“Although the masses refuse to accept and understand the reality of “post-
injection inoculation via shedding transmission” from vaxxed recipients,
I can tell you that it is real and a universal concern with clinical’
maladies mounting in number.

I am an avid believer and advocate of lifestyle inclusions that promote
wellness and wholeness continuously. I do not have or have I had, a
clinical diagnosis of any known disease syndrome and I do not take any
synthetic, pharmaceutical drugs. I have amassed 55 years in a combined
life-journey of allopathic and naturopathic medicine. I have been an
advocate of Siahus’ nutraceutical for years. Paul Dean and his team are
elite professionals in their spiritual and physiological approach to
healing and wellness’ preservation with product availability for
prophylactic’ support and therapeusis with immune system’ deficiency

In April 2021, I was exposed to a recently “vaxxed” individual for 20
minutes and within 3 days my daily lifestyle was affected. I have never
had any significant GI disturbances and my bowel frequencies were
normal. Then after 3 days post-exposure, I began having daily “IBS-oid”
signs/symptoms with cramping, bowel movement frequencies that could
be as often as every 30-45 minutes. This has continued to this day (20
June 2022) but has been reduced in their severity and frequency after
taking Siahus’ Defense and Wild Apan Super Daily. The “IBS-oid
syndrome has not been eradicated, but its reduction in frequency and
severity has been recognized. I have been ardent
“nutraceutical/oleoceutical/herbiceutical” user for years, but I decided to

stop these products while I used the two Siahus’ (Defense and Wild
Apan Super Daily) products for this time period (1 month). I realize that
1 month is not a legitimate test of any products’ efficacy, but I wanted to
evaluate my clinical responses during this time period.
I will truthfully say that although the “post-transmission IBS-oid
syndrome” has not disappeared, its frequency has definitely diminished,
and the severity of cramping has been realized. The main clinical
appreciation that I have realized has been a nootropic benefit
(Awareness, alertness and immediate recall benefit. I will be 80 in 3
months) and a systemic “physiological/emotional awareness” that I have
had during this month.

Summary: I do suggest considering the inclusion of Siahus’ products,
Defense, Wild Apan Super Daily AND their newly introduced product,
C60+Black Seed Oil as saturant (I suggest sublingual applications usage
of the Wild Apan and C60+BSO), in a daily protocol that could easily
replace all “supplements” and create an internal “Salutogenic”
environment of progressive wellness and a State of Being (Wholeness)
that most have probably not enjoyed in their daily journey.”