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“One day after a week of regular exercising, I woke up with a sore back. I would experience much pain whenever I turned or leaned forward. I went to my grandfather to see if he had any advice or remedies to help soothe the pain. He then introduced me to Apán, (which has many healing properties) and He told me that if I put a few drops on the areas that were hurting and waited 30 seconds, the pain would be soothed. I applied a few drops of Apán by rubbing it on the areas that were sore, and in less than 30 seconds the pain was barely noticeable. Thank you Grandpa!”


From: Cameron, MO

“Absolutely love this product, got rid of all my pain in leg, to which I don’t need a cane or wheelchair! Have shared with many and they too have had great results! Highly recommend! Great customer service as well! Congrats!”

Mariana Y.
From: Las Vegas, NV

“So far so good, still on my first bottle, but I already feel some of my pain in some injuries I have going away.  The people are very friendly and very helpful. Any questions they always answer. I also pick two more bottles so I can give it a good 3 month try. Thank you!”

Diana C.
From: Buford, GA

“Thank you for the new Super Daily!!! I have been using a couple bottles of the original formula each month and now have upgraded to the concentrate. I first started using the Apán for bladder cancer. My pain was severe and there was a bit of blood in my urine. Within the first month, my pain and bleeding stopped. My cancer is now in remission and my doctor is wondering what is going on. Thank you for this wonderful product.”

Carl S.
From: Severn, MD

“Really helped my joint pain, and quite quickly too.”

Brenda W.
From: Taunton, United Kingdom, ENG

“I am in good health but wanted to use the Apán to keep me that way. I was using it a few months and then I stopped. It was only upon stopping that I realized what one of the things it was actually doing for me. While I was taking the Super Daily my normal painful mensuration stopped being painful. I did not attribute this to the Apán until I stopped it and the painful mensuration came back. I went on the Apán again and my next period was without pain. I now know its the Apán that was doing this for me. Thank you! It is well worth me not having to go through that each month. . . plus the added bonus of the stem cells reversing or slowing down the aging process. I am now a fully loyal customer.”

Jean C.
From: Conyers, GA


Jan A.
From: Anderson, IN

​”The Super Daily is amazing.  My friend purchased some . . . and her daily back pain stopped — no need for Ibuprofen.  She also has head tremors from a car accident and broken neck.  Her tremors ceased by 70% just in 2 days.  It is truly a healer!”

Tammy M.
From: Fulton, NY

“I damaged my shoulder 2 years ago in a bad fall and broke a rib also.  I could not lift my arm over my head for over a year and a half.  I don’t go to doctors and I tried some other products, but none of them helped.  I ordered Apán and in only three days I was surprised to see that I could lift my arm with no pain at ALL.  The pain was all gone.  ​Now, 2 months later, the pain is still gone and the ringing in my ears is almost gone too.  This is a Miracle from above.”

Frank D.
From: Mississippi Gulf Coast

“Well I’ve taken this now for over a month. I believe I feel more energy, less pain.”

Judy V.
From: Redding, CA

“I’ve been using Apán for about 4 months now.  It has given me more energy and relieved back pain and joint pain.  I had bladder cancer into the muscle and was recommended Apán and lemon oil.  I went in for testing and February and was given the all-clear sign for cancer.  I give a bottle of Apán to my dad who has Parkinson’s. He had Tremors very bad and had to shuffle his feet to walk.  He has been taking it for approximately 1 month and told me and it has helped slow with the trimmers down and he can walk much easier he plans on continue taking it.  Thank you very much.”

