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Leukemia is a cancer of the blood or bone marrow.  All blood cells develop from bone marrow stem cells.  The white blood cells fight infection, the red blood cells carry oxygen to tissues throughout the body and platelets help form blood clots that control bleeding.

Stems cells can mature into a myeloid blast that form red blood cells, platelets, or a type of white blood cell.  Other stem cells mature into lymphoid blast cells that form the white blood B and T cells.  

Leukemia cells are abnormal that do not die and end up crowding out the normal white, red, and platelet cells.  Leukemia cells travel through the bloodstream and will collect in different parts of the body.  When the human body allows leukemia cells to develop, that means that the immune system is not working properly.  The immune system is the body’s natural defense against disease and infection.  The immune system is like an army with soldiers that locate, attack, and destroy disease.  The normal process is for macrophages (white blood cells) to locate foreign invaders (disease) and send messages to antibodies (immunoglobulins) to mark the invaders for destruction.  Through toxic buildup and the lack of proper nutrition, the body’s immune system can become confused thus allowing the leukemia cells to grow.

The types of leukemia are grouped into two categories based upon how quickly the disease develops.

Chronic leukemia is categorized as slow because it can perform the duties of the white blood cells for awhile.  

Acute leukemia is considered a fast disease as it develops quickly.  These leukemia cells do not do any work of a normal white blood cell and multiply rapidly.

Quite often people with leukemia may not have any symptoms.  Down the road when the leukemia cells increase in the blood, symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, fevers, night sweats, easy bleeding / bruising, bleeding gums, weight loss, pain in the bones/joints, swelling in the abdomen (from a swollen spleen or liver), feeling weak, or frequent infections appear.

There are four common types of leukemia:

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia affects lymphoid cells.  More than 15,000 cases are diagnosed each year.  This type is more common in people over the age of fifty five.  

Chronic myeloid leukemia affects myeloid cells and grows slow.  About 5,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.  This mainly affects adults.

Acute lymphocytic leukemia affects lymphoid cells and grows very quickly.   About 5,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.  This is the most common type of leukemia found in children, but also affects adults.

Acute myeloid leukemia affects myeloid cells and grows quickly.  About 13,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. This occurs in both adults and children.

The modern medical establishment state the cause for leukemia is unknown and there is no cure.  Their medical treatments include the use of drugs or surgery, but since they have no cure it really is a lost cause.  Doctors do state that the following risk factors would increase the odds for leukemia to develop:

Radiation  and radiation therapy  exposure to various  levels of radiation

Atomic Bomb explosions contain very high levels of radiation

Diagnostic x-rays and CT scans allow exposure to lower levels of radiation


Benzene is a chemical used in chemical industry (found in cigarettes and gasoline also)

Chemotherapy  drugs

Down syndrome and family history of leukemia

Blood disorders

Alternative medicine takes a different approach to leukemia and your body’s overall health. With the understanding that we all grew from a single cell into the being we now are, Natural Healers see the body as having the ability to heal itself from any condition provided the proper building blocks are available.  They also understand the risk factors listed above, and all cases of leukemia, really fall into the two categories of toxic buildup and lack of proper nutritional support.

Modern medicine’s treatments use drugs or surgery, but this only addresses the symptoms and does not address the cause of the leukemia.  The real problem is the body is overloaded and can not perform its job properly.  By modulating the immune system and giving your body the proper nutritional support, miracles can and do happen.  

Natural Healers know that the treatment for leukemia is the same as the treatment to prevention leukemia in the first place.  Keeping the body healthy means a healthy modulated immune system.  If you are deficient in nutrition, minerals, smoke, use alcohol, or engulfed by the environments toxins, your immune system will suffer and your body will not regenerate the way it should.  By eating healthy, taking high quality supplements that modulate the immune system, drinking plenty of water, and getting exercise, your body can heal and maintain optimal health.

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