Associated Conditions: * arthritis * lumps

I first started taking the Defense to try to help my arthritis. I had been under a lot of stress and not eating healthy and my body had taken the toll. My arthritis had reached the point that it was painful to get up out of a chair or even the car. I could not walk upright. I could just see my health going downhill.

My husband and I had been taking these product for about 2 months when I suddenly discovered that I could actually walk upright again without being hunched over and my mobility has improved greatly, I started noticing the arthritic bumps on my hands have started to go down and my fingers seem like they are becoming straighter. The Defense is the only change I have made to my lifestyle. I’m so excited this has made me want to continue on the journey to good health. Thank you so much for introducing me to your product, it's a lifesaver.

Leanna B From:Ava, MO

Associated Conditions: * pain * arthritis * broken ankle

Three years ago this coming July, I fell and broke my right ankle so bad that my foot hung off to the side. It took surgery, a plate and several screws to put my ankle back together. I was also told by the surgeon that I had soft bones. 3 months in a wheel chair and two more months in a special boot using a knee scooter later, I was finally able to stand for short periods of time. Since this time almost 3 years later, I still walked with a limp, and had pain in my eft hip and leg even at night when trying to sleep. Also, I have arthritis in my forefinger and middle finger on my right hand, and over the past 6 months this has also become a problem and source of great pain in first my right thumb and then my left thumb, which meant I could no long crochet, something I enjoy doing.

For the past 3 years with the advice of the surgeon and friends I started taking Glucosamine, Calcium, D3, and K2,nutritional supplements that are supposed to help strengthen bones. These may have helped, but the fact remained, I still walked with a limp, and still had pain in my left leg, and pain from arthritis continued to increase. The sad thing is at age 61 pain and discomfort seemed to becoming a normal thing.

A month ago I ordered Defense and in just one month I am now walking for 30 minutes daily with my husband and not limping. No more pain in my left leg or hip, or my thumbs and fingers.

Bonnie W. From:Savannah, GA

Associated Conditions: * allergies * arthritis

My Family loves Apan Daily! Notable improvements in areas of seasonal allergies, arthritis and general wellness. Started this product 10/2020. Thank you!

Susan G. From:North Royalton, OH

Associated Conditions: * viruses * sinuses * energy

Your product literally changed my life. I just also wanted to share that just before I left NY for home, I got really sick. I was gonna visit my brother with cancer in NC again on the way home, but I had what I thought was a raging sinus infection but then it dropped down into my chest and (please pardon the gross description) I was sneezing out green and coughing up green gobs and I was dizzy with raging migraines and had no energy at all. I couldn’t imagine how I could even drive home and visiting my sick brother was out cause I didn’t want to infect him. I was at my wits end and I hadn’t missed but 2 days of the Apán since I started for over 3 months at that point so I was mostly sad that it wasn’t working. I decide to try doubling the dose taking 3 more dropperfuls in the afternoon in addition to my am routine. I felt good enough after the first day to drive and by day THREE the green had turned to clear, the migraines died down and my chest cleared up and I didn’t feel horribly miserable anymore! I was astonished and so unbelievably grateful. Never in my life have I been so sick and recovered so quickly! Again, thank you with all my heart!

Babbette K. From:Oswego, NY

Associated Conditions: * energy * viruses * arthritis * blood pressure

During the first two months I noticed some small improvements with better energy and not catching the flu that went around. It really was into my third month that I started noticing the larger changes with my health. My arthritic bumps went down, I could now easily get out of my chair, and my mobility has improved. My blood pressure is now in the normal range as well. Thank you.

William C. From:Maramec, OK

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