Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Organic
Botanical Name: Ferula galbaniaflua
Plant Part: Root
Note: Green, Fruity-Floral, and Traces of Pine


Man Found Standing writes:

Galbanum essential oil is derived from the resin. It has a clear appearance with a
thin consistency and has a rich history of medicinal and culinary use. Hippocrates,
the father of ancient healing, adored the oil. Using it for recipes for food and
healing purposes. Galbanum even found its way in Exodus in the Bible! Here are
its potential benefits, uses, and precautions:
1. Antispasmodic: It assists reduce muscle spasms and intestinal spasms,
providing relief from cramps and muscle pulls. Relieves muscle contractions
and tightness, aiding in muscle relaxation.
2. Fungal Conditions: It can effectively treat fungal conditions like athlete’s
foot or ringworm.
3. Respiratory Support: Supports respiratory health and clears congestion.
4. Detoxification: Galbanum oil assists in eliminating toxins from the blood.
5. Skin: Controls sebum production thus benefiting skin health. Assists in
moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. Assists acne by balancing skin oils.
Its astringent properties aid in reducing wrinkles. Beneficial for cell
regeneration thus reducing scars and stretch marks.
6. Circulation and Heart Health: It has anti-inflammatory properties that can
benefit heart health and lower bad cholesterol levels. Stimulates blood and
lymph circulation thus promoting overall health and preventing conditions
like rheumatism.
7. Relaxation: Assists in calming the nerves, relaxing the body and mind,
reducing stress, tension, depression, and anxiety.
8. Infections and Wound Healing: Galbanum oil promotes wound healing by
preventing infections, preventing bacterial growth, and encouraging the
formation of new healthy cells. Assists in healing both internal and external
sores and ulcers, and prevents infections.
9. Anti-Parasitic: Effective in repelling parasites and pests from both humans
and pets.
10. Mental Function Enhancement: Inhalation of galbanum oil can improve
concentration and mental clarity.
11. Insect Repellent: Acts as a natural insect repellent, keeping bugs away from
the body and the environment. Soothes bug bites, reducing itching and


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