Bergamot, FCF


Country of Origin: Italy, Organic
Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia
Plant Part: Peel
Note: Classic Citrus Tangy-Green Top Note



Man Found Standing Writes:

Bergamot, Organically Grown: Italy (Citrus bergamia)

Bergamot is mostly sold as two different types, the regular pressed raw oil and the FCF. The FCF stands for Furanocoumarins Free which means the Bergamot has been heated up to burn off the class of natural chemical compounds that make the oil photo toxic. (If you put regular Bergamot on your skin and go out into the sun, you will get sunburned as the oil reacts to the light.) Even though both oils have healing properties, the Bergamot FCF technically is considered an adulterated essential oil because it has been changed from its natural state after extraction.

Bergamot essential oil is widely used in the perfume industry so further chemical adulteration by suppliers is common. The food and fragrance industry sells about three thousand tons of what they call pure Bergamot essential oil. This is funny since the current world’s production only amounts to around one hundred tons. So that means that means that over ninety six percent of the pure Bergamot oil sold is not really pure.

Primary Usages: It is beneficial for many skin problems (acne, cold sores, eczema, shingles), Bergamot is useful for clearing excess mucus from the body, halitosis, mouth infections, tonsillitis, and loss of appetite. It assists cystitis, thrush, leucorrhea, colds, fever, flu, and works well for infectious diseases.

Secondary Usages: Bergamot assists anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, and calms anger.

Has Been Reported: Keeps the mind young and alert and beneficial for addictions. Shown good usefulness for treating parasites.

Descriptor: Alkalizing, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Antidepressant, Aids Digestion, Stimulates Liver, Tonic

Application: Massage on the bottoms of the feet, over the navel, liver, and heart area. Nice diffusing oil.

Caution: Photo-toxic and can be harsh on the skin with sensitive individuals

Influences: It has been known to stabilize a person in a shaky emotional state. Is refreshing, stimulating, uplifting, and gives self-confidence. Reopens the heart center so emotional wounds may heal. Bergamot restores joy, loving feelings, and the desire to give out and assist others.

Medicine Wheel: Primary South and Secondary North. Rectifies the Liver Qi.

Testimonial: “While in Africa because of the moist hot weather I developed an itching rash. I was so relieved when I discovered Bergamot not only took away the itch but cleared up the rash too.” – Pahamay

Recipes: It is excellent used in creams and lotions because of its refreshing nature.


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