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Telling It Like It Isn’t

The Kellogg’s Company recently announced in their support of genetically modified food that seventy percent of all food now packaged in the US is genetically modified. You wouldn’t know this by reading the label because genetically modified food is not required to be labeled. That’s because if they labeled it, nobody would buy it. They know this and the FDA, who makes the labeling laws, knows it too. Genetically modified food is part of what is called the Green Revolution, an Orwellian double-speak term used by the chemical pesticide companies to disguise the toxicity of their products. George Orwell worked for the CIA and based upon what he saw there wrote his infamous book Nineteen-Eighty Four, which described how the government planned to manipulate, control, and enslave the population by a certain date in the future―1984. In that book he described double-speak as a term used by government and industry to make the population think one thing was happening when the reality was just the opposite. So while the pesticide companies like Monsanto are spewing poison all over the world and especially in third world countries with toxic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, they disguise what they are really doing by telling everyone they are making the world “green.” One example of how “green” the world has become after their efforts is that 30,000 varieties of brown rice have become extinct in India after only three years of these “life-saving” practices.

If efforts like these weren’t enough, now the same companies are genetically modifying foods so they can withstand this chemical onslaught even more. The pesticide companies buy up all the seed companies so only their hybridized or genetically modified seeds are available to farmers while all the natural seeds that took thousands of years to perfect become extinct. Companies like Monsanto state that one of their main goals is to have one hundred percent control of the world’s seed bank. This means that when and if they reach this goal, the natural seeds required to grow authentic human food will no longer exist and everyone will be totally dependent upon the genetically modified ones. People will then no longer be able to freely trade seeds with each other like they have done in the past. They will then only have access to the seeds that have produced from the limited imagination of company profit and control.

Subsidiary companies like Kellogg’s claim that genetically modified food is safe for the environment, healthy for human consumption, and will help save the food shortages they predict for the future. But if this doublespeak is really true, why have two hundred and fifty thousand Indian farmers committed suicide recently after they were bullied into growing Monsanto seeds? The financial pressure produced by this chemical alternative to traditional farming gave these farmers no other choice but to use them? By regulating the price of crops, which are always at the cheapest possible level, the cost for raising them has to keep decreasing for farmers to survive. After being stuck with the Monsanto seeds, the farmers needed so much more water than they were accustomed to using that they couldn’t afford to water them so they never reached harvest. Even more troubling is that the Monsanto seeds are genetically modified to self-destruct each week that they are not given their toxic dose of Roundup, a pesticide that gets stronger and more toxic and dangerous each year it is used. The Indian farmers couldn’t afford to buy the Roundup either. Even worse, their agricultural communities became so saturated with these chemical toxins, as are others around the world that use these chemical practices, that the cancer rate in their communities goes up and up each year these artificial seeds are grown.

What is Food Anyway?

What happens to the people who eat these foods? Do these toxically produced foods also cause cancer? Thanks to the tobacco industry, nobody will ever be able to prove that they do. The tobacco lawyers may have temporarily lost the battle with cigarette smoking but they apply what they have learned to protecting the toxins we now have in food. The legal proof is now so cumbersome it is impossible to fulfill. Are these foods really as healthy as the companies that produce and promote them claim them to be? The answer depends on what people think food is or should be. One startling and shocking image of modern food production comes from the documentary Food Inc. This film shows the true condition of industrially produced cows as an example of the foods we commonly eat today in the US market. They are so sick and so weak that they can’t even walk and have to be fork-lifted to their own slaughter. You have to see this picture to really believe it and I encourage you to do so. If you don’t, your efforts won’t go far enough to prevent the catastrophe that we are all headed for in the near future. Even Paleolithic man would have enough intelligence not to eat these animals! Unfortunately, modern man doesn’t seem to have the intelligence of a cave man because millions of US citizens continue to eat this trash year after year. No wonder we have such a health crisis and no wonder even our best and brightest can’t figure out how to solve it. They eat this crap too!

