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Brand New
Powerful Energy Quantum Pendant Necklace Chain
The Energy Stone Crystal up to 2000-3000 negative ions to form an electric field of the surrounding and has a micro-current 0.06mA, bacteria fungi and other organic matter is suppressed in the electric field, decomposition loss of proliferation and propagation conditions.

Benefits of the Quantum Pendant
1. Promote blood circulation, improve metabolism;
2. Help more perfect nutrients and oxygen delivery to cells and eliminate toxins from the cells, no longer appears the phenomenon of cold hands and feet.
3. Blood thin global supply of energy and reduce viscosity, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke risk.
4. Increase metabolism and promote detoxification and maintain a slim figure.
5. The parts of the body to relieve pain, tension and stiffness.
6. Prevent mental fatigue, to maintain Anshen;
7. Improve sleep quality.
8. Enhance mental concentration, help workers achieve better performance at work; Help students to remain calm during the examination, reduce anxiety and enhance attention when review.
9. The need to make long distance or driving people often feel more spiritual, will not feel tired or dozing.
10. The body to restore balance and strength, and enhance the flexibility of the body;
11. Action older more strength and balance, will not easily fall injuries.
12. Athletes such as golfers, can enhance physique, endurance and strength, showing better performance.
13. Enhance physical fitness, to maintain their youth, making the body more healthy, more dynamic.
14. Strengthen the body’s bio-energy field to anti-anti-harmful electromagnetic waves
15. Protect the body from from around our computers, cell phones, electrical appliances, telecommunications towers and other electromagnetic waves damage the body to restore balance and coordination.
16. A steady supply of oxygen in the blood, activate blood cells;
17. Promote cell activity body, strengthen the immune system;
18. Energy stone can produce large amounts of negative ions, so that certain harmful gases and negative chemical reaction low harmful and harmless substances.

Type: Pendant
Material: Ceramic
Pattern: Solid
Color: Black

Package Content:
1 Pcs Quantum Pendant(Chain Included)

1.Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement.

Color: black

Materials: Stone

Pattern: Solid

Size: one size

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