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"I took only a daily dose and it relieved an earache that I had for three months. I had a virus and it left me with an earache that was very miserable and painful. It felt like an inner ear infection or block. . . I could hear again!

I was so thrilled I could not believe it. I have also had a ringing in the ear for years and the ringing in the ear has just quit it went away. I know this has all been sinus related and I am so grateful to you for such a wonderful product.

I also have experienced more energy. I now have my energy back and I am not a couch potato at night.

I have a ruptured disk in my back and I am starting to do things that I have not been able to do for years.

I have only used ½ a bottle so far and it has been just great. Thank you so much for this great product. I can’t Thank You enough for this great product.

Thanks again"

Thelma W. From:Kaysville, UT

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