But even these horrid conditions are nowhere near the abominable state that genetically modified food creates. The big lie that the regular person is led to think is that genetically modified food is just like the normal hybridization of food that has been going on for the last century and that it’s totally harmless. Here’s how the average American thinks that genetically modified food is produced: Take the genes from wheat that grows in the cold and combine it with those that grow in the heat, those that grow wide, those that grow fat, those with more protein and any other quality we desire and stir them up to make a super wheat. Right? Wrong! Usually these different genes don’t even come from the same species like at least they did with hybridization. Instead genes from insects, reptiles, fish, a wide variety of mammals, and even bacteria―creatures that would NEVER and could NEVER combine in the wild―are violently forced together to produce a new Franken-Creature, one that totally serves the vested interest of those who make them. Yes, you are going to wish you are a Paleolithic person by the time you finish this article. At least that way you’d have the common sense it takes to stay alive.

Franken-Foods and Beyond

One of these vested interests is so that the Franken-Creature can tolerate the heavily toxic chemical environment it is expected to withstand. Another was written about in the Bulletin for the Union of Concerned Scientists around 2006. They documented how sixty percent of the food grown in the Midwest at that time was genetically modified, not to produce Franken-Foods mind you, but to produce chemical medications for the pharmaceutical industry. That’s right! They call it Big Pharma. Imagine tomatoes producing Prozac as a by-product and your string beans producing Lipitor―your food is now a veritable drug store and you don’t even need a prescription. I’ll bet you didn’t know that Monsanto is now prescribing these drugs without a license because even if you don’t want them, they are spreading into the food supply. Somebody should call the AMA and put them in jail where they belong.

What do they care if we suffer as long as they make their profit? What they do care about is that their genetically modified foods shouldn’t be grown by anyone without a license. They want to insure that they get paid for the use of their seeds. They do this by patenting the seeds so no one else can use them without paying their price. If they do, or even if they spread accidentally into a neighboring field, the owners of that field can be sued for stealing Monsanto’s patent. Why farmers growing organic food for several generations in the same fields would ever want these seeds in the first place is totally beyond comprehension, but many of our organic farmers in the Pacific Northwest are being sued and their land is being stolen from them legally for just these reasons. This has been going on for more than ten years already. I wouldn’t be surprised if these genetically modified seeds blew off a truck as it was driving by or even, more insidiously, by secret agents flying over in a plane or helicopter and sowing them illicitly.

Nevertheless, the fact that Monsanto has been suing these farmers for stealing their patented crap for decades now proves in court that they know their seeds regularly escape. The problem is that only lawyers and judges hear the farmers and they have their own agendas about the truth. The rest of us are too busy to listen or we only want to listen to positive things. God forbid if Paul Revere acted like this. Can you imagine―“the British are coming!” “Now, now, think positively my dear. I don’t want to hear anything negative like that.” Well my friends, the British are coming but this time they aren’t coming from England and they aren’t wearing red coats. They are dressed in suits and they are coming from corporate America and their clones in Washington DC. These people try to hide their despicable actions with their unjust laws and their doublespeak language. They tell us from one side of their mouths that genetically modified food is beneficial to all and basically just like any other food. That’s why they don’t have to label it they tell us. From the other side of their mouths they tell us that genetically modified food is radically different from every other kind of food. That’s why they get to patent it. Another great documentary exposing the horrific dangers of industrial food is called Fresh. Fresh makes the link between not having to label genetically modified food because it is the same as everything else and getting to patent it because it is so radically different to one Supreme Court Justice―Clarence Thomas. How much money, power, and prestige is it worth to twist American justice to such a perverted end? You would think these people would at least want to protect their own children wouldn’t you? They must be a race of extraterrestrial reptiles that are totally immune to natural law. Maybe they think they can just buy everything. Maybe they have just been eating too much Cornflakes!

