Citrus Bliss

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List of Ingredients: Wild, Ethically Farmed and Organic Essential Oils of Bergamot, Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon, Tangerine, Orange, and Vanilla.

Man Found Standing Writes: This beautiful combination was formulated to assist the feeling of well being. It is beneficial for digestive problems, cleans the lymphatic system, is a liver tonic, improves circulation, fights infectious diseases, assists nervousness, anxiety and depression, refreshes a tired mind, awakens creativity, gives confidence, inspires harmony, and promotes self awareness. It is uplifting, brings joy to the heart, balances the emotions, and may prevent extreme seriousness. It is useful for relaxing, calming, and alleviating insomnia. Its fragrance is enjoyed by children and makes a wonderful disinfectant when diffused.

Traditional Application: Apply on the ears, heart, and wrists. Wear as a perfume, use in a massage or relaxing bath. ‍

Companion Essential Oils: Serenity, Love, Gratitude and Joyful Moments.

Caution: Citrus essential oils are photo toxic and can be irritating to the skin. You may want to always dilute and keep the applied areas out of the direct sunlight.



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