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Marjoram, Organic: Hungary (Origanum marjorana)

Marjoram was a common well respected medicinal plant throughout the Mediterranean. In Greek it means “Joy of the Mountains” and the entire plant is extremely aromatic. Even though Marjoram is listed with the FDA as Generally Recognized as Safe, you will want to use caution because of the different chemo types. Most Healers prefer to use the Sweet variety over the high carvacrol varieties.

Primary Usages: For muscular issues (aches, stiffness, sprains, pain, bruises, spasms),all types of headaches, and assists the respiratory system (coughing, excessive mucus, inflammation, bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis). It is beneficial for all systems of the body. It widens and relaxes the blood vessels, eases the flow of blood, and reduces blood pressure, thereby lessening the strain on the entire cardiovascular system. Protects and strengthens the entire nervous system and is considered to be effective for infections.

Secondary Usages: Provides relief from stress and anxiety. It assists to suppress or control sexual desires and thus is beneficial for those who are suffering from abnormal and extreme sexual urges. It assists regulating female monthly cycles and provides relief from other symptoms associated with periods.

Has Been Reported: Beneficial for keeping wounds for getting infected, keeping the brain healthy and functioning even with age, and assisting drug and alcohol cravings and addictions.

Descriptor: Aids Muscles, Respiratory, General Health Tonic, Cardiovascular Support, Decongestant

Application: Apply a few drops on location and massage it into the skin. Add a drop or two to your water.

Caution: Hot oil. Some experts report long-term use may permanently inhibit sex drive but no scientific evidence of this.

Found In: Circulate

Influences: Even though it reminds people of Eucalyptus or Rosemary with its uplifting stimulating fragrance, this oil has a calming sedative effect on both the mind and body. It relieves stress, anxiety, over thinking, brings peace, and provides comfort during times of grief and loneliness. It is said to strengthen overall willpower and release obsessions.

Medicine Wheel: Primary East and Secondary South, Center, and North. Normalizes the Yi/Intention and fortifies the Po/Instinct.

Blends Well With: Basil, Bergamot, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Chamomile, Cypress, Elemi, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lavender, Nutmeg, Orange, Rosewood, Tea Tree, Thyme

Recipes: For constipation with cramping combine seven drops of Marjoram with five drops of Spikenard, three drops each of Bergamot and Orange, two drops of Neroli, and one drop of Roman Chamomile. Add to one ounce of carrier oil and massage ten drops into the abdomen several times daily.

Country of Origin: Hungary, Organic
Botanical Name: Origanum marjorana
Plant Part: Leaf and Plant
Note: Spicy and Herbaceous

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