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"I just have to tell you that I am so excited & pleased since the first . . . Defense that I took. My blood pressure dropped from 148/64 to 125/54 & my brain fog cleared in a very short time! My breathing is even improved – breathing deeper, with a feeling of wellness that I thought long gone!

I thank God for who formulated this wonderful product & for the person who made sure that I tried it."

Elda T. From:Anderson, IN

Associated Conditions: * blood pressure

My husband had been taking Apán drops. He is on his second bottle. We found his blood pressure is perfect. Very happy with the results!! His overall health has improved. Thank you.

Marie D. From:Medford, NY

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During the first two months I noticed some small improvements with better energy and not catching the flu that went around. It really was into my third month that I started noticing the larger changes with my health. My arthritic bumps went down, I could now easily get out of my chair, and my mobility has improved. My blood pressure is now in the normal range as well. Thank you.

William C. From:Maramec, OK

Associated Conditions: * blood pressure

High blood pressure back to the normal range. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Linda S. From:Plymouth, IN

Associated Conditions: * diabetes * blood pressure

I have been using this for my high blood pressure and diabetes. I can notice a difference and will be keep using it.

Linda D. From:Bradenton, FL

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“I have been diagnosed in the past couple of years with diabetes and thyroid problems and I have been having issues with headaches, and concentration and dizziness and all kinds of things...and I have been trying to avoid taking medicines and taking insulin, I have type 2 diabetes, what they call diabetes, but I’ve been taking pills and still not seeing results that I wanted.

About 2 months ago a friend . . . heard about what I was going through and recommended it to me, so I immediately ordered the Apán. . . The 1st thing, I was able to decrease my insulin pills in the first month.

By the end of the second month I had noticed that I had lost about 7 pounds. . . I did take it in the morning and in the evening and seven pound had just dropped off of me drastically... ...another thing, I had been having problems with my blood pressure and hypertension with the diabetes and the blood pressure has been very high for a long time. Frightening, as a matter of fact. . . and yesterday on the 5th, they had been taking my blood pressure and my blood pressure was 108 over 80! I haven’t had a reading like that in YEARS!

I know it’s the Apán. . . The lump on my thyroid is going down and I was so stunned it’s going down, it’s going down so much , if you could see it was protruding and now I can barely touch it and you could feel it there and I’m so happy, thank you all for just being there.

Thank you all for doing what you are doing, it is really healing my body. . . It’s amazing, it’s amazing! I’m a witness; I’m definitely a witness of what Apán does."

Carolyne S. From:Oakland, California

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