Rachel B.

“My personal story with this supplement speaks volumes. My daughter has a rare chromosomal disorder, which progresses similar to Down’s Syndrome but more exaggerated. She was diagnosed at 10 months of age and the geneticist basically told us there’s not much known as there are only 50 cases in medical literature but the cases that are known are severe and we could expect that she will likely need 1:1 care for the rest of her life.  Keep in mind this was at Saint Louis Children’s Hospital, rated#6 in the nation for pediatric care, so if you were going to take a doctor’s word for it this would be one you could likely trust.

I didn’t buy it. I don’t believe that children with chromosomal disorders are doomed to a life with no hopes, dreams and aspirations, so I continued my search for answers. We have had Braelyn in 6-9 therapies per week for over a year now, have insured she’s toxin free through home making all of her formula and baby foods, giving her filtered alkaline ionized water, natural medical care when needed, toxin free baby soap, lotion, sunscreen, etc. We continued the search and will continue until she reaches what we, in our hearts, know is her max potential. She’s not there yet. This spring (a couple months ago)  a friend of mine introduced me to a friend of hers who is a medicine man who has formulated an incredible line of essential oils, blends and supplements. It was suggested that we start the Apán supplement on her because of its amazing healing properties. Although I knew there was no “healing” missing chromosomes and DNA, nor removing the duplicated upside down DNA that is present on every cell of her body, I did recognize that her body may still struggle with free radicals and such that it may not heal from as easily as others due to the challenges of her blueprint of existence being altered from conception. So, we began the supplement with the hopes to slowly detox anything we’ve missed and to optimize her abilities through healing anything that needed healing through stem cell stimulation. At this point she was 18 months old and not yet crawling, still on a bottle and barely doing any baby foods because she would get choked. We were still consistently working with therapists but it seemed we were at a bit of a plateau.

Five days after starting the supplement, her speech therapist (works a lot with her feeding and oral motor control) and I were tearing off tiny pieces of bread from a grilled cheese sandwich (organic wheat bread, raw milk cheddar and homemade butter) and seeing how she handled it with her mouth movements. At the end of the session, I placed the grilled cheese on top of a plastic bag on the floor and was showing the therapist something before she went on her way. We turned around and Braelyn was army crawling to the sandwich, picked it up, sat up and began trying to feed herself. This was HUGE! She was tearing off little pieces and trying to self feed. Up to this point she hadn’t even had a pincher grasp mastered and wasn’t able to pick up things with her thumb and pointer finger. A week later, she began to crawl on all fours!! She has continued to make astounding progress and is now crawling wonderfully, pulling up to her knees, babbling all kinds of stuff, self feeding small soft pieces of stuff, drinking from a straw and primarily on thick-to-ground puree and off of bottles. I have no doubt in my mind that this Wild Apán Super Daily supplement played a huge role in her continued developmental progression and she will continue to receive it daily from here on out.”