Associated Conditions: * lyme disease

I’m on my second bottle of Apán, and I am amazed at the positive results so far. I take dozens of high-quality supplements daily, but I’ve never taken a product that had me racing to the fridge each morning to take the next dose! I’ve battled the ravages of chronic Lyme and Coinfections for 6+ years to the point of muscle wasting, paralysis, severe cognitive decline, near death. Although, I had slowly recovered myself holistically to 85% using a laborious strict protocol and diet, I could not achieve complete wellness no matter what I did. After using Apán Super Daily for a short time, I am quickly seeing long sought after improvements including more energy (walking 3-5 miles daily), gut healing, tissue repair, less mass cell reactions, and a general feeling of wellness!! I’d put myself at 90% recovered now, and I’m looking forward to 100% recovery in the next few months—AND finally getting my life back!! Lyme and coinfections rapidly ages you, damages organs and tissues, causes chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain, and a host of debilitating neurological issues. I can literally feel my organs and tissues healing and repairing daily. I only wish I had known about Apán Super Daily sooner—it could have saved me years of my life suffering while researching like a mad scientist and endless trial and errors to find something to heal my body. Once I am completely healed, I will continue on the maintenance dose for life of this AMAZING, mind-blowing product! PS It tastes GREAT!! My body craves it. I love Apán!

Julie B. From:Myrtle Creek, OR