Skin/ Hair Testimonials

“It cleared up a skin cancer in about two weeks. I just placed a drop on the area a few times a day and now its all gone/better. I have also been taking it internally and found it has cleared up a few other health conditions. I am sticking on it.”

​Mary B.
From: Collegeville, PA

“Just an update on products C 60 and Daily Apan. Both amazing for overall health but realize for skincare this stuff is awesome! Add to any lotion, foot scrub, face cleanser etc… Do not leave on too long. Rinse thoroughly and apply an oil. ( organic castor oil with a splash of ageless or any essential oil) I do this on weekends but should probably try more often. My feet feel amazing after using!!! Diminishes wrinkles!!!”

Susan G.
From: Salt Lake City, UT

“It has helped me health wise immensely, both internally and when used direct on my skin. Advice and support was excellent and much appreciated. Thank you.”

Jacqueline J.
From: Horsebridge Common, England

“We love this product. Have been taking it for 3 weeks. I sleep soundly through the night. I have some skin issues and they are not itching & going away. I have tinnitus and it seems to be less annoying. Hopefully it will eventually be gone. My husband has prostate cancer and he only gets up once a night. We are going to get his PSA checked in another month to see what that reading is.

We will continue to take Apán . Everyone should be taking it even if you have no issues. I think it’s a good Immune builder and preventative product.”

Delilah T
From: Bismarck, ND

“Thank you. My dogs were having a little hard time taking it at first but then I just did a little and built up. Now they take it no problem. I have seen an improvement in their skin/hair and they are not scratching like they did before. Thank you.”

Jamie C.
From: Springfield, MO

“I have been taking the Super Daily Wild Apan now for about a year and feeling really good on it.   It was not until I saw you in a video talking about how you can put it on your skin that I thought I would try it on my face that has a lot of sun damage at my hairline and nose. Previously had basal cell carcinomas burnt off my face so was praying that I could find another way.  Been putting the liquid on morning and night neat for about a month now and hay presto my skin damage has nearly gone already

😀FANTASTIC.  It stung a bit when I first put it on but after a few days the skin started to crust over and new skin formed underneath. I only have a few small scabs now at my hairline so very happy!  Just started to take your Defense that is helping my digestion and giving me better sleep.  Thank you so much for your wonderful products”

Colette B.
From: United Kingdom