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“After returning from China where I was teaching English, I suffered from insomnia and I was waking up several times during the night. I ordered some Defense and after it arrived, I was able to sleep peacefully throughout the night after taking it just two times. I highly recommend this product.”

Francisca E.
From: Toronto, Canada

“We love this product. Have been taking it for 3 weeks. I sleep soundly through the night. I have some skin issues and they are not itching & going away. I have tinnitus and it seems to be less annoying. Hopefully it will eventually be gone. My husband has prostate cancer and he only gets up once a night. We are going to get his PSA checked in another month to see what that reading is.

We will continue to take Apán . Everyone should be taking it even if you have no issues. I think it’s a good Immune builder and preventative product.”

Delilah T
From: Bismarck, ND

“When I heard about the Apan and Defense capsules, I wasn’t sure if it was something I would try or not.  I have had quite a few health issues in my lifetime, and as you know, they just keep adding up the older you get.  I’ve had migraines since I was about 9 years old, and that was something I wasn’t sure that your products could even dealt with.

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about 5 or 6 years ago.  This was changed to a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease, when further testing showed the extent of my thyroid problems.

Two or three years ago, my primary care doctor sent me to a Rheumatologist, due to my having trouble sleeping and being in constant pain.  The Rheumatologist did a few “hands on” tests, and immediately said, “Fibromyalgia”.  My first thought was, “Oh, great! Now what!”  I had heard of this disease before, and was now aware as to why I seemed to get sick all the time.  I was working in the medical field, as an MA and would catch every little thing that came along.  Fibromyalgia is an AutoImmune disease and now I knew “why” my immune system didn’t seem to protect me from much.

I was later sent for sleep studies, and it was discovered that I never really fell into a deep sleep, and therefore was “always” tired.  These sleep studies were run, due to seizures that I was experiencing in my sleep.  As you guessed by now, I was placed on several different medications during this time and the cost alone, were outlandish!  The side effects were a “whole ‘nother story”, so to speak.

Daily functions of living were becoming more and more of a hassle and I was living in a “fog” of sorts.  My Rheumo doctor called it “Fibro-fog”.  All I knew, was that I didn’t want any more to do with it, or the “hot pins” pain in my neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, back, etc… anymore.

Then I found the Apan & Defense!  The first thing I noticed, was that the “fog” became less and less, and I was actually “awake” all day long!  Next, I discovered that my sleep patterns seemed to level out and I actually awoke in the mornings feeling refreshed!  The pain has lightened.  No more headaches every day, and the skin cancer on my nose even seems to be fading away!  Wow!  I haven’t been “sick” with anything more than the sniffles for the past 6 months!

A kitten had been playing with my arm, and scratched it.  I ended up with a hole being eaten away in my arm, from a fungal/bacterial infection that set in to the puncture wound.  The fact that it hadn’t spread all over my body amazed my primary care provider, and the only thing different in my system was your products!  We opened up a Defense capsule and put the contents directly onto the wound along with three drops of the Wild Apan Super Daily.  Within 3 days, the hole was completely closed and “new” skin was even growing back.”

Theresa W.
From: Grovetown, GA

“I love this product. It is keeping me free from this serious illness that everyone has and is going around Atlanta, GA. I feel more energy and seem to be sleeping a lot better. I was not expecting the great taste. Normally supplements like this are so awful tasting.”

Barbara M.
From: Fort Collins, CO

“This is an amazing product!  It’s been about 2 months taking Apán and I feel like my energy has improved along with my overall health, not to mention my sleep has improved 100%…… I recommend this product along with the essential oils to all family and friends.  Thank you again for such healthy products.”

Lindsey W.

“I know I was told to give it a couple months, but I can already tell its already working. I have more energy, sleeping better, and staying healthy where normally I would pick up the bug that went around.”

Pamela A.
From: Waycross, GA

“I gotta say, I am loving the Defense……. my sleep is so so deep now! …….. Also, I don’t fart anymore!!!”

Sandy G
From: London, England

“I have been taking the Super Daily Wild Apan now for about a year and feeling really good on it.   It was not until I saw you in a video talking about how you can put it on your skin that I thought I would try it on my face that has a lot of sun damage at my hairline and nose. Previously had basal cell carcinomas burnt off my face so was praying that I could find another way.  Been putting the liquid on morning and night neat for about a month now and hay presto my skin damage has nearly gone already

😀FANTASTIC.  It stung a bit when I first put it on but after a few days the skin started to crust over and new skin formed underneath. I only have a few small scabs now at my hairline so very happy!  Just started to take your Defense that is helping my digestion and giving me better sleep.  Thank you so much for your wonderful products”

Colette B.
From: United Kingdom
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