Rise of the Medical Epidemic

Paway-yatanatu way-akt, Medicine Woman Practitioner and Man Found Standing, Medicine Man Practitioner

Over the last decade, the United States government has increased their interference with our personal health freedoms.  There have been many laws secretly passed regulating how citizens can use and talk about the healing, properties of plants, and the therapeutic benefits of alternative health care devices. The laws have gotten so bad that your grandmother technically is committing a felony, practicing medicine without a license, every time she suggests that her chicken soup will make you feel better.

‍If you have been watching carefully you will also have noticed the government has been steadily moving forward their agenda of forced vaccines.

‍With a century worth of scientific research showing that vaccination has become the problem and is no longer a solution, why would they continue to push such an unhealthy practice?


‍The answer is quite simple, who is profiting from the practice?