Ken C.

“First off, I am astounded at how quickly it has worked!!! My problem, (one of them) is that the cancer had attacked the esophagus and “switched off” the nerve endings which left me unable to eat or drink.  I was told by the doctor that I would NEVER be able to do so, and would have to be fed via a tube in my stomach.  Great future to look forward to huh.  I felt that I would be better off dead!!!  Luckily for me, my son found your website and we decided to give it a try, as I had literally nothing to lose.  Thank God I did!!! I have been taking twice the recommended dosage to try and get it started.  Now after about 14 days, I can eat and drink almost completely normally.  Thank you SOMUCH.  I will be continuing with them, possibly on a lower dose (eventually) for the time being.  I am so grateful.”

The next week, Ken wrote:

“This is my latest medical update.  Prepare to be impressed/ astounded!  Yesterday I went to see my consultant for a follow-up visit following the work on my vocal chords.  When I went into his consulting room I saw the amazement on his face.  I think that he was not expecting any improvement in me.  He was totally bewildered to find that I have made such a recovery!  He ran a few tests which confirmed that I can now eat and drink normally.  He said that the nerve endings were completely better, but could not explain how this had occurred.  He said that it was like a miracle.  His final phrase was that the recovery was NOT due to anything the hospital had done…. I left feeling secure in the knowledge that it was the Apán that had done the trick.  I am your staunchest supporter, and tell anyone I can about it!”