GC/MS Testing Hype

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Most companies will propagate the marketing hype of their GC/MS (Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) or other testing but many adulterated oils pass their tests as pure. Even though having proper testing is important, Aromatherapists and Natural Healers should be versed in the testing limitations. Yes, testing assists in determining the chemical makeup of an essential oil but this should not be confused as a sign of true quality.

First off, in order to accurately test essential oils the proper GC-MS machine setup is required. The way the machine is configured will have significant effects on the results.  Also you have to understand that the results will vary and only show the results as to what it can test.  If you have a batch of oil tested five different times at five different labs and you will get five different results.

The GC-MS machine system is great for testing for any volatile chemicals not normally found in essential oils, like propylene glycol. It is also wonderful for testing the volatile chemical makeup of an essential oil.  Its ability to determine adulteration and therapeutic quality is limited. Essential oils can be adulterated in many ways without successful detection by the standard GC-MS testing experts.

Example: GC-MS analysis cannot tell whether that compound is synthetic or natural, only that it is present.

Quote:  “. . . I told them we were only looking for the highest quality most medicinal oils, and they had to be absolutely pure and free from toxins.

The company’s response to this was, ‘Our lab is wonderful.  Send us the specifications you would like in the oils and we will make them for you.  They will pass any certifications as pure.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

​Often the experts will try to establish reference standards for the therapeutic essential oils. These standards adding to the illusion of purity and high quality when they go to sell their adulterated oils.  If you are looking for the most healing properties, you deserve to look beyond the reference standards and testing hype. An essential oil may be outside the reference standard because of weather or soil conditions and being outside the standard will in fact increase its therapeutic benefits for specific healing conditions.

Example: Because of soil conditions, Oregano in a specific region of Turkey regularly tests with over ninety percent Carvacrol. This oil would excel at addressing bacterial infections and lung issues but would perform poorly as a potential pain reliever.

​The expert reference standards and GC-MS tests will not show the numerous toxins found on the farm, unethical harvesting, careful adulteration, and so forth. The essential oil experts capitalize on testing flaws to market adulterated essential oils for more money.  True quality therapeutic essential oils go well beyond the chemistry of the oil.

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