But My Oils Work

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Often we hear the statement, “But my oils work!” from many people that may or may not want to believe the rampant extent of the adulteration in the natural health industry. Even when a supplier is shown to supply synthetic and adulterated oils like Lavender 40/42 or when their peppermint fails to have the herby undertones of a true therapeutic essential oil it can be confusing to people to understand their need to change suppliers. To assist people in understanding what true quality really is, one needs to know under what conditions even low quality and adulterated essential oils can work for many healing conditions.

Having an essential oil that works does not make it a high quality oil nor a great price. Often we will hear people’s amazement that in using the Essential Oils from the Siahus company, they now use a lot less and have faster results. Oils even in extremely diluted or adulterated amounts can also have profound healing benefits.

Quote: “When traveling to the Philippines to assist in humanitarian projects, I made sure to take my Therapeutic Essential Oils with me in what I call my travel kit. There were many opportunities for me to use the essential oils as I traveled. Due to the limited supply of pure oils in my kit, I would simply blend my oils to one percent pure therapeutic oil and ninety-nine percent carrier oil when I used them on others. Even at this extreme dilution, I could have the oils for my own health and assist others along the way.

One amazing experience happened while I was walking through a village and noticed an elderly woman crying. I went over to her and asked what was wrong. She informed me that her pig was dying. Since her only income was through breeding the pig and selling the piglets, you can imagine how worried she was about losing her ability to provide for herself. I went over and looked at her pig and it was just lying on the ground motionless.

I searched my pockets for some essential oils but the only oil I had on me at that time was the highly diluted Tummy Soothe blend that I personally use for motion sickness. I took out the bottle and liberally applied the oil to the stomach of the pig and then went on to my scheduled appointment.

When I passed through the village a couple of days later, I asked the woman how her pig was. She informed me that not long after I applied the oil on the pig that it got up and passed a large amount of intestinal parasites and was now just fine.

This and numerous others experiences like this have shown me that even in extremely diluted amounts, the truly Therapeutic Essential Oils have powerful healing effects.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

Quote: “One person told me of their first experience with true Therapeutic Essential Oils. Even though she had been using oils with great results for many years from a company that supposedly supplied only the best oils in the world, she decided to try the oils I suggested. She purchased Oregano oil, an oil with which she was quite familiar with, and followed her normal protocol. She quickly discovered that she could use less than half the regular amount of oil and still receive all the therapeutic benefits she was looking for.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Quote: “In the early 2000’s, I was teaching an essential oils class and explaining to the group about adulteration and quality. After the class, a group of about eight ladies came up and wanted to test my quality claims with about true Therapeutic Oils and what the industry was selling them. I said that would be fine and asked them if anyone had any oil from another company. One woman reached into her pocket and pulled out an oil from a company I was quite familiar with. This company made a lot of claims about quality, purity, and being the absolute best source in the world.

The oil this woman had was labeled Dill Essential Oil. She passed around her Dill oil and everyone enjoyed a smell of the fragrance and also put one drop of the essential oil on their tongue. The aroma had a nice, pleasant refreshing dill-pickle smell and the taste was herby with some mild tongue-numbing effects.

​After everyone experienced her oil, I then reached into my case and pulled out my sample of Dill Seed oil. My Dill Seed had an herby fragrance that was not the pleasant, refreshing smell like the other brand. I had them pass my oil around the group to smell. There were many audible complaints about the smell as it went around the group.

Undaunted by their complaints, I then had each of the ladies place one drop of the Dill Seed oil on their tongue. The response as the oils went around the group was, ‘Oh, wow.’ When the oil dropped on the tongue, immediately there was an explosion of activity and the tongue became completely numb. Everyone could easily tell the quality difference was a hundred fold.

I then explained that the first oil was regular, standard food-grade dill oil extracted from the whole plant and the therapeutic properties are considered very low. My oil was extracted just from the seeds from the dill plant. The therapeutic properties from the seeds far exceed those from the plant.” – Man Found Standing, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Man

Quote: “In the Philippines, I sat in a small nipa hut (very small home made out of bamboo and palm branches) visiting a friend. Next door I could hear a woman crying. I finally asked if she was alright and was told she was fine and was just having a baby. I immediately asked if it would be okay if I went over to see her.

I always try to carry a couple of essential oils diluted in large amounts of olive oil in my pocket just in case I needed them during the day. This day I had lavender, which is a wonderful universal oil. I applied a few drops to the pregnant woman’s feet and explained to the woman to apply some oil to the stomach while I went out to get another essential oil that would assist even better.

At my house I made a five percent mixture of Clary Sage in a base of olive oil and took it back to the hut. When we got there I was glad to see the midwife had arrived. I gave the oil to her explaining how to apply it to the stomach, legs, feet, and across the shoulders and then I left.

​A week later I was back in the area and I was able to talk to the midwife. She told me that after she had applied the Clary Sage blend the delivery was one of the easiest she had ever seen. She asked me if she could keep the rest of the oil for her since she was pregnant too.” – Pahamy, Natural Practitioner and Medicine Woman

Just because and oil works does not mean it is anything you want to use. We have tested many essential oils that were labeled pure and organic that were not. Many often contained potentially cancer causing chemicals, like propylene glycol.  

We have found that the Siahus company is dedicated to providing true Therapeutic Essential Oils and Herbal Supplements to their customers. Natural medicine, even in extremely low amounts, can have powerful beneficial effects on the body due to the Creators Life Energy. When used in their therapeutic state the results can be miraculous.

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