“This was our first purchase so we are still waiting and watching to see how it works on the dogs. Both are German Shepherds. One has breast cancer and the other is going blind from high altitude. The one with cancer will not eat the ground Apán inside meatballs or anything so we give her the liquid, 3cc once a day. The other one will eat the ground Apán in the meatballs so she gets quarter teaspoon in each of 3 meatballs two times a day. She still does not like it much, picks at it so when the ground is gone will put her on the liquid provided we can still afford it.  I started taking 3 droppers in water when we first got it and it was not long that I could cut my blood pressure medicine in half. I am looking forward to stopping it all the way.  We believe this product will be super beneficial in the long run. We would take more if we could afford to buy more.  Keep the great product coming. Thank you.”