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It stands without question that if the immune system is strengthened, numerous ailments and illnesses can be aided and alleviated. Having a healthy and properly functioning immune system will positively effect all other body systems.

The Apán supplements are Native American Sacramental Medicines with ingredients that are demonstrated in scientific research to strengthen, support, and modulate the Immune Response in different ways.  They also support healthy body functions in many different ways.

‍Apán is a sacred and ancient medicinal mushroom of the Native American Tribes of the Northern Plateau People of the Columbia River Basin.  They have used the Apán as an integral part of their daily healing regiment for millennia. Now, after decades of medical and scientific processes, we’ve truly discovered why the chemistry of this remarkable food promotes health to such a large extent –even “Pan-systemic” or complete body benefits.

After extensive review Dr. Landis, National Board Certified Naturopath and former President of the Utah Naturopathic Medical Association, said:

“In a way only surpassed perhaps by Vitamin C research, the phytoceuticals of Apán have been widely studied by medical and pharmacological researchers in leading American research colleges and hospitals, such as Bethesda Naval Hospital, Harvard University, Cornell University, Baylor Medical College, and reported in such trusted journals as the Townsend Letter, JAMA, Journal of Immunology, etc… The biologically active components have been so rigorously examined in the laboratory… it is evident that the multiple health benefits of Apán are supported by scientific investigation… I am convinced that Apán will, without a doubt, entirely eclipse every other natural health supplement ever produced.”

‍Dr. Tim Chapman, M.D., I.M.S. also stated:

“Apán has demonstrated with a long history of exhaustive customer testimonials and independent, validating and supportive scientific data, that its core etiology of efficacy is its “stand alone” position in Immune System (IS) bolstering and improved functionality.

The major, if not common denominator of Plant and Animal Kingdom’ morbidity/mortality statistics, is Immune System Deficiency.  Creation’s wholeness and Longevity are predicated on the efficient functionality of the Immune System.

Therefore, I believe all “Tentacles of Apán Application,” will become apparent as its core etiology for daily incorporation for Immune System bolstering becomes embedded in thought and action of global populations.”

‍​I have personally witnessed the miracle of the Apán Supplements in my family’s life and will always have it readily available.  Over the last two decades, thousands of people have told me about their healing experiences with Apán.  I literally have had people call me up in a panic about a life threatening health condition and then months later call me back thanking me for introducing them to the Apán supplements.

Proper diet and proper supplementation is the key to restoring the body’s health. The Apán Supplements are at the top of my list for seeing the most dramatic long term health benefits.

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