Detox Testimonials

“This really has assisted my husbands allergies.  Well worth it and looking forward to seeing the reverse aging manifest.

I have a mushroom allergies so I could not take the Apan without breaking out.  I now have found that if I take the Apan and then within a few hours take a tablespoon of Turmeric powder in water, that I don’t have any negative reaction to the Apan mushroom.  I notice I am having much better bowl movements, a stronger immune system,  and just generally feeling better.

Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service!”

Jean D.
From: Ava, MO

“I like the taste of it, the cinnamon & peppermint come thru on the taste for me. I have passed things from my body since I started taking this roughly 6 wks. ago and I know it is working. I will continue to take this for several months to continue to de-toxify and cleanse my body and for healing. Thank you so much for formulating this product and having it available for people to get and stay healthy.”

Janet M.
From: Fostoria, OH
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