Ears Testimonials

“I’m totally blown away by the defense tablets. Feel like I’ve been given a totally new digestive system!  Yeah. I’m still taking my prescribed medication but without going into detail my bowels feel better than they ever have, I can’t quite believe it.  Absolutely! I was mildly skeptical at first but thought it was worth a shot! My only regret is not getting it sooner.  I’m amazed at the difference in such a short space of time.  Not at all Ulcerative colitis. Was diagnosed 13 years ago. Yep, gone.  You rock!”

From: Scotland

“I have been taking the Super Daily Wild Apan now for about a year and feeling really good on it.   It was not until I saw you in a video talking about how you can put it on your skin that I thought I would try it on my face that has a lot of sun damage at my hairline and nose. Previously had basal cell carcinomas burnt off my face so was praying that I could find another way.  Been putting the liquid on morning and night neat for about a month now and hay presto my skin damage has nearly gone already

😀FANTASTIC.  It stung a bit when I first put it on but after a few days the skin started to crust over and new skin formed underneath. I only have a few small scabs now at my hairline so very happy!  Just started to take your Defense that is helping my digestion and giving me better sleep.  Thank you so much for your wonderful products”

Colette B.
From: United Kingdom



Associated Conditions: * ears * energy * back * viruses * pain

"I took only a daily dose and it relieved an earache that I had for three months. I had a virus and it left me with an earache that was very miserable and painful. It felt like an inner ear infection or block. . . I could hear again!

I was so thrilled I could not believe it. I have also had a ringing in the ear for years and the ringing in the ear has just quit it went away. I know this has all been sinus related and I am so grateful to you for such a wonderful product.

I also have experienced more energy. I now have my energy back and I am not a couch potato at night.

I have a ruptured disk in my back and I am starting to do things that I have not been able to do for years.

I have only used ½ a bottle so far and it has been just great. Thank you so much for this great product. I can’t Thank You enough for this great product.

Thanks again"

Thelma W. From:Kaysville, UT