ

“I have a rare form of cancer called ocular melanoma which has metastasized to my liver.  I am receiving a relative new treatment called immunoembolization where one of the two arteries feeding the liver is blocked off temporarily which kills some of the cancer cells triggering an immune response.  I take Apán every day in conjunction with this treatment and have seen a dramatic reduction in the size of the lesions on my liver (over 50%).  The doctor is thrilled with my progress.  I believe that taking alternative therapies, such as Apán, is working synergistically with my conventional treatment.”

Paul W.
From: Galva, IL

“My father has been taking 2-3 bottles a month since August. His cancer markers have decreased from 1,300+ to 241.  His chemo side effects have been mild, except for fatigue and sharp stomach pain that goes away after he takes Tylenol (instructed by MD).  We are very encouraged about the progress from his first diagnosis of stage 3 pancreatic cancer to seeing his cancer numbers improve with his health.  Thank you.”

Marc I.
From: Honolulu, HI

“I’m seeing good results with cancer patients, almost every bottle I have purchased, I have donated to terminal people.  In 2020, everyone has recovered so far.  Very exciting.”

Dr. Mike D.
From: Webster, NY

“Some more good news my client who had terminal cancer….. and had several cancerous spots on his liver which they were going to operate on.  He has had a scan on his liver and it is clear.  Amazing thanks to Apán.”

Yvonne J.
From: United Kingdom

“In 2005, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Carcinoid cancer. After 3 major surgeries, I was in remission/cancer free. In 2019, I was again diagnosed with colon neuroendocrine cancer which is the new name for Carcinoid cancer. I read about this product (Wild Apán Super Daily). . . and decided to try it since I had read good reports. I am on my 3rd bottle of the concentrated Apán. I completed new scans 2 weeks ago and the cancer has reduced in size. I believe this product is 1 of the reasons for the reduction. I will return for scan in 6 months and I am praying that they will show more reduction or no cancer. I have also noticed reduction in my varicose veins with minor pain. I thank God for allowing you to produce Apán and for this positive news.”

La Wanda M.
From: El Campo, TX

Speaking about the Apán Super Daily she writes, “I love this product. I have been taking this for one year. I have had breast cancer with a bilateral mastectomy as well as radiation due to a reoccurrence. I have healed very well from several reconstruction surgeries and am feeling great. Scars are almost disappeared and nerve damage that caused numbness under my arm area has been rejuvenated!! I have not had a cold or flu the entire time. I believe in this product’s ability to boost your immune system to heal yourself in a natural way. This product along with clean food and exercise has changed my life. Thank you to the Medicine Man and all who collaborated to come up with this product.”

Roseanne R.
From: Mesa, AZ

“I had a mole on my right forearm that started itching. I put one drop of Apán on it about 9am, by 3pm the mole appeared to be melting. I treated it once more the next day and after 4 days the mole was completely gone. My 96 year old mother had a dime size lesion on her nose that the dermatologist said was a melanoma. Surgery was recommended, but my mother declined. Instead, she took Apán for two weeks and she also applied one drop of Apán to her nose daily until the spot cleared up.”

Mike F.
From: Bowdon, GA

“I was taking herbs after being diagnosed with cancer…I would not take chemo or radiation because, “That could kill me?”  I really felt that God had heard my prayers. Paul suggested Apan and Defense. I left with enough to get me to my next CT Scan. The next scan showed mild growth in the c cells. I got more to get me to the next CT Scan which was just 3 weeks ago. When I went back to Hulston C Clinic for the test results, the results showed the “c” was going down, the first time in nearly a year and a half…The cancer had been growing before taking Apan and Defense. The cancer is now receding. I say that… “THAT IS A BIG PRAISE THE LORD!”

Katie W.
From: Ava, MO

“We received Apán five weeks ago and my blood count – both white and red came back completely normal — they were out of range due to a cancer diagnosis. We could not believe that it also brought down my blood pressure to the lowest it has been in years. By accident I dropped the bottle on a brick floor and in wiping it up, it cleaned my floor and made my house smell wonderful! I called and reordered after the Apán was all over the floor and they shipped it out the same day. They have very good customer service! I recommend this product for anyone with immune issues or fighting cancer.”

Dawn D.
From: Tavares, FL
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