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Drug-resistant bacteria, or “superbugs,” have developed due to the overuse of antibiotics.  Last year these superbugs killed over 700,000 people worldwide and in thirty short years, these superbugs are estimated to be more lethal than cancer. Because of these superbugs, Dr. Margaret Chan with the World Health Organization stated, “Things as common as strep throat or a child’s scratched knee could once again kill.”    

These superbugs are lifestyle and life threatening.  I would like to share with you an experience from my daughter.

    “My boyfriend got bit by a poisonous spider that caused an open
    wound in his leg.  During the doctor’s treatment of this condition,  
    he also picked up a very bad flesh-eating superbug to the injured

    I also had a small open injury on my elbow and a couple days
    later, when I discovered the wound had grown to the size of a
    ping pong ball, I realized that I too had picked up the superbug.
    (Sadly, I had been neglecting my Apán intake.)  Having been
    raised with alternative medicine, I knew what to do.  First, I boiled
    up some water and thoroughly soaked a rag in it.  With the rag, I
    deep cleaned the infected area.

    Next, I got out my therapeutic oregano essential oil.  Yes, I know
    that oregano is extremely ‘hot’ and powerful and should not be
    used directly on the skin.  Still, I was dealing with a potentially
    fatal bacteria so I decided to become extreme myself.  Because
    of my education, I knew that no bacteria or virus can survive  
    contact with oregano. I took the oregano oil and put a few drops
    into the open wound.

    The oregano started my wound ‘burning’.  To ensure that the  
    oregano reached every part of the affected area, I did another
    extreme treatment.  I scrubbed in the oregano with a clean
    toothbrush until I was sure the oil completely saturated the
    affected area.  Yes, this also was quite painful.

    I then wrapped the wound and forgot about it.  Occasionally a
    couple times a day I would allow it to air out.  In less than two
    weeks my wound was completely healed.

    Now my boyfriend had watched me undergo my extreme
    treatment and when I offered to do his wound he said, ‘No way!’

    A couple weeks later he came to me and said, ‘I just came back
    from the doctor.  He thinks that I might have to have my leg
    amputated.  There is no way I am going to do that so you can do
    your thing.’

    I followed the same regiment but with a bit more all-around
    treatment because his wound was larger.  He did not return to his
    doctor and his leg was all better in just over two weeks.”

Essential oils are wonderful when dealing with killing superbugs on the skin.  Sadly, these superbugs often will find their home inside our bodies.  Taking large amounts of essential oils is not recommended to deal with that situation due to their ability to kill the “friendly” bacteria in your body.  What really works best for internal superbugs is having a modulated immune system.  

Having a modulated immune system also heals or avoids the current health epidemics of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers, autoimmune disorders, and so forth.  With the Apán supplements you can restore your family’s health and protect them against superbug bacteria and viruses.  Another added benefit of long-term use of Apán is its ability to activate your body’s own adult stem cells. You can literally turn back your biological clock through stem cell regeneration of your organs.​

If you have this condition, I would highly suggest you look into my top three favorite products:

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