All the King’s Men

In fact, much of the confusion we have about genetically modified food comes from what we think food is. During World War I and II, industrial food companies began to emerge. They typically refined food to give it a longer shelf-life. That way they could ship food overseas to the military and keep the shelves stocked for long periods without the food going bad. They did this by removing parts of the food that would spoil more easily―especially the vitamins and fatty acids. They threw in all the minerals too for good measure. The result was that many people started coming down with diseases never before seen―what we now call vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The very food industries that started the problem then created a team of investigators to solve it. These people became the nutritionists. They analyzed the industrialized food and discovered that it was vitamin and mineral deficient. You would think that would be a reason to return to the whole foods of their ancestors? But no, that wouldn’t be good for profit! Instead they added a little bit of what they took out back in. Maybe it even came from an entirely different plant. If you are in my generation, you will remember the fake cereals “fortified” with some of the vitamins and minerals they took out. The rest of these nutrients they could sell back to the public as nutritional supplements at an even greater profit. Thus, the supplement industry was born. Was it really any different than the refined food industry that spawned it? Were the vitamins and minerals they sold separately any less refined than the white flour and white rice products they were doctoring up? How in the world were they supposed to know how much of this or that nutrient people were supposed to be getting? They only pretend to know the answer. The truth is that these so-called scientists are like Humpty Dumpty who fell of the wall and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put him back together again. Humpty Dumpty is the whole egg and symbolizes whole foods in general. The king’s horses and the king’s men symbolize the scientists and doctors who, in spite of their efforts and claims, have never been able to reinstate the fractured whole. Like the Paleolithic hunters who would never eat a cow who couldn’t even walk to its own slaughter, the people who created this fairy tale knew something about whole foods that we have forgotten today. Just how and why we have forgotten brings us back to Kellogg’s and Monsanto and the fractured nutritional world view we have about food and why this attitude blinds us from seeing the even more dangerous problems that now confront us with genetically modified food.

The Systematic Extinction of Whole Grain

One of the main industrially refined foods that replaced the whole foods of our fairly recent ancestors was whole cereal grain. In most traditional societies whole cereal grain was eaten as a principle food, meaning that it was eaten with each meal in a substantial proportion. For example, breakfast would consist of wheat, barley, corn, or oats that were either cracked or ground fresh and then cooked into porridge with water and a little salt. This type of whole grain provided the most nutritious breakfast with the least amount of work at the cheapest price. However, once it was refined by companies like Kellogg’s, it could be just poured into a bowl with a little milk and eaten without cooking. The time it took to prepare was much, much less but the price we paid was in the loss of nutrition. As a nation, we have lost around seventy-five years of health from this poor nutrition. Therefore, we are now three generations weaker than our ancestors who never had the heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity we have today.

We also lost the inclusion of whole grain in the rest of our meals and, even more important, we lost our traditional concept of whole food and whole grains in general. Today, the food industry staffs the FDA, which then passes laws and regulations favorable to the food industry at our expense. The FDA says that the food industry can state on the label that a food is whole grain as long as it contains at least sixty-five percent whole grain. This is whitewashed doublespeak. It is not the truth and it is not whole grain. Even Health Food stores carry this junk. I recently went to the local Health Food Store to get real whole wheat bread and couldn’t find a single loaf. That’s because I know how to read the double-speak labels. If any grain is listed that doesn’t explicitly state “whole,” then you know it is refined by default. It might as well read, “STAY AWAY FROM ME, I WILL TURN YOU INTO A SICK INDUSTRIAL SLAVE!” You don’t get to pay sixty-five cents on the dollar at the fake food store or pay sixty-five percent of your taxes do you? No, you have to pay the whole thing while they just rake in the profits! Then they want us to pay more and more money to subsidize the Health Care Industry. Are they kidding? We can’t even walk to our own demise! It’s time for Paleolithic Man to make a comeback, don’t you think?

In addition, the whole meaning of breakfast cereal has been systematically changed from whole grain to the fake, artificially produced, nutritionally poor boxed cereals that line the shelves of supermarkets today. That way, when they Jimmy the labels we have nothing to compare them with. We don’t remember what a whole grain cereal really is so we just believe whatever they tell us. I tell people that they can tell whole grains from their industrial counterparts because whole grains could be planted in the garden and they will actually grow something. Wheaties won’t do that. Nevertheless, they just stare at me as if they don’t know what I am talking about. If you are one of these people you need to wake up! You can’t really be free OR HAPPY unless you do. You won’t get any justice from the food industry, the government, or the legal system either.

