Bowels Testimonials

“This really has assisted my husbands allergies.  Well worth it and looking forward to seeing the reverse aging manifest.

I have a mushroom allergies so I could not take the Apan without breaking out.  I now have found that if I take the Apan and then within a few hours take a tablespoon of Turmeric powder in water, that I don’t have any negative reaction to the Apan mushroom.  I notice I am having much better bowl movements, a stronger immune system,  and just generally feeling better.

Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service!”

Jean D.
From: Ava, MO

“I am a personal trainer and I love the Apán. The main things I notice is extra energy, more regularity in the bathroom, I avoid the local flu viruses, and my down time from my workout routine has been cut in half.”

Janett S.
From: Houston, TX

“After a few days my constipation is gone after decades of suffering. Constipation seems to block the manufacture of neurotransmitters in my gut, causing depression. Apán has healed my gut of constipation & I had to quit using Metamucil because it was now causing diarrhea. I took Apán for 30 days & after a week the constipation has not returned. I think Apán was healing my gut caused by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome acquired in 1982 so I am ordering some more to continue the healing. Thanks Apán!”

Ken R.
From: Menifee, CA

“I purchased these to work on some bowel and body issues. This is a wonderful product to keep me regular. It gets five stars for how effective it is.”

Terry D.
From: Ava, MO

“The Apán is working great on my friend that has irritable bowl colitis.  She felt a difference we actually the same day she started it.  Thank you very much.  God bless.”

Kathleen M.
From: Houston, TX

“When I was told that I had only weeks to live and that there was nothing that could be done, you might imagine that I was devastated. My complete confidence had always been in the miracle of modern medicine. But the miracle was not to be available to me. Despairing, I sought advice from a man I had met many years earlier while undertaking a vision quest among my people, the Nez Perce Indians of northeastern Idaho. He told me to take . . . Apán mushroom . .. Up to receiving this suggestion, I had been losing copious amounts of blood from the bowel as the disease literally ate me up from the inside. I was dying . . . So . . . what did I have to lose? I did what I was told and a miracle happened. Within just a few short weeks the bleeding stopped. Within a year my disease was in complete remission. Now, the disease that was killing me and had engulfed my entire G.I. tract is almost completely gone. The gift of the Earth Mother has given me back my life.”

Phil L.
From: Humansville, MO
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