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Unlike most C60 products on the market that contain harmful solvents, our 99.99% C60 is solvent-free and fully saturated to 0.8mg/ml. Also, we do not use olive or other vegetable oils, because we discovered that the more expensive Black Cumin and essential oils greatly enhance the therapeutic value of the C60 product.​‍


C60 the Miracle Molecule

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The molecule of Carbon 60 (C60) was not found until 1985 even though it is comprehended that such a particle has existed in Nature. Over the last 35 years, scientists have invested a lot of energy exploring C60 and have found that this exceptional oil-soluble particle seems to have the astonishing capacity to draw out life expectancy.  Studies in France have consistently shown it has improved the life expectancy of rodents by 95%.

Properties of C60:

Molecules of C60are superconducting and can absorb nearby toxins.   TheC60’s bioactive soluble carbon nano-structure is a natural universal anti-oxidant, thousands of times more effective than vitamin C, that can acceptor donate several electrons depending on the need.  C60 molecules also remove the super oxides which are a toxic by-product produced during the cellular metabolism.

Health benefits:

With its longevity enhancing properties, the health benefits of C60 are phenomenal.  In our modern world, harmful free radicals are plentiful in our polluted air, water, and food.  The miraculous C60 molecule not only has ability protect the body against these dangerous free radicles but to remove those free radicals permanently from the body.

Studies have shown that C60 contains anti-inflammatory properties that is useful in treating diseases like arthritis.  It has also been discovered that molecules of C60 contains the properties to kill certain insect carrying iridoviruses and harmful bacteria like streptococcus.

Other beneficial properties of C60 molecule has shown the following:

          ·  Protects and prevents your nerves from damaging and death.

          ·  Prevents infections.  

          ·  Skin protection.

          ·  Lowers blood pressure.

          ·  Inhibits the growth of fat cells and reduces excessive body fat.

          ·  Lowers cholesterol.

          ·  Normalizes blood sugar.

          ·  Reduces muscle fatigue.

          ·  Blood purifier.

          ·  Antimicrobial properties.

          ·  Prevents osteoarthritis and the associated breakdown of cartilage.

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