Fir, Douglas


Country of Origin: Canada, Organic
Botanical Name: Pseudotsuga menziesii
Plant Part: Needles
Note: Strong, Sweet, Clean, Piney-Fresh, and Citrusy



Douglas Fir
Man Found Standing Says:
Douglas fir is a tall evergreen tree native to North America, commonly used
in the Christmas tree industry. The essential oil is high in β-Pinene which
contributes to its ability to create a calming and positive atmosphere.
The fragrance holds the essence of a lush, evergreen forest, bringing with it
the nostalgic, festive aroma reminiscent of the season gone by. Renowned for
its refreshing and invigorating properties, this essential oil is a natural air
purifier, promoting clean and revitalizing air in your home. Its tranquil
qualities also aid in reducing stress, rejuvenating both brain and body.
Use your diffuser to fill your home with its crisp, woody fragrance.  Blend it
with other essential oils to create your own tantalizing scent. Incorporating it
into your daily life helps elevate your mood, reduce stress, and promote
better sleep.
Primary Benefits:
o Cleanses and purifies the air and skin.
o Creates a positive and inspiring environment.
o Provides a refreshing, uplifting airy aroma.
Aromatic Use:
o Add a few drops to a diffuser to spread a refreshing scent
throughout your space, which can assist in improving mood, calm
emotions, and purify the air.
o Diffuse during meditation sessions for a grounding and calming
o Incorporate the essential oil into DIY cleaning solutions for a
natural and fragrant cleaner.
o Place a few drops on a car diffuser or cotton ball to keep your
vehicle smelling fresh and clean.

Topical Use:
o Apply on location to soothe muscles or for skincare benefits.


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