We also believe their chemical nonsense about nutrition that tells us that any chemical nutrient is just the same as any other. All carbohydrates are the same, the chemists, doctors, and nutritionists tell us. Well, pardon me but my Paleolithic inner self tell me that sugar, potatoes, and whole wheat aren’t the “same” at all. The carbohydrate contained within them may be chemically the same but these foods are radically different. I never see “carbohydrates” on the shelves at the grocery store. I see potatoes, white rice, and fake wheat bread. Potatoes are a tuber that grows under the ground and whole wheat is a grain that is formed by the combination of the fruit and seed of a grass and rises above the plant upon an erect stem. How could these be the same? People must be eating too many sick cows to believe nonsense like this. Even if we look at these two foods strictly from the chemical perspective and, just for the sake of argument we say that these two foods contain the same vitamins and minerals, which they don’t; the relationship between them is very, very different.

Whole wheat is very small in size, several thousand times smaller in fact than a potato. Therefore, the percentage of carbohydrate (the white stuff in the middle of the potato or the entire kernel of white rice) to the vitamins and minerals (the skins of the potatoes and the hulls of the whole wheat) is vastly different. The potato is carbohydrate rich and vitamin and mineral poor in comparison to the whole wheat or the brown rice. This extra carbohydrate in the potato feeds the lower part of the body, especially the abdomen, and serves to create the quick energy needed for physical work. The potato originated in the Andes of South America where it is still eaten in combination with very tiny whole grains like quinoa and amaranth to give the people who eat it more vitamins and minerals. The extra vitamins and minerals in whole wheat as well as other whole cereal grain feeds the upper part of the body, especially the brain.

The traditional way of understanding this difference is through common sense. The whole grain, being a combination of fruit and seed, gives us the capacity to understand whole cycles in nature―for example, how things begin and end. The seed of a plant is the beginning and the fruit is the end. Most seeds, like nuts, have a very hard and inedible fruit―the shell of a walnut, for example. Most fruits, like apples or oranges have very hard, slightly toxic, and inedible seeds. Therefore, you don’t eat the “fruit” part of nuts or the “seed” part of fruits. You throw them away. Only whole grains have the edible parts of their seeds and fruits combined. This amazing combination of the seed and fruit in whole grains serves to nourish the brain and give us the capacity to understand how to see how our present actions will turn out in the future. This type of thinking is what gives us Judgment. It enables us to create a sustainable world, one that we and our children can be responsible for. Without whole grains as the principle food in our diet, we will not be able to understand what it takes to have this sustainability as our present culture so aptly demonstrates!

Native American culture called the awareness of the “beginning and end” the Circle of Life. They taught that to be a True Human Being you have to walk this circle in Beauty. To complete this walk, you had to look seven generations behind you and another seven generations ahead. At this point, the walk becomes the dance of sustainability. In conquering America, the white man built his church of territorial expansion, profit, and greed upon the holy circle of the Native American to destroy him. Now, the excess has come back to haunt the white man and it could even be his demise.

Genetic Chaos

Without whole grains, we also can’t think for ourselves. We then trust others with our wellbeing. The result is a catastrophe. Nowhere is this catastrophe as great as in the threat of genetically modified food. At the very best we will have genes of all sorts forced together in the same organism. Each of these genes was once a part of a whole that had very different evolutionary goals. Now they are left struggling for dominance with each other within a life form that was originally designed by nature for something else―a chaotic situation indeed!

