Lyme disease Testimonials

“Working well with my lymes disease.”

Antonio T.
From: Weslaco, TX

“I’m on my second bottle of Apán, and I am amazed at the positive results so far. I take dozens of high-quality supplements daily, but I’ve never taken a product that had me racing to the fridge each morning to take the next dose! I’ve battled the ravages of chronic Lyme & coinfections for 6+ years to the point of muscle wasting, paralysis, severe cognitive decline, and near death. Although, I had slowly recovered myself holistically to 85% using a laborious strict protocol and diet, I could not achieve complete wellness no matter what I did. After using Apán Super Daily for a short time, I am quickly seeing long sought-after improvements including more energy (walking 3 – 5 miles daily), gut healing, tissue repair, less Mast Cell reactions, and a general feeling of wellness!! I’d put myself at 90% recovered now, and I’m looking forward 100% recovery in the next few months–AND finally getting my life back!! Lyme & coinfections rapidly ages you, damages organs and tissues, causes chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain, a host of debilitating neurological issues. I can literally feel my organs & tissues healing and repairing daily. I only wish I had known about Apán Super Daily sooner–it could have saved me years of my life suffering while researching like a mad scientist and endless trial and errors to find something to heal my body. Once I am completely healed, I will continue on the maintenance dose for life of this AMAZING, mind-blowing product!! PS: It tastes GREAT!! My body craves it. I love Apán!!”

Julie B.
From: Myrtle Creek, OR


Lyme Disease

Associated Conditions: * Acne

My name is Natalie and I am thirteen years old. I have had acne for quite sometime now. I also have eczema. Trying almost any and every acne medications from proactive to tropical medications prescribed by the dermatologist, nothing seemed to work. It seemed to help one thing and make the other worse until I started using avocado tree oil mixture.

The facial regime: Wash face morning and night Rinse with cold water Pat dry Use tea tree oil mixed in the avocado oil Pat off excess oil

The very first thing I noticed was the smoothness of my face. The oils had given an overall glow to my skin. This was a surprise to me especially since all the medication attempts before had led to extreme dryness. It hasn’t completely healed my acne, but it has improved so much. Another miracle that I started to notice was this acne remedy was slowly healing my eczema! This stuff is truly amazing!!!

Natalie M. Natalie M. From:Redmond, UT