Joyful Moments

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List of Ingredients: Wild, Ethically Farmed and Organic Essential Oils of Orange, Spruce, Frankincense, Pine, Myrrh, Peppermint, and Cinnamon Bark.

Man Found Standing says: This blend was created to enhance the feelings and memories of the Holiday Season, bringing the desire to recapture the joyful moments. Assists to balance the emotions, can be very relaxing or stimulating to the body, awakens creativity, inspiring harmony, and promoting self-awareness. It is grounding, calming, uplifting, and assists to motivate you to move forward and to eliminate blocked personal growth. Joyful Moments improves concentration, energizes, and relieves mental fatigue. The cinnamon in this blend protects against airborne viruses and bacteria. When diffused as a pleasant air purifier and fragrance for the home.

Traditional Application: Wear as perfume, cologne, or on the wrists and feet. Put on pine cones, cedar chips, and logs to burn in the fireplace. It is excellent to use in potpourri all year round. Add 30 drops to eight ounces of plain bath gel to protect the skin from viruses and bacteria. ‍

Companion Essential Oils: Balance and Citrus Bliss



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