Kelly Ann C.

“I am very emotional writing this, but will attempt to be as brief and to the points as possible.  My mind realized consciously only a few days ago & I feel more than a bit ‘guilty’ for never taking the time to do so before.  Myself, my family, and many of my dearest close friends have used Apán ever since it first became available to people beyond only the Native American Tribes.

If it were not for having the privilege of personally knowing Man Found Standing, for about 20 years, through our mutual work in the realms of advanced natural alternative medicines, this knowledge would not ever have been available to us.

I remember the years of ‘waiting’, with eager but admittedly terrible impatience, as the study and experimentation continued to formulate a product perfectly balanced, quickly effective, and yet ‘simple & affordable’ for all to be easy to receive the powerful benefits – about 3 years ‘on the edge of my seat’ actually.

Since that day not one has passed that I would ever want to be without this product in my own medicine cabinet for extreme emergencies, as well as on my counter as a regular consistent supplement to keep my immune system operating as it was designed to in the first place.  (My own close ones who are experienced with it themselves feel the same way.)

For all of my whole life’s work, it is beyond question the #1 single product I can point to, for anyone, with any health challenge – whether minor or severely advanced to ‘being on the brink & suffering profoundly’ – that is the closest thing to a true ‘magic bullet’ that I have encountered in over 35 years of research & experience.

The stories I could tell are countless – it would require pages & pages, a whole book maybe.  (Now there’s a thought!)

People who had been ‘written off as no hope whatsoever’ to live.  Others who were diagnosed as being ‘crippled physically’ for the rest of their lives.  Some who were told ‘no recourse but dangerous surgeries with very high risk of complications beyond rates of anticipated success’.  Many others with chronic cases of common debilitating degenerative diseases.  The list goes on beyond count……………

However, even though I have many years of experiencing the benefits of Apán in it’s former ‘dry capsule form’ over many years, I was in no way prepared for the power of Man Found Standing’s new liquid extract form of this product.  My family & close ones are equally astounded – the potency is ‘off the charts’ beyond anything we could have imagined possible.

In only 5 days my 74 year old father is feeling better than he has in many, many years – so much so that he finally told me (last night) just how bad he actually has been feeling, honestly, for a very a long time.  (He always tries to be so brave so we won’t worry – but we all knew anyway.)

He is so excited that, even though he doesn’t have a computer, he has had me read every word on this site to him, over the phone, during the past 3 days.  (Both Dad & I have started giving it to our ‘oldest and/or health challenged pets in need’ too – my own little Tantani has stopped starving herself & been keeping a full belly for the past week – nothing else I’ve done has worked previously, she is 16 and had a degenerative genetic issue which vets were unable to help, though they tried.  To me it has not ever been a matter of ‘prolonging life’, especially when suffering, – what I devoutly feel matters, fundamentally to us all, is that of QUALITY of Life right now, this moment, today – and if life allows recovery, that I leave to God’s own eternal wisdom for each soul.)

In only 1 week’s time, since these first bottles of liquid Apán have arrived and I parceled them out at Christmas as ‘gifts’ this year (today is Dec. 31st 2016 as I write this) – my phone has been ringing with loved ones expressing their gratitude and utterly shocked enthusiasm.

Some are friends from around the country who only received their bottles in the mail a few days ago.  Some of them it was a staggering surprise because they did not even have experience with the original capsule version prior.

But I was well aware, acutely, of their own ‘serious need’ – and understood enough from prior experience that there was ‘nothing I knew of or had to give that might be more valuable to them, in truth, than asking Man Found Standing to send them a bottle of this ‘brand new liquid extract version’ of his Apán formula.

All I can say, in these early stages here so soon, is that in all my 50+ years of life so far in this body, I have never personally ‘felt SO good SO fast’ (I demand a LOT from my body constantly – am so ‘American’ in every way the truth is staggering I am even alive, much less actually ‘well & healthy’ according to medical doctors – if they only knew all I have done, do, and also don’t do that I know I should! I am not being flippant, it is simply the truth…..)    But much more importantly – I have NEVER received such overwhelming ‘gratitude’ from others for any ‘gift’ of any sort I have ever given in my whole life as has happened over these past few days.

I don’t even know ‘how to take that’ – but I sure am having a wonderful time ‘taking it myself’ and, after hearing so much from my own loved ones, I felt it high time I begin ‘giving the knowledge of it’ in whatever way I may be able to for others.  Time for me to put something in writing and put my own name on it for anyone who cares to know.

So thank you, with all my eternal heart & soul, my beloved friend, Man Found Standing, for all you have given to me with your own time, infinite patient care, and brilliant insight & expertise over the past 2 decades.

In my book, you are not only a ‘Medicine Man’ – but you are a Miracle Medicine Man with the most powerful heart of wings, empowering & strengthening others, to have and be the same.

​I love you for all your unending selfless help to me – as well as those near & dear who you’ve come to know as well over the years – in making the lives of us & all our other beloveds so much better, in ways words can not ever come close to expressing fully.”