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I came down with the flu. My good friend seeing how sick I was with a severe cough, sinuses blocked, running a 100* temp fever. I was gifted a bottle from his own stock. I never seen or felt a product work so fast in healing. I stared using Apán Super Liquid that afternoon, By the next day my fever was gone. My cough was still present, but it was 75% better. My sinuses were unclogged and I could breath thru my nose once again. WOW! And I only used 1/4 of the bottle. I am still healing! I asked my friend where I could buy more and he told me of this website. I bought one for my medicine cabinet and one for a co-worker that was sick with the same thing I was going thru. Thanks to the maker of this product. God bless! ‍

Kirk H. From:Ava, MO

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"I just have to tell you that I am so excited & pleased since the first . . . Defense that I took. My blood pressure dropped from 148/64 to 125/54 & my brain fog cleared in a very short time! My breathing is even improved – breathing deeper, with a feeling of wellness that I thought long gone!

I thank God for who formulated this wonderful product & for the person who made sure that I tried it."

Elda T. From:Anderson, IN