Angie S.V Jamaica Plain MA

I am From Boston and I own a wellness center and I have been using this product, the Wild Apen and the Defense for my self family and selling it to my customers now since November of 2019 for almost 4 years. has amazing results for my family and my customers that continue to buy this product. How i came across the Wild Apan , Back in November of 2019 one of my older son’s had a problem. He got these small red irritated bumps on the back of his throat that was painful and hard to eat. When he went to the doctors they ran a test and it was not a sore throat or strep throat and they were not able to figure out what it was and they told him to make an appointment with the throat specialist and the appointment was over 2 months waiting. When I found out about his health issue it was a month later and in a lot of pain he told me he thinks he might have cancer. I told him I don’t think so.
Trying to find out a solution while he was waiting for his appointment for another month, I came across the Wild Apen on facebook as the Doctor was explaining the product, I decided to order a bottle and I gave him a try. To my surprise his throat cleared of those red painful bumps within 4 days using the product. He was happy and even though he was never into holistic therapies as he was a chemist he became a believer and he has been using the product ever since when he feels he is coming down cold or anything else.

The whole time of Covid we used it all the time and we stayed healthy when a lot of people were getting sick, all my 7 kids and me use the product. We use it from the young to the older kids. Its the only product we use to get us better if we feel a sore throat or flu like symptoms. My 2 youngest kids, because they are in school, If they get a little cold they take Wild Apen and the cold lasts only a couple of days and they are fine.
Also I have added to my business and I sell to my customers the last few years and they are very happy and keep on buying it. I have never seen a product that is natural and can do so much. I am so happy for my family and Customers that I came across with this company Siahus that has created this amazing product God Blessed them and very grateful for what they have create to help thousand of people. Thank you again forever Customer.