In the past, our food would co-evolve with us. Each type of food would strengthen or balance a different organ or group of body tissues. For example, squashes nourish the stomach and spleen, root vegetables nourish the intestines, beans nourish the kidneys, green leafy vegetables nourish the liver and eyes, and flowers like cauliflower and broccoli nourish the heart. Chinese medicine makes further correlations between these organs and their corresponding emotions, spirits, and empowerments. The Stomach and Spleen correspond to sympathy, worry, mental focus, and Faith; the Lung and Large Intestine correspond to grief, the instinct to survive, and Justice; the Kidney and Bladder correspond to fear, willpower, and Wisdom; the Liver and Gall Bladder correspond to anger, mental perspective, and Freedom; and the Heart and Small Intestine correspond to excitement, joy, conscious awareness, and Happiness. These are the empowerments that enable us to be fully human.

Without these empowerments genetic internal chaos will manifest in the external world emotionally, socially, economically, and politically. These realms will manifest this chaos because our Body/Mind/Spirit is one whole unity no matter how we treat it. The inherent conflict contained within genetically modified food will create extreme upheaval in the Body/Mind/Spirit of people who eat it causing these parts of us to disconnect. You are what you eat. The nature of genetically modified food will prevent humanity from achieving its higher purpose and rapidly create its downfall. If a person eats food that is genetically modified to self-destruct when it doesn’t receive regular doses of toxic materials, the person who eats it will also self-destruct when he or she doesn’t get their regular dose of toxins. If you think the acting out in Asberger’s Syndrome or Autism is bad, you haven’t seen anything yet.

You may think you can protect yourself biologically by eating whole food even while the culture degenerates into this madness. But I ask you, where will the seeds come from to grow it? Even worse, is how can you maintain any form of stability if the genetic chaos in the general population pervades the entire culture? What will happen to the banks when the people who run them can no longer think straight? They can’t even do this now. What about our relationships and families? What will hold them together? And what will keep our nation afloat? Already we have leaders who can only think of spending more and more. Is such a vision really sustainable? When the nation becomes genetically chaotic, the problem will get much, much worse. If seventy percent of the population is eating genetically modified food now and Monsanto has been secretly spending over a trillion dollars a year on genetic modification for over two decades, then by next year more than ninety percent will be eating genetically modified food. Most all of the population will then have very different values than we can hope to understand now. The probably won’t be able to understand their values themselves.

One thing is for certain, these values will express the chaos of our genes. This expression can only result in more and more struggle, a struggle that will persist and dominate every factor of life. The worst part of this scenario is that once all the natural seeds are gone, the damage to human life and society will be irreparable. People talk about the upcoming catastrophes of 2012. Even in the worst case of these scenarios (if the axis shifts or if volcanoes erupt or if water floods the land) we will still have the ability to pick up and start all over again IF our natural genetic foundation is preserved. But if our genetic integrity is lost, we will have nothing to build from but more chaos. Paleolithic man will truly have the last laugh if this vision comes to pass.

But I say to you, this is not my vision and I hope, no matter who you are, that it is not yours either. If you want to stop this madness, you must act now as if your life and the lives of your children depended upon it. You must insist on eating only organic food that is preferably local. Every penny spent on industrial food increases the coffers of the industrial monsters even more. Don’t give them that penny and don’t believe the lies they tell you. Organic food is only more expensive now because of the subsidies given by the government for junk food like high fructose corn syrup, a label that they are trying to doublespeak as this article is being written. I saw an interview on the Charlie Rose show on PBS recently where a spokesperson for the genetic engineering industry was being interviewed. After all the normal lies he told about the safety and global need for genetically modified food, Charlie asked him what he ate himself. Don’t be surprised when he said organic food or when he said organic food was too expensive for the rest of us. Who does he think he is!

Please inform yourself by reading more on this subject and watching informative documentaries like the ones mentioned below. Even more important, warn everyone you know with as much intelligence and kindness as you can muster and tell them to do the same. Please feel free to copy this article and distribute it widely. We must take this situation into our own hands now before it is too late.

Further Resources

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Also reveals great images of the tragedy of the modern food industry but offers realistic solutions in terms of sustainable, local, and organic food production.
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Provides almost daily news and commentaries on many natural health issues, including genetic modification.
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