Rusty C.
From: Maramec, OK

“I want to thank you so very much for sending the Apán so quickly–this was important to me to start feeling better for my daughters wedding. She was married last Saturday after a month of brutal weather changes that would normally have left me incapacitated. But it was a joyous day that I was able to participate in with good spirits, good health and a moderate amount of energy–even for dancing and staying up until the very end of the party.  The green smoothies (and occasionally greens in powder form, but fresh works better) and Apán has done wonders for me. The little effects were noticeable within a few days. I started to have more energy and less pain, but it didn’t progress very quickly. Then I figured out that I was not getting worse during wildly swinging weather conditions that would have normally been vicious. So on those days when I felt the same or a tad bit worse than the previous day, it was a significant health improvement. I even took a four day trip to Florida and back with hardly any change for the worse. And all of this with the lowest dose of pain medication I’ve been on in the last 5 years during the school year (meaning I was working). The biggest shock of all was last week when I realized that I forgot to take medicine during lunch. I didn’t even realize it until 2 hours later. Even then, I was able to wait until class was over to take the medicine. I had done that several years earlier and had such a horrible experience that I never forgot again–until now. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I’ve felt good enough to be considered “hyper” like I used to be for short periods of time. I’m more likely to be patient and in good humor now that pain isn’t my boss. My socks don’t hurt my legs at the end of the day. I could go on and on, but you get the picture…it’s awesome!  I enjoyed the oils that you sent also. I hope this business works out. It would be nice to have an essential oil business I can trust.  I can’t even begin to express my thanks to you. My life is so much better now and I look forward to even better health. I really want to continue taking it until I get as well as I can get… THANK YOU SO MUCH!”



“Good health news: I was able to successfully get through parent teacher conferences week including a full work week with two days from 8:00 a. m. to 8:30 p.m. Normally I would need a sick day and still take 3 days to recover afterward. But I didn’t miss any work, felt fine during the day rather than exhausted, and didn’t need any recovery days.  IT WAS AMAZING and unprecedented!!!”

Ann E.
From: Delton, MI

“Bought this specifically for my grandmother because her caregiver contracted COVID and might have been exposed to it. So far, my Grandmother has tested negative for the virus and it’s been helping her chronic joint pain! Will continue to be a lifetime customer❤️ Thanks Man Found Standing for the INCREDIBLE product!”

Karen D.
From: Oshawa, ON Canada

“I took only a daily dose and it relieved an earache that I had for three months.  I had a virus and it left me with an earache that was very miserable and painful.  It felt like an inner ear infection or block. . . I could hear again.  I was so thrilled I could not believe it.  I have also had a ringing in the ear for years and the ringing in the ear has just quit it went away.  I know this has all been sinus related and I am so grateful to you for such a wonderful product.  I also have experienced more energy.  I now have my energy back and I am not a couch potato at night.  I have a ruptured disk in my back and I am starting to do things that I have not been able to do for years.  I have only used ½ a bottle so far and it has been just great.  Thank you so much for this great product.  I can’t Thank You enough for this great productThanks again”

Thelma W.
From: Kaysville, UT

“Three years ago this coming July, I fell and broke my right ankle so bad that my foot hung off to the side. It took surgery, a plate and several screws to put my ankle back together.  I was also told by the surgeon that I had soft bones.  3 months in a wheel chair and two more months in a special boot using a knee scooter later, I was finally able to stand for short periods of time.  Since this time almost 3 years later, I still walked with a limp, and had pain in my left hip and leg even at night when trying to sleep. Also, I have arthritis in my forefinger and middle finger on my right hand, and over the past 6 months this has also become a problem and source of great pain in first my right thumb and then my left thumb, which meant I could no long crochet, something I enjoy doing.  For the past 3 years with the advice of the surgeon and friends I started taking Glucosamine, Calcium, D3, and K2, nutritional supplements that are supposed to help strengthen bones. These may have helped, but the fact remained, I still walked with a limp, and still had pain in my left leg, and pain from arthritis continued to increase. The sad thing is at age 61 pain and discomfort seemed to becoming a normal thing.  A month ago I ordered Apán and in just one month I am now walking for 30 minutes daily with my husband and not limping. No more pain in my left leg or hip, or my thumbs and fingers.”

Bonnie W.
From: Savannah, GA

“I’ve been taking the Apán concentrate regularly for about 3 and a half months now and I never want to be without it. Never in my life have I experienced healing on so many profound levels. The 1st immediate benefit was my enhanced ability to focus followed by a tremendous increase in energy, vitality, strength, and stamina. So much so that many of my friends were asking ME what I was doing as I had been sickly and weak for months. I’ve also noticed, over time, that my consistent arthritis pain in my toe is gone! I was gravely ill in Dec. for over 3 solid weeks. I had a lingering cough that lasted 2 more months and I just couldn’t muster any kind of energy to do much of anything. By late June, I still wasn’t able to walk the length of my living room without feeling drained. Within a couple of days on the Apán I feltlike a completely renewed person. Like I had lost 20 years off my age. The beautiful medicine has literally changed my life. I can’t wait to see what improves next. Its like things just keep getting better the longer I take it! My 37 year old son has had a similar experience and won’t let his bottle run out either! After years of battling all kinds of health issues and trying hundreds of products and protocols and supplements of every kind, I finally fell like I won the biggest best lottery in the world! Thank you with all my heart for this!”

Babbette K.
From: Oswego, NY

“Our friend’s sister who suffers from Lupus knew I was having a migraine and offered a bottle for me. Because of this medicine she can walk most places without pain. She knew I battled allergies and Polycystic Ovarian disease. . . While taking the bottles he gave me I never felt better. At first I didn’t realize it was due to the Defense pills. . . when I ran out . . . My husband and I both agreed that I needed to get back on it. So I called the number on the bottle and was directed to this sight. I can hardly wait for my order to arrive!!!”

Becky R.
From: Rorgan, OK

“Hello everyone! My name is Carollynn and I was introduced to the SIAHUS website by a friend in February of 2021. My friend suggested I use the Apan Super Daily to begin with as that was all I could afford. It didn’t long for me to notice a difference! I could tell in the first few weeks of using the Apan Super Daily the product was making a difference! I was starting to feel a difference (inside and out)!  On my next order I added the Defense product. I have been taking these two products everyday, twice a day, as the illness/disease I am fighting has been a long time fight (a 2 1/2 year fight). At first the doctor’s thought it was MRSA, then they thought it was a bacterial infection of some kind. So I given various antibiotics. Which didn’t work. I was then sent to specialists, and all they could do was give me “creams / ointments” to combat the sores I had all over my body (from the top of my head to my feet)! The sores varied in size from the size of a pea to the size of quarter! They were so painful! Month after month of fighting this left me very weak, and hardly able to get up and do the necessary things, one needs to do in daily life. It left me so weak and exhausted there were many, many days I thought I would not make it as I knew my body was shutting down.  In March of this year (March 2021) I started using the Apan Super Daily and The Defense! It is now the end of April, 2021 and I feel 1000 times better. When I do get a sore it heals quickly. I can breath better! I am physically, mentally and emotionally stronger! And, I now know with each passing week of using these two products, I am going to continue regaining my health!   What numerous doctor’s were not able to do, the Apan Super Daily, and The Defense, DID! And also, as a side benefit to taking these products I had a tooth that had abscessed. It was an abscess that needed attention but because I was so ill and because of the COVID restrictions I did not see a dentist. The abscess is gone, my gum is healthy, the tooth is fine! And, I am so excited to go see my dentist (who I have been with for 30 years) because he said “you will never get rid of an abscess!” He is going to be soooooo surprized!!!  By using the Siahus Supplements, and products, I am truly creating Optimal Health for myself! And, their Therapeutic Essential Oils are the best out there! In the past I have tried other top of the line essential oils (which are good, too) but Siahus Therapeutic Essential Oils are of the highest, and finest quality! They are affordable, and they deserve a Five Star rating!  I am so grateful to my friend, Alice, for telling me about this website! These products changed my life!”

Carollynn L.
From: Prescott, AZ
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