Weigh Less Eat Like Royalty- Using Essential Oils



In this spectacular book by Menkit Prince you get to learn about how to use Essential oils in your everyday meals. Not only do you feel amazing, but you know you are helping your body heal and feel its absolute best! Not only does it have recipes that will tempt any picky eater, but it has plans on how to stop eating sugar. See what other people are saying about Weigh Less Eat like Royalty!

“This book is a global contribution! It will create a revolutionary breakthrough by demonstrating that essential oils can be ingested safely and beneficially in food. Even without essential oils, these recipes keep toxic intestinal bacteria at a minimum. But adding essential oils purifies the body, generates endorphins (mood elevators) and enhances the immune system.”

— Daniel Penoel

 Author, Natural Homer Health Care Using Essential Oils

Color: Green

Material: Paperback

Pattern: Solid

Size: 